rammed earth,


Stained glass trilobite?

Funny thing about a lot of the futuristic, “green” types of technology and techniques of building construction, agriculture, etc., are just ancient techniques re-adapted with modern technology indigenous and generally non-european cultures did for thousands of years before the rise of colonialsim and industrialism. like aquaponics/hydroponics was used by the aztec and of course all over asia dating back millenia. so-called “rammed earth” building has been around longer.


Whoniverse: Class - AU where Katherine Kelly is the next Doctor and the Sixth Form students of Coal Hill are her companions.

Rammed Earth House.

The Rauch family home by Boltshauser Architekten in Austria was literally made out of the hill it sits on. Rammed Earth, when prepared correctly, insulates extremely well (better than concrete), maintains a warm, natural appearance, and can last for decades without any maintenance. If you ever had any doubts, just feast on these images and we think you’ll be looking at dirt in a whole new light.