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I love how you can look at screenshots from the Pokemon anime and just know which season it came from. The animators really do a great job at giving each region its own unique characteristics.

For example, in Hoenn the green colors were softer and more yellow, subltely emphasizing the region’s tropical climate.

On the other hand, Sinnoh had more pine trees. Mountains were almost always seen nearby. Blue and blue-green shades were used abundantly, which helped to show the colder climate of the region.

But here’s the best part: Even the ramen is specialized for the region. 
In Hoenn, May expressed her excitement over eating ramen. Specifically, Tonkotsu Ramen. Tonkotsu Ramen is a style of ramen from Fukuoka, Kyushu, the island Hoenn is based off of.

See the similarity?

But in Sinnoh, people eat a completely different type of ramen. A popular style of ramen in Hokkaido, the place Sinnoh is based on, is Butter-Corn Ramen. That’s the same kind of ramen Meowth made in the Diamond and Pearl episode “Noodles Roamin’ Off!”

heartbeat | part one

part one // part two // part three

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[Yoongi x Reader | Jungkook x Reader]

Genre: Angst, Fluff for now

Words: 5221

—> The exact moment you experienced heartbreak with Min Yoongi would be a moment you’d remember forever.

A/N: AHHHH. I desperately wanted this to just be one entire fic, but ended up breaking it into two parts because I haven’t posted a fic in like… months lmao. I felt like a fraud for calling myself a writer, but not posting shit. So yeah, idek what this is but I hope you all enjoy it! xoxo

The exact moment you fell in love with Min Yoongi would be a moment you’d remember forever.

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new beginnings.

2,402 words | fluff; warnings: none.
meeting at a coffee shop au + shin hoseok

a/n: ramen shop owner!wonho is a concept that most definitely needed to be written. and who knows? perhaps i might even take requests for this~

(i really have been considering taking requests after i’m done with the ones in my inbox. just like drabbles / companion pieces to things i’ve written like heaven is a place on earth, rule breakers, cave me in, etc.)

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Genre: Fluff / Humor (??) / Romance / Very slight smut 

Word Count: 5,065

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Request: Can you do a fic of having Jungkook (my bias oh muh gosh) as your neighbor and you having to stay at his house while your parents are away??

“We’ll be gone for awhile and I think it would be best if you stayed with Jungkook while we’re gone! You guys are the same age, he’s only a couple months older. I think it would be really nice.”

Masterlist ♥︎


A/n: This is really long omg w o w. I hope this is what you wanted ^-^. Thank you for the request ❗️😊♥️ I’ve actually always wanted to make a fic like this lol. jungkook feels are too real. I did sort of a new style of writing (?) kind of, idk, you guys can tell me if you like it. sorry about the ending lol. sorry not sorry for thAT SINFUL GIF.  

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it’s okay, that’s love 01

➾ water polo player!jimin x psychiatrist!reader
ft the rest of bangtan

requested by this anon 

➾ warnings: mentions of mental illnesses (depression, anxiety, ocd, split personality disorder etc), self harm, angst, fluff, smut 

➾ word count: 8.3k

➾ Summary: People are constantly making some kind of connection with each other- be it friendship or romance. But human bonds always lead to messy complications; commitment, sharing, driving people to the airport, letting them get up close and personal with the darkest parts of ourselves. And sure- it’s scary as hell to watch them cross those boundaries you’ve so meticulously drawn, but it’s okay, because that’s love.

➾ disclaimer: this is purely a work of fiction and i do not claim to be a qualified mental health professional. this work is not intended to provide any medical advice of any sort, please consult a licensed physician instead. 

a/n: so this is it! my attempt at starting a series that deals with slightly more touchy and sensitive topics. please do not ask me when the next update will be out, check my updates page instead!!
 tagging my favourite people to scream with @blueagust and @yoongihime and @jheartseok thank you for being so lovely and enduring supporting me no matter how much i rant to you <3 

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Nct U- First dates

~admin luna  ♡


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Taeil has a fairly chilled personality so I feel like his first date with you would compliment that. He’d take you to the beach, listening to the dimmed sound of waves overlapping while happily conversing with one another. As it starts to get dark he’d softly strum random chords on his guitar as you fall into a comfortable silence. 


