ramirez do everything

  • Viv: Every time you talk, I get this warm, fuzzy feeling inside me. It's really nice, but it's bothering me, so please stop.
  • Fernanda: Warm, fuzzy feeling...?
  • Fernanda: Oh my gosh. Viv, do you have feelings for me?
  • Viv: What the hell is a feeling?



Nothing is ever this easy, right?  As you contemplate the mysteries of life a few of you try and break off from the group to explore the compound.  A group of D.U.N.K. personnel break off from their unit and approach the stragglers, corralling the group of fans together towards the parking lot.  It’s not that easy.

“Sorry folks, we’re under strict orders to bring you to the hotel safely.  There’s a strict curfew in place after Kaiju incursions, you know that,” barks a D.U.N.K. trooper, “oh, hey!  I remember some of you guys!  You were on the perimeter when Ultramare was fighting Brain Trust!  You missed a great fight!  Well, that’s what the other guys told me, I still wasn’t able to get that red dot.”

One of you nod politely as you take the small dime sized disk that Daylily gave you.  With a flick of your wrist you toss it on the ground discretely, hoping that it would do something.  After a few moments the disk begins to vibrate violently before unfurling into an even tinier P.O.N.E. chassis.  She’s only about an inch and a half long from rear hoof to ear.  The phone begins to vibrate as you get an incoming call, politely excusing yourself from Ramirez.

*beep* I see you activated my little one! *beep* chirps Daylily happily, *beep* Hahah ohwow, and I thought everything looked big in my other body, this’ll be fun.  I’ll infiltrate the compound and leave it up to you after that.  P.O.N.E. nano is equipped with enhanced speed and sensory skin that can cling to any surface with a nearly undetectable energy signature.  Long story short, she’s a sneaky little devil.  Have fun at the hotel! *beep*

With that the tiny P.O.N.E. disappears in a blur, going through the crowd effortlessly to her destination.

Looks like you’re spending the night with Ramirez and the other troopers at the hotel.

[The next update will be a comic format.  You’ll be separated from Ultramare for a little while, but feel free to do other things like in Sandbox Quest]

even if you cannot travel out throughout the country like these brave heroes are doing, helping decode, watching live streams, posting about it, creating fan art, creating theories, re-watching the show, and keeping an eye on twitter is helping a lot!!!

just because you aren’t physically IN the hunt doesn’t mean you’re not helping out! the people at home are what makes the hunt more riveting!

so don’t EVER exclude yourself because you can’t go. you are helping so much. your efforts ARE HELPING the hunt.

so, thank you so much. and don’t forget to keep solving mysteries!