Since I’m bored and I recently reached 5.5k followers I thought I’d make a follow Friday Monday actually post. So here goes (in random order):

»  pawsupgagalove : Gaga + other rebloggable (if that is a word) stuff  

» ramenfashion : Umm no a bit of gaga and supernatural, the rest are hilarious text posts, really. 

» xmother-monster : Gaga gaga gaga gaga. One of the few blogs that I followed when I first started <3

» darklighters : Jon posts a lot of Hillary Duff and Kellan Lutz and pretty much every pretty tv show there is. He makes pretty things (& idk how he does them)

» kezzoh : Gifs and lots of it. we were supposed to get married but He loves Lady Gaga too.

» gaysexistheanswer : Men. Sexy men. Gay porn. Really, everyone should follow Cas.

» faguccino : Madonna + Lady Gaga + sexiness

» siryano : Lady Gaga + other stuffs idk. Makes some pretty decent graphics. Watch out for his upcoming blog gagaroyale~

» ladyxgaga : No explanation

» iheartladygaga : All things Lady Gaga. Oh and Stef is a sweetie <3

» c0ckslut : The friendliest person among the 70 people I follow. He posts a lot of Supernatural and Lady Gaga. Everyone should follow Tommy tbqfh.

» jewdas : Flawless edits. Flawless url.

» callmebrandon : Photoshop god. His edits will make you want to quit Photoshop and wish that you weren’t born

» anthiago : idk mapee posts some eye candy pictures and a bit of Gaga.

» cuteguyss : Guys, cute, cute guys, need I say more?