Originally posted by nakamotens

Again I think Taeyong would want to have his first date with you somewhere quiet. Where there was minimal people so he could solely focus on you, like a coffee shop he discovered when he took cover in while the clouds unleashed a light downpour. You’d sit by the windows, allowing you to admire the droplets of rain falling gracefully outside while slowly sipping on coffee and what seemed to be a never ending game of 20 questions.


Originally posted by mkayjaemin

As soon as I got this request I instantly though of an arcade date with Doyoung. It was the perfect balance of fun and getting know each other. You’d work together and cheat through games to get as many tickets as possible in order to win the best prize. After both having to carry the huge bear you won outside you bought food from the local street food stands and found a quiet place to sit. The rest of your date would be spent sharing laughs and finding your common interests.


Originally posted by nctech

I feel like he would take you out to a little ramen place that he found in his trainee days that he wanted to share with you, by revealing a little part of his past you’d instantly become comfortable with one another. The dull chatter coming from the kitchen no longer mattered because the only thing you were focused on was chittaphon. Being the gentleman he is, he wouldn’t take no for an answer when offering to walk you home (and so that he could make plans for a second date.)


Originally posted by yonges

I’ve had this planned since I received this request omg. He’d take you to a little American diner, where the waitresses wore roller skates and the jukebox played old rock ‘n’ roll. It wasn’t fancy but it was homely. You’d both order milkshakes which you drank while finding out more about each other. As the night comes to an end and the diner starts to shut he’d put a quarter in the jukebox and pull you up for a dance while the old couple who owned the diner watch and reminisce. 


Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

I think he’d want to do something laid back because everything else in his life is pretty hectic. He’d take you to the movies, insisting on paying for everything. While the adverts played you’d throw popcorn at each other to sea who could catch it in their mouth first. In all honesty you would’t be paying much attention to the movie as you admired Mark, smiling every time his nose crinkled while laughing. 

I really enjoyed writing this so I hope you guys like it too! If you do I’d love to do the same for the dream team. Hopefully once my exams are over I’ll be writing again :)

love you to the moon and back!

~admin luna ♡

  • Kakashi: Now, let’s say you haven’t eaten for days and you’re in desperate need of food. What do you do?
  • Naruto: I walk over to Iruka-Sensei’s house and have him buy me some ramen.
  • Kakashi: Okay, yes. But Iruka-Sensei’s not there.
  • Sasuke: Where’s Iruka-Sensei?
  • Kakashi: It’s not important where he is. He’s gone. He left the country.
  • Sakura: He left the country? Why? Is he okay?
  • Kakashi: Yes, he’s fine.
  • Naruto: Well, if he’s fine, I don’t see why he couldn’t buy me some ramen.
Nothing Without You {Part One}

Title; Nothing Without you {Part One}

Genre; Angst to Fluff (Just angst in this part)

Type; Scenario (With fake texts at points)

Group/Member; BTS – Suga (Yoongi)

Summary; After helping Suran with her debut single, Yoongi gets closer to her. You, his best friend and an aspiring rapper can only watch from the sidelines as he begins to neglect you and grow closer to Suran. You eventually go on with your life and try to act normal, no longer going to his or seeing him at BigHit studios. Yoongi notices your absence and notices that he misses you and that he is nothing without you.side-lines as he begins to neglect you and grow closer to Suran. 

