@funkomisha had a wonderful day volunteering at the Portland Rescue Mission on Burnside helping to do food prep. It was hours spent cleaning and cutting veggies and getting to know some of the volunteers that help serve some of the approx 4,000 homeless in Portland OR. 

The bag of seeds you see, are from a couple of crates of Pablano peppers that were part of our prep today. We put a bag of seeds aside to use for a project we have of collecting and drying seeds to them give to people in the area willing to grow fruits and veggies to add to their friends and families meals or to grow for local food banks and shelters.

In all, it was a great day spent in the name of kindness and we handed out a bunch of cards with information about @randomactsorg to keep the kindness going. (x)


Not Pretty but whatever~.


Name: Ramisha Panosty

Age:12,turning 13 on August 21st :)

Grade: Starting 8th Grade on the 20th

Height: 5'5,Almost 5'6

Personality: Some say I’m pretty,I don’t see it,personally. Most say I’m crazy. I say I’m hyper,fun-loving,crazy,and if you know me personally,you’d think I’m mental(like,insane). I’m kinda shy and very nice/sweet and whatnot.

Bestfriends: Pedro ,Teresa,Jillian and Vanessa(She doesn’t have a tumblr,I’m still begging her to make one ^-^)

Personal Tumblr is right here~

Facebook name is Mishaa Panosty. (Add if u want,I could care less ^-^)


Drink: Orange Soda

Color: Blue<3

Band: All Time Low,Mariana’s Trench & One Direction

Food: Pizza

Hobbies: Make Imagines,Hang with friends,Draw,Dance

And Thats all I can think of right now,hope this is what you wanted anon c: