rammed earth,


Stained glass trilobite?

Funny thing about a lot of the futuristic, “green” types of technology and techniques of building construction, agriculture, etc., are just ancient techniques re-adapted with modern technology indigenous and generally non-european cultures did for thousands of years before the rise of colonialsim and industrialism. like aquaponics/hydroponics was used by the aztec and of course all over asia dating back millenia. so-called “rammed earth” building has been around longer.


Nader Khalili was an exceptional architect and humanitarian.  You could distinguish his design aesthetic by the dome-like structures, layered sand bag construction, glass bottle insets, and intricate attention to detail.  As and admirer of his technique and thought process behind his design, Mikel Robertson, owner of Green Goods Products, adopted his technique in the construction of the main structure built on Four Elements farm.  

Although Nader Khalili has since passed, it is important to keep his dream of architectural structures that cause less harm to the earth a reality.  

Here you can see pictured one of Nader’s structures under construction, on complete, and finally the structure built by Mikel Robertson in the likeness of Khalili.  

Stay tuned for our informational video on straw bale and rammed earth construction.  


Whoniverse: Class - AU where Katherine Kelly is the next Doctor and the Sixth Form students of Coal Hill are her companions.


talkoilandgas Watch this.
This is how blow out preventers work.
This one is called a blind shear ram. Of all blow out preventers, this is the very last choice because it will cut or shear the pipe pipe connecting the rig to the hole.
When everything fails at controlling pressure, this is the last line of defence to save the rig and crew. The logic is, if you can’t save the well, at least save yourself.