- Chunks in italics are flashbacks

Request; ⬇️⬇️⬇️


Words; 1069

Authors Notes; Heya! Hope you liked this!! I wrote for both of these requests as they were very similar, I also wasn’t too sure whether you wanted Yoongi & the reader to be dating or to be best friends but I ended up making them best friends because I felt it worked better (I hope you don’t mind) I have also decided to make this into a three-part piece; part one scenario, part two fake texts, part three scenario with fluff ending. Enjoy!! 😊

You had always rejected the cliché of falling for your best friend. Until it actually happened. You weren’t too sure when exactly you developed feelings for Yoongi but when it happened you knew you were royally fucked. Becoming friends with him had happened almost instantly, going from a shy and awkward first meeting to a friendship built on insults and a mutual distaste for people within just a few short weeks. At first, you refused to acknowledge your budding feelings for your best friend but after a while, it became more and more difficult to do so, the feelings began popping up at inopportune moments wreaking havoc on your daily life. Yoongi would post a picture of himself on his and the boys Twitter and instead of texting him and telling him he looked ugly you found yourself blushing and wishing he’d look at you the same way he looked at the camera.

You knew he would never be able to return your feelings, he saw you as a friend and that’s it…

The music thumped through the large room and you could feel it reverberating in your chest. BigHit had thrown a company party to celebrate BTS’s Wings album and all of their latest achievements, and you – of all people – had been invited, like a sort of … plus one. You felt a hand slap itself down onto your shoulder and turned to see a very drunk Yoongi with a clear plastic cup in his hand and a smile on his lips.

“Heyyyy!!! Where have you been? You should mingle ya know… Could get to talking about you becoming a rapper” He slurred in your ear, momentarily lifting his cup and nodding at someone across the room.

“Yoongi” You started, taking the cup from his hand and his hand from your shoulder, “You know I’m not good at starting conversations with people I don’t know… And besides, I am a rapper. Just, an unsigned rapper.” You chuckled

Yoongi swayed to the music that was flooding the room and lost his footing slightly, letting out a small yelp as he almost fell. You moved to support your friend, putting his arm around your shoulder and making your way towards the door.

“I think you should call it a night Yoon, come on – I’ll walk you back to yours” You let out a slight grunt as you practically dragged him out the door, saying a quick goodbye to Namjoon and Jin as you left.

You walked Yoongi back to his house, helping him open the door and situating him on the sofa.

He gave you a gummy smile “Ahhh…You’re such a good friend you know that??”

There was that word. Friend, all he saw you as and all you should see him as.

“I just made sure you didn’t pass out in an alleyway and got home safely Yoongi” You laughed lightly, ignoring the way your chest tightened at his words.

You ruffled his hair and chuckled at the way he scrunched up his nose and grumbled at your action. Moving towards his door you said a quick goodnight and left, your heart still heavy from that one, stupid word…

So no, Yoongi would never be able to return your feelings because he was…well, he was Min freaking Yoongi, and somehow you managed to score a friendship with him - you weren’t going to push it. It didn’t matter anyway as in the past, you hadn’t exactly had the best of relationships and experiences with feelings. All the relationships you had been in felt rushed and somehow your partner had always managed to make you feel like shit throughout the entirety of your relationship, and when anytime you were single your feelings for someone were never reciprocated. They made that perfectly clear.

Even if Yoongi had ever had feelings of any kind towards you, they were most likely gone by now. Ever since his mixtape and production of Surans debut single, the two had been getting closer and closer and you wouldn’t mind that if it didn’t seem like he was falling for her. You sighed as you remembered the countless times he’d blown you off to hang out with her recently. There were always the “we’ll do it next time, yeah?” promises that he then broke the very next day. He’d been neglecting you for weeks upon weeks now and you’d finally grown to accept it, no longer texting or calling him, no more impromptu visits at BigHit. You’d given up trying to contact him and just continued with your life, your job, and your underground rapping. Eventually, you managed to even stop thinking about Yoongi every second of the day, concentrating on yourself and even going on a few blind dates with people your sister had set you up with. None of whom compared to Yoongi, obviously, but you had to try, right?

