Ode to Justin Timberlake's Hair...

Now we could have dedicated a post to Justin Timberlake’s stellar music career, but we at RTTP figured that there was something equally iconic that deserved its own ‘ode to’ while still keeping JT involved. And so we dedicate this post to the ever-changing creature that is - Justin Timberlake’s hair.

Early 2000 - Cornrows

JT was at the peak of his N*SYNC boy-band days; considered a heart-throb by many young teenage girls. We’d like to think his new found superstar status was the catalyst for trying something a little 'out of the ordinary’. Probably wishful thinking, JT maintains his whitest man alive mantle.

Late 2000 - Ramen Hair [pt. I]

Ah the ramen noodle hair phase. Curly on top. Dark underneath. Frosted tips. Perfection! This hairstyle spurred on a whole host of hilarious meme’s still around today

2001 - Sleek and Sophisticated

JT unveiled a more mature look - possibly foreshadowing his move into a solo career with a more mature sound. A small glimpse into what was to come in the future.

Early 2002 - Ramen, [pt. II]

Why JT, why?! You nearly had it and you let it all slip away again. I wonder if the return of this hairstyle was Brittney’s idea…

2004 - Au Naturale

Ah Justin, finally we’re beginning to see the man you truly are. This short, naturally coloured hairstyle represents the start of JT domination - suave and effortless, much like the main man himself.

Late 2006 - Shortaaaay

Go on wit ya bad self JT. Gone are the days of the curly ramen hair, Justin has finally come into his own and found a look that suits that beautiful bone structure of his. Girls hearts are melting worldwide.

Present - Mmmmm

Much like a fine wine, it all gets better with age. Besties with Jimmy Fallon, married to Jessica Biel, new album out and world tour under wraps. The man has it all. Some may say this is due to his immense talent, but we know better - it’s all in the hair, that sweet sweet hair…

Gentlemen, good night. And ladies, good morning.