Egyptian God's and Godesses

❤Amun - A creator God, patron of the city of Thebes.
❤Maahes - Egyptian lion-headed God of war.
❤Anhur - An Egyptian sky god and God of war. His name meant “sky-bearer”.
❤Ra – God of the sun, earth, and underworld. He is powerful and protective.
❤Anubis – God of dead, embalming, funerals, and mourning ceremonies. Jackal-headed God.
❤Thoth – God of the moon, magic, and writing. 
❤Apophis - God of snakes, war, and Chaos.
❤Bes - Dwarf God.
❤Geb - God of the earth.
❤Khnum - Ram-headed God.
❤Khonsu - God of the moon.
❤Mafdet - God of justice.
❤Osiris - God of the underworld and the afterlife.
❤Ptah - God of creation.
❤Qebui - God of the North wind.
❤Qetesh - A mother Goddess of fertility.
❤Set - God of chaos, change, deserts, storms, and foreigners.
❤Shu - God of wind and air.
❤Sopdu - A God of war.
❤Tefnut - Lion Goddess of water and fertility.
❤Wadjet - Goddess of protection.
❤Sekhmet - Goddess of lions, fire, and vengeance.
❤Pakhet - A goddess of motherhood and of war.
❤Ma'at - Goddess of justice, truth, and of order.
❤Kebechet - Goddess of purification.
❤Isis - Goddess of magic, marriage, healing, and protection.
❤Hathor - Goddess of love.
❤Bastet - Cat Goddess.
❤Amunet - Wife of Amun, one of the creation Goddesses.
❤Tawaret – Goddess of childbirth who protects women in labour. People wear her image as an amulet to protect them and their children.
❤Kuk - God of personification of darkness.
❤Horus - The falcon-headed sky God.
❤Khepri - God of scarab beetles.
❤Aten - Aten God is the disk of the sun.
❤Ammit - Goddess Ammit was the personification of divine retribution. The Goddess with a body that was part lion, hippopotamus, and crocodile.
❤Atum - “The All” or “Perfection”. His appearance is a man with the double crown. Atum was a creator God. 
❤Nun - The sun God.
❤Montu - Montu was a falcon God of war.
❤Babi - Babi was a fierce, bloodthirsty baboon God.
❤Heh - God of personification of infinity or eternity.
❤Wepwawet - An ancient wolf God.
❤Serapis - Sun, healing, and fertility God.
❤Wadj-wer - God of fertility whose name means the “Great Green”. 
❤Khenti-Amentiu - Warrior God.
❤Resheph - Resheph was a God of War and Tunder.
❤Heka - Heka was the God of deification of magic.
❤Andjety - Underworld God of Rebirth. 
❤Heryshaf - Heryshaf was an ancient creator, fertility God, and God of the riverbanks.
❤Hu - Hu was the God of taste and the personification of the divine command.
❤Shezmu - Shezmu is the Egyptian God of blood, wine, perfume, and the slaughterer servant of Osiris. 
❤Aker - Aker was an ancient Egyptian God of earth and death. 
❤Sia - Goddess of wisdom.
❤Banebdjedet - Banebdjedet is a ram God of fertility with a cult centre at Mendes. 
❤Mehen - Mehen is a protective God who is depicted as a snake which coils around the sun God Ra during his journey through the night.
❤Hermes Trismegistus - Combination of Greek God Hermes and Egyptian God Thoth Gods of writing, magic, and more.
❤Ba-Pef - Ba-Pef was a minor underworld God in Egyptian mythology.
❤Duamutef - In Egyptian mythology, Dumutef was one of the Four sons of Horus and a funerary God who protected the stomach and small intestines of mummified corpses, kept in a canopic jar.
❤Mandulis - Mandulis is a Nubian God depicted anthropomorphically wearing the hemhem crown, consisting of three atef crowns, or ‘bundles’ mounted on ram’s horns with a uraeus (cobra) on either side, each surmounted by a solar disk, or as a human-headed bird.
❤Iah - Iah is a lunar God in ancient Egyptian religion. His name simply means “Moon”.
❤Am-heh - In Egyptian mythology, Am-heh was a minor God from the underworld, whose name means either “devourer of millions” or “eater of eternity”.
❤Nephthys - Nephthys is the Egyptian Goddess of mourning and lamentation, sleep, rivers, the night, service, and the home, a friend and protector of the dead.
❤Neith - Neith was an ancient Goddess of war and weaving. 
❤Serket - Serket is the Goddess of fertility, nature, animals, medicine, magic, and healing venomous stings and bites.
❤Seshat - Seshat was the ancient Egyptian Goddess of wisdom, knowledge, and writing. 
❤Heqet - Heqet is an Egyptian Goddess of fertility, identified with Hathor, represented in the form of a frog. 
❤Nekhbet - Nekhbet was the Egyptian white vulture Goddess and protector of Egypt and the Pharaohs. She was referred to as “Mother of Mothers, who hath existed from the Beginning”.
❤Mut -  In Egyptian religion, a sky Goddess and great divine mother. Mut was the mother Goddess , the queen of the Gods at Waset, arising in power with the God Amen.
❤Meretseger - Meretseger is a Goddess with head of the snake.
❤Hededet - Hededet is a scorpion Goddess of the ancient Egyptian religion.
❤Anuket - Anuket was the personification and Goddess of the Nile river in the Egyptian mythology.
❤Meskhenet - In ancient Egyptian mythology, Meskhenet was the Goddess of childbirth, and the creator of each child's Ka, a part of their soul, which she breathed into them at the moment of birth. She was worshipped from the earliest of times by Egyptians.
❤Eye of Ra - The Eye of Ra is a being in ancient Egyptian mythology that functions as a feminine counterpart to the sun god Ra and a violent force that subdues his enemies. The Eye is an extension of Ra’s power, equated with the disk of the sun, but it also behaves as an independent entity.
❤Renenutet -Renenutet was a Goddess of nourishment and the harvest in ancient Egyptian religion.
❤Amunet - Amunet was a primordial Goddess in ancient Egyptian religion.
❤Menhit -  Menhit was originally a Nubian war Goddess in Egyptian mythology.
❤Hatmehit - Hatmehit in the ancient Egyptian religion was a fish-Goddess. In ancient Egyptian art Hatmehit was depicted either as a fish, or a woman with a fish emblem or crown on her head. She was a Goddess of life and protection.
❤Sopdet - Sopdet is the ancient Egyptian name of the star Sirius and its personification as an Egyptian Goddess. 
❤Anput - Anput is a Goddess in ancient Egyptian religion. She was the Goddess of funerals and mummification, the mother of Kebechet and possibly from Ammit also.
❤Hemsut - In Egyptian mythology, Hemsut was the Goddess of fate, destiny, and protection in ancient Egypt. 
❤Raet-Tawy -  Raet-Tawy is an ancient Egyptian solar Goddess, the female aspect of Ra. Her name is simply the female form of Ra’s name; the longer name Raet-Tawy means “Raet of the Two Lands” (Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt).
❤Wosret - Wosret meaning "the powerful" was an Egyptian Goddess with a cult centre at Thebes in Upper Egypt. She was initially a localised guardian deity.
❤Mehet-Weret - Mehet-Weret is a Goddess of the sky in ancient Egyptian religion. Her name means “Great Flood”.
❤Tenenet - Tenenet was an ancient Egyptian Goddess of childbirth and beer. 
❤Werethekau - Werethekau "great one of magic, great enchantress" was an ancient Egyptian deity. She served as the personification of supernatural powers.
❤Anat - Anat is a major northwest Semitic Goddess.
❤Min - Min was the God of reproduction.
❤Qebehsenuef - Qebehsenuef "he who refreshes his brothers" is an ancient Egyptian deity. He is one of the four sons of Horus in Egyptian mythology, the God of protection and of the West.
❤Heh - Ḥeḥ was in Egyptian mythology, the personification of infinity or eternity in the Ogdoad, his name itself meaning “endlessness”.
❤Petbe - In Egyptian mythology, Petbe was the god of revenge. His name translates as Sky-Ba, roughly meaning Soul of the Sky, or Mood of the sky. 
❤Tutu - God of protection of tombs, later guarded the sleeping from danger or bad dreams. Master of demons. Tutu’s iconography is anthropomorphic, consisting of the body of a striding, winged lion, the head of a human, other heads of hawks, and crocodiles projecting from the body, and the tail of a serpent.
❤Apedemak - Apedemak was a lion-headed warrior God.
❤Weneg - Weneg was a sky and death God from ancient Egyptian religion, who was said to protect the earth and his inhabitants against the arrival of the “great chaos”.
❤Hemen - Hemen is the falcon-God, who holds a cobra between its claws.
❤Tatenen - Tatenen was the God of the primordial mound in ancient Egyptian religion. His name means risen land or exalted earth, as well as referring to the silt of the Nile. As a primeval chthonic deity, Tatenen was identified with creation. He was an androgynous protector of nature from the Memphis area.
❤Bata - Bata from Saka is an Egyptian bull-God of the New Kingdom, who represents together with his brother Anubis.
❤Apis - A live bull worshipped as a God at Memphis.
❤Aten - The God disk of the sun.
❤Gengen-Wer - Goose God.
❤Hapi - God of the Nile.
❤Heket - Goddess of frogs.
❤Nut - In Egyptian mythology, Nut was the Goddess of the sky.
❤Seker - Falcon God.
❤Selket - Goddess of scorpions.
❤Sobek - God of crocodiles and alligators.

Rammed Earth House.

The Rauch family home by Boltshauser Architekten in Austria was literally made out of the hill it sits on. Rammed Earth, when prepared correctly, insulates extremely well (better than concrete), maintains a warm, natural appearance, and can last for decades without any maintenance. If you ever had any doubts, just feast on these images and we think you’ll be looking at dirt in a whole new light.