Slamming the door to your apartment you chucked your stuff onto the sofa and slipped off your boots. It’d been almost two months since you decided to leave Yoongi to it and you could honestly say it’d been rather rough but you’d made it this long. A sigh escaped your lips as you rub your face with your hands, your job taking its toll on both your mind and body. Making your way to the kitchen you take some ramen out and begin cooking it, not really in the mood to make anything remotely healthy. You yawned slightly, taking your now completely cooked bowl of ramen and carton of banana milk to the living room, groaning as the tv displayed nothing of interest.

A loud “ping!” sounded from your phone and you ignored it, slurping up ramen whilst watching some period drama on the tv in front of you. Once you had finished your ramen, you placed the bowl onto the small table just in front of you and sighed. Your phone had sounded exactly 7 “pings!” since the first and you really wanted to check your phone but you knew it wouldn’t be who you wanted it to be. It never was anymore. Throwing your head back and huffing you picked up your phone from beside you and checked the notification;

8 messages – Yoongles 😎

Your heart stopped for a moment. Well, how about that… With a slightly shaky hand, you moved to unlock your phone, the message app opening before you…

{Request anything you want guys}

Stranger Valentine

Originally posted by yoongishappiness

When a terrible Valentines day date takes an unexpected turn; with Min Yoongi

You could kick yourself. You should have seen this coming the moment your friend said she knew the perfect guy for you. Especially considering who the friend was. She hadn’t exactly had the best taste in men. They tended to be morons or complete creeps. But you were tired of being alone on Valentines day. That was enough to let the small sliver of desperation that lived within you take over. So here you were with Minsoo at a semi nice restaurant. And you were miserable.

The date started off as you’d expect. You had decided to meet at the restaurant. He was a handsome man. Tall, with sleeked back midnight black hair. Killer smile enough to make most swoon. Well dressed to. Based on looks, your friend had done well. So there was a glimmer of hope that this would be a spectacular night. That glimmer would fade before you had the chance to receive your drinks.

Just as handsome as your date was, he was equally conceited. He told you all about his activities. About how he could afford all the best things. How lucky you were that you had been able to go on a date with him. So on and so forth. You began contemplating possibly going to the bathroom and sneaking out the window. But that wouldn’t work. The friend that had set you up would not let you hear the end of it. While this date was bad, it wasn’t bad enough to hear your friend whine about all the “work” she had done to set you up. So you were trapped with this douche for the evening. Hopefully he eats fast.

Five minutes later the temptation to sneak out the bathroom window grew. This guy was starting to become worse as the time passed by. You could barely get a word in. And when you did, you tried to desperately change the subject. Sadly he always brought it back to him. This was beginning to become incredibly baffling to you. How can someone talk so much about themselves before the appetizers had even arrived?

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Caitriona Balfe's Opinion

1. Cats

External image

2. Netflix

“The best! The best thing on a Saturday when you have a hangover,” she said. “Big bag of chips. Netflix on my computer. Heaven.”

3. Tinder

“Ridiculous,” Balfe said. “Why? Nope. Really?”

4. Karaoke

“Only to be done when you’re very, very drunk,” she said, “and Blondie is always a good one.”

5. Boxed Wine

“Only at 4 a.m. when everything else in the house is drank,” she said.

6. The Poop Emoji

7. The Gym

“Only at 4 a.m.,” she joked. “No. It’s a necessary evil. But why wear makeup in the gym? Honestly, that needs to stop.”

  8. Selfies

“Also needs to stop,” she said. “Look at where you are. Don’t take a picture of yourself where you are. Appreciate where you are.”

9. Ramen

“Ugh, delicious,” she said. “I’m making my way through the ramen places in New York.”

10. Scrabble

“So good,” she said. “Unfortunately Sam Heughan is better at it than I am. But that’s my lunchtime game when we’re on set.”

Sam Heughan, for those not in the Outlander-know, plays Jamie Fraser on the show.


pynch fluff !!

I am writing a 5+1 things fic for my ao3 account, and I finished one of the parts so I supposed I would upload it to here as a little… sneak peak. Enjoy!

