Happy New Year everyone! 

We’re back and it’s great to be back - we are all hugely excited for what this year might hold.

However, this is our biggest excitement by far for the new year: the video of the performance of The Children’s Monologues in South Africa!!

As you guys know, at the same time as the stars were performing on stage at the Old Vic, the very same performance was happening in the community in which the original stories were collected, by the children themselves. We urge all of our followers to look at this if you can, even if you are following mainly as a fan of Benedict or Eddie or Gemma, remember that these are the very kids those guys were trying to help and they really deserve your support!


The rural township of Rammolutsi has 4 cemeteries and soon plans to build a new one as already they are running out of space from a graveyard built in 2002. The alarming rate of HIV transmission, an ongoing crisis from tuberculosis, under-nourished mothers and a lack of modern medical facilities all have contributed to high infant mortality in Rammolutsi. 

The Sotho people bury their young in a separate section of the cemetery. Most families are often unable to provide their children with a proper burial and thus hand-craft wooden plaques to commemorate their babies’ short lives.  Other objects are used to decorate the graves, often to help families differentiate their loved ones from others in a sea of freshly turned earth.