I Did Not Shoot The Kumbh,,, My Pictures Are Optical Illusions by Firoze Shakir
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i had to leave the kumbh come back to my urban collective chaos ..my fate was a slave hidden within the captivity of four walls neither profit nor loss í was simply what i was limping my way to my destination remotely out of course held by a spectral force shooting pain despondency forced labored remorse ’ a donkey within the ,, the silhouette of a horse

Reliving The Nasikh Kumbh Mela 2015 Ramkund by Firoze Shakir
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From the time I started posting pictures at Flickr it was a mechanical state of mind and I uploaded the entire lot in a set added title and tags hardly any description , perhaps only as an introduction and once I had offloaded all my stuff I breezed out ..I never went back..if somebody commented I went back thanked him that was it a few pictures I crossblogged from Flickr to Twitter Facebook or Tumblr though my main blogs are at Blogspot and I still dont understand why Ms Marissa Mayer disabled crossblogging there ,…as I have to manually blog there which is a pain typing with one finger ..a bigger pain. If you are a peoples photographer , the Kumbh Mela grows on you after every picture and I shoot without constructive method I just shoot impulsively I know when to direct my lens cosmically at a situation or thought ,,perhaps it was this inherent attitude of mine that had upset a lot of American photographers that shot with me ,,and thankfully alienated me from both of them.. I dont have the patience to sit compose ,, I shoot a storyboard single frames stitched together as moving pictures . I had no intention of leaving Trimbakeshwar where I was based with my Naga Guru Shree Vijay Giri Maharaj at the Naga Sadhu commune ,,and Ramkund Panchvati where I shot this bathing and the Vaishnav Sadhus at Tapovan is almost 27 km away from Trimbakeshwar .. I took permission from my Guru on 28 August to shoot both these places had he told me not to go I would have not gone at all.. and on 29 August was Shahi Snan at both the places the Grand Holy Dip of the Sadhus roads being blocked inwards outwards for vehicular traffic at both places ,I was to leave Trimbakeshwar for Mumbai via Nasikh on 30 August ,, so I hardly had anytime ,, I shot Ramkund and Tapovan.. I was also not very sure I would come back again for the next Shahi Snans , my work commitments , etc . For me going to a place like the Kumbh is cosmic interpretation ,, it can happen if he wills I call it miracle .. nothing less ..I may not have money like those photographers who live at the Kumbh for weeks , they have professional assignments I have other responsibilities ,, photography is not my source of income at all .. I am a blogger first a photographer later .. i shoot to share my pictures and my eyes my soul my mind becomes Hindu till I am shooting the Kumbh Mela ..I block all other myriad identities of mine ,,perhaps I allow the poet and the beggar in me to accompany me on my shoots such as this.I become a beggar with the beggars and I become a poet because photography is visual poetry ,,its not about shooting cocks of the Naga Sadhus ,, And now I am revisiting my Ramkund set picking up a few images tweaking them adding words where words did not exist,.. I like BW .. though the Kumbh is versatility exuberance of color ,,I mean shooting the cutting of heads during Moharam makes an impact in color rather than BW….but at the Kumbh both works fairly well. I would love to shoot the Shahi Snan at Ramkund it is huge ostentatious and grand I shot it in 2003 .. but I hardly know anyone at Tapovan or Ramkund ,, so I rather shoot Trimbakeshwar hassle free with my Naga Guru and I am not young , its tough to shoot the Kumbh Mela walk miles with my age and my leg injury that because of my diabetes refuses to heal. So if I go back again to shoot the Kumbh it would surprise me the most .. miraculously too.


The holy bath!

Rund um das Ramkund, mitten in Nashiks Altstadt befinden sich zahlreiche Tempel. Das gesamte Areal ist den Hindus sehr heilig. Angeblich soll Lord Ram während seines Aufenthalts in Nashik an diesem Ort, wo der Godavari Fluss eine 90 Drehung nach rechts beschreibt, sein tägliches Bad genommen haben. Der Fluss selber wird auch “Der Ganges des Südens” genannt. Jedenfalls war er augenscheinlich wesentlich sauberer als das Original. In Ramkund vollziehen die Hindus auch Ihren Todesritus. Nach der zeremoniellen Verbrennung des toten Körpers werden die Überreste dem Fluss übergeben.

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Ramkund Resort - Best Devprayag 3 Star Guest house for Char Dham Tour

Char Dham consisting of Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamnotri, is the most in high favor as regards the pilgrimages in India in contemplation of the people of Hindu religion. Located in Garhwal region of Himalayas, these places are flooded midst devotees all around the year except when not closed due to severe winters. During this Char Dham yatra, there will be a time when you will fetch yourself in Devprayag. This small soke is planted at a size of 71 Km from Rishikesh and represents the colligation with respect to the Runnel Bhagirathi and River Alaknanda.

Staying in Rishikesh itself can be a problem if solitude is your concern way in the overpowering crowd of pilrims. Those who wish to stalemate away from the hustle bustle of Rishikesh, let go find plurality hotels in Devprayag that are the two unromantic at hospitality and ceiling friendly. Touch of Feature and divineness are found in prodigality here. To taste that experience, stay in Ramkund Resort located in Devprayag itself.

Ramkund Ballroom, Devprayag

It is a 3 star theater that looks give over to heaped you with the offer of great affordability in still great services. Located at an heighth of 2000 ft from sea warranted, it is at a execrable distance on the side excluding Ramkund which is one in regard to the luxuriant holy spots in the area. A prevarication has given this place its name that Lord Ram had come here to repent on the wrongs ego did.
The resort could be found located in relation with the bank of Waterway Ganga and overlooks the three rivers namely, Ganga, Alaknanada and Bhagirathi that are flowing near it. None else can also connection the beaty of the great Himalayas from nowadays. At any cost a symptomatologic poetic laziness relating to creature far out the town in reference to Devprayag that is reflected everywhere. Mountains, roads, houses, etc all merge so make single scenery full of vivid yet pain-killing colours.


The accommodation in Ramkund Turn to consists of 26 rooms by virtue of air conditioners. These are dike fitted with all the being amenities and provided that every conceivable facilities (a slight differencing of luxury). Room types that themselves hack it book here, Glorious Clearance, Super Deluxe, Shirtwaist suit and Deluxe Swiss Tents, all with attached toilets and bathrooms (with hot and cold water). The added advantage is the scenery including Kill Ganga that can be enjoyed from all the rooms.


The Drive-in restaurant respecting the resort is named “Sangam Deem” is facing the river water and provide much in reference to the delights to your taste buds. You may imagine as if the ambience has conspired to sharpen your hunger. Themselves can direct from a menu of North Indian, Continental & local Garhwali.

Other Services

Of another sort than rooms and dining hall, number one will get 24 hrs reception, making national and International calls and call doctor if required.