After everything had settled down with the Glendower scheme, Adam and Ronan were absolutely and grossly in love. They were officially in the “honeymoon phase”, as Blue called it. It was toothpaste kisses and whispered sweet nothings, long gazes and meaningful touches. They were in every way, infatuated with one another—but, they were… low-key about it (at least around the group).

If there was ever PDA, it was subtle, small gestures. In Ronan’s opinion, there was no reason to be overly showy. For these reasons, their relationship was never really in the spotlight. It was never the topic of the group’s conversations. It was just background music to whatever was taking place. It wasn’t hidden, they weren’t hiding it, there were just better things to talk about. If the group was a little… behind on all things Ronan and Adam, that was why.

However, while they were alone, affection wasn’t hidden—it was on display. They had said their I love you’s fairly quickly, as the both of them had been sure in their feelings for long enough that there was no point in putting it off. Ronan was relieved when Adam said it first, that way the phrase would stop coming up as word vomit—and he would be able to stop choking it down. He was free to tell Adam he loved him whenever he wanted—and he did. They said I love you all through the day, when they went to bed, when they woke up, over text, and even on the phone.

Looking back, it was bound to slip sometime.

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((Cute idea, thank you, sweet anon! I love winter tbh; I cannot wait to get seasonal prompts, especially fluffy Christmas or New Years things.))


-Would initially be very shocked since he wasn’t expecting it at all.

-He was too busy taking in the scenery to notice until it hit him.

-He chides you and then frowns a bit when you throw another snowball at him.

-He then decides on revenge, he begins to attack you with a flurry of snowballs.

-Has an excellent aim too, once he sees you shivering he stops and gives you his jacket.

-He laughs at your sheepish apology and asks for a rematch soon.

-He takes you home and makes you some hot chocolate, he holds you also to make sure you’re warm enough.

-Actually had a lot of fun, it reminded him of the snowball fights he used to have with Genji as a kid.



-He would be like “Oh now it’s on”. He was meditating too.

-An absolute snowball war, eventually he sneaks up on you and sticks you in a pile of snow.

-Warms your hands with his.

-Kisses your little red nose and throws one more snowball with you.

-“Let’s go get something warm”.

-Brings you to the best ramen place he knows.

-Buys a large and long scarf for you to share with him.

-Promises you that he’ll take you again, he plans on building a snowman and an igloo for you.



-Zenyatta is confused at first, he asks you why you threw snow at him.

-You have to explain it’s something humans do for fun.

-He smiles and asks how to partake in this activity.

-You ended up teaching him how make and throw snowballs.

-You regret it instantly since Zenyatta is seemingly the master of snowball fights despite being new to them.

-You ended up forfeiting, Zenyatta seemed rather proud of himself and you couldn’t help but smile, happy your omnic boyfriend had fun.

-You think about asking Genji and Hanzo to come and have a snowball fight with you. You definitely want Zenyatta on your side.

Alec felt the sun shining on his face. That feeling was nice, but the view was even more excellent. Magnus was laying next to him on his stomach with one arm flung casually over Alec’s back. Alec is struck by how perfect this moment and this morning truly is. He appreciates the soft, relaxed flex of Magnus’s back muscles. Alec observes the planes of his face, the sharp cheekbones, and almost dangerously cutting jawline.

Alec smiles to himself when he sees a track of drool dripping from Magnus’s slackened mouth. It’s stupid how enamored he is.

Angel knows how long Alec has been watching before Magnus’s eyes slowly flutter open. They’re cat eye slits this early in the morning before Magnus is awake enough to cast his glamor for the day and Alec lets himself appreciate it.

He loves this man so much, it’s becoming more and more alarming every day. But at this moment, with the sun hitting his face and a smile on both of their sleepy faces, it feels like the most obvious fact in the world.

Magnus turns, so he is on his side, and Alec copies the move so they are facing each other. Alec raises one hand and rests it gently on Magnus’s cheek. Magnus inclines his head slightly, silently asking for a kiss. Alec has never been good at denying him anything, so he meets him without a moment’s hesitation. There is a warm slide of lips, a little sour from morning breath but neither of them cares.

