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Everything around me was fuzzy.

All sound. Sight. And touch.

Everything around me was fuzzy.

Even as I breathed in and out I felt reality around me blurring… piece by piece… moment by moment every piece of me felt like it was descending into madness. The same madness that consumed everyone who came here. Every soul that was forced to deal with their own insanity was sent here.

It was a part of my life that I couldn’t ignore, until one day I did. Until the day that I saw him get dragged in. He was surrounded by people, his body broken, his handsome face scared by his mouth. He’d survived some sort of traumatic event. You could tell as much when you looked him in the eye. When you saw the way his gaze darted around the room… Like a wild animal.

Josh Washington had lived through a lot. I’d read about him in one of the newspapers before I was admitted here. The handsome son of a wealthy family. The boy who lost it all when his sisters died tragically on the mountain their family owned. The boy who’d gone missing before being found after weeks alone on the mountain.

He’d turned into something else in that time.

Reporters had called him a monster but when I looked at him  now I couldn’t see a monster. All I could see was a ghost. A ghost that rocked me to my very core.

A ghost that had me terrified. I’d never been more terrified in my whole entire life.

I’d never felt fear quite like this.

I’d never been so alone.

Alone under his terrified gaze.

Looking at him now I see a boy being held by body guards. A boy who could break without the hands that clung to him. I stared at him from across the room, in a sea of madness. A sea of gazes and screaming. In the mists of shouts of horror that sent a chill up my spine as I watched the boy look around the room. As he takes in the madness. The four walls that were covered with pads.

A psychiatric ward with countless crazies.

But he knew no one was quiet as crazy as he was.

As crazy as he felt.

No one was as crazy as the boy who watched me from afar, his blue eyes peering into my soul as I watched him too. It was as if he could see inside my soul. As if he knew more than he should’ve.

As if we were connected by more than psychosis.

I felt it the moment he dared to not break eye contact with me. The moment I felt my breathing hitch.

The moment he looked at me with a smirk that made his scar dangerous and face even more undeniably handsome.

The moment his lips moved and muttered one single word that broke me into a million pieces.

One word that made me want more…


he said without sound and in that moment I knew I was his.

I would always be.

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