Deadpool has one of my favourite opening credits to a film ever tbh

although i am not suprised as the same writers also wrote Zombieland which gave us this amazing opening credit sequence

and it’s playing again!

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Top ten favorite bands?

I shall include my fave song by each band as well cos i do what i want!

Absolute fave band of all time is

1 - The Stone Roses

And here is my fave song ever which is also the greatest live performance ever

I started liking them in 1995… when they split up. Never thought i’d see them live. Until a few years when they got back together and i paid £300 for 2 tickets in Manchester! BEST. GIG. EVER!

2 - Oasis

I still have an oasis t-shirt i got in 1996. Still fits me nicely.

3 - Queen

4 - Led Zeppelin (I have a Led Zep tattoo tbh)

5 - Sigur Ros

Like ngl.. this band moves me like no other. They touch me in a special place. Like.. it’s hard to explain. Like i feel like i could just start crying when i listen to them. Let out all the bad shit etc.. ya feel me?

This song here.. i have listened to this nearly every single night for about 6 years. I put it on when i go to bed. It’s so beautiful. It’s amazing to fall asleep to. The bit at 07.36 STILL gives me goosebumps. If you want a band to chill out to then look no further.

6 - Biffy Clyro (the newest band on the list)

Hmmm you can only embed 5 videos it seems.


7 - Jimi Hendrix

All Along the watchtower

8 - Limp Bizkit

My Way

9 - Red hot Chili Peppers

Under the bridge

10 - I will leave this blank because if i put someone here then i’d be all ‘oh fuck i forgot … ‘ etc etc


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Here’s some nice relaxing music for you to enjoy while browsing tumblr tonight (or whatevs)

One of the greatest albums of all time. You may wanna skip number 2 if you’re planning on chilling. Such an odd place for that song. It’s so out of place.

0.00 1 La femme d'argent

7:09 2:Sexy boy

12:08 3:All I need

16:13 4:Kelly watch the stars

20:19 5:Talisman

24:39 6:Remember

27:30 7:You make it easy

31:13 8:Ce matin là

34:53 9:New star in the sky

40:30 10:Le voyage de Penelope