ramin karimloo

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: In The Phantom of the Opera, before everything goes down, how did the phantom “teaching” Christine actually go??? Cause what I’m picturing is Christine sitting in some room practicing away and then the phantom awkwardly shouting something like “less vibrato” from a closet or some crap. Then stupid little Christine going “ *gasp* My angel! My angel of music! Have you come to teach me just as dear father promised?” Then the phantom just being like “uh…………..    …yes? *Ahem* Yes! Start again at measure 32!”

Why so silent😤😶, good monsieurs?🤵🏻
Did you think 😂that I had left you for good?👀 🚪 ⬅️ Have you missed me 😥good monsieurs? 👥 I have written✍🏼 you an opera 📜 🎶 Here, I bring the finish👍🏼✅score✒️🎼
Don 🎻Juan 🎺Triumphant! 😩
Fondest 💕greetings 👋🏼to you all👥👥👥
A few instructions 🤗just before rehearsal starts👯🎭 Carlotta 💁must 😤be taught to act 🎭Not 🙅❌her normal trick 🤹‍♀️of strutting ‘round the stage 💃🏼 Our Don Juan 💁‍♂️must 😤loose some weight 😬 It’s not ❌healthy in a man of Piangi’s age 🤷‍♂️🙃 And my managers 👬must learn 🤓📝that their place is in an office🚪📋🖊 Not ❗️❌ the arts 🎭🎨👯‍♂️