He pulls back to gaze at Magnus. This is it. The perfect moment he’s been waiting for. 

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anonymous asked:

maybe to accompany that rejection one, how would they confess in the first place? who's the most extra?

Ok these were really fun to write. They’re probably not that accurate, but I think they are and I really like them so idc.
(Also, he’s a quakey boi)

- Ryuji on a scale from 1-10 on the level of extRA is like a four
- Ryuji would invite them out to eat at a ramen place
- He would probably pay for the whole meal because gentleman
- He’s probably bring up the topic very awkwardly
- He probably wouldn’t be direct at first like “hey I’m in love with you what do you think”
- He’d probably say something like “So, is there anybody you like?”
- Gotta be casual, you know

- I have no doubt in my mind Akira is most extra
- I know this has been brought up by so many people but he 50/10 would confess with a calling card
“I’m here to steal your heart baby”
- (I’m so sorry that was so unnecessary)
- Morgana would still be in his bag the whole time too
- Like he’s extra but morgana goes everywhere,
Knows e v e r y t h I n g

- Yusuke competes for most extra
- I deadass feel like he would actually paint them
- And write them a well thought out letter about how much he cares for them
- Yusuke is precious boy who wants to show them how much he cares
- Okay but this painting would be really beautiful
- It would be really vibrant in color, and give off very happy vibes
- Because his love makes him happy and he wants to convey that in art

- Probably real chill about it.
- Like invite them to a movie
- (Probably a scary movie bc that’s what wikihow said to do)
- Brings them flowers
- Very happy
- But very nervous
- He’s really flustered
- And you know he bought like the huge bouquet of flowers too.
- And probably a card with a cheesy pun

- Invited them out to coffee
- Very casually brings it up
- He’s planned this for the past four days
- He knows exactly what he’s going to say
- Has note cards
- I feel like he’s really organized, has all his thoughts in place
- But he’s still reALLY NERVOUS
- he’s a quakey boi

Bts Hyung Line badboy!au


-          A thoughtful, lonerish sort of bad boy

-          Seems a bit unapproachable to many because of the people he hangs with, his height, and his very insular aura

-          Rockin’ that purple hair that he wears so well

-          Raps with Suga and Jhope on street corners, and sometimes alone as well

-          But when he’s not rapping, he can be found hiding out on his own writing lyrics, usually sitting outside as long as the weather is nice

-          And even if it’s raining, he’ll find an awning with a table to sit under as he scribbles away at his notebook, cranking out verses

-          Has a few usual places he goes

-          There’s this one ramen place that he frequents, the owners know him and they’re pals, so he asks about how their kids are doing and stuff like that, and they occasionally give him a free side dish because he’s a nice guy

-          And there’s this one bench he likes at the park because it overlooks the river and there’s a bridge and a field a little ways away where he can just watch people

-          In fact, that’s a common theme with his favorite places to write, is that he can people watch from them, whether it be at a park or from an outside table at a restaurant or through the window of a library

-          So he was at the ramen shop one day, just people watching as he slurped up his ramen before getting to writing

-          And in you walked to see your friend, a niece of the people who owned the shop

-          And you noticed it was awfully busy and one of the employees had called in sick so they were having a hard time handling it, so you decided to lend a hand, and you smiled as the woman thanked you

-          And he couldn’t help but watch because you seemed really happy and thoughtful

-          So he casually stole somewhat prolonged glances in your direction as he ate, and once he finished eating, he continued to watch absently as he pulled out his notebook and started scratching away with his pen

-          Until he caught the attention of the woman who ran the shop, your friend’s aunt, and she was like ‘ohOOH I seeeee…’ and he looked down a little embarrassed and went back to writing, so the woman sent you out to take care of his table

-          So you, completely unaware that he’d been staring a little, went over, took his dishes and asked him if you could get him anything else just then

-          ‘Oh, yes some tea would be great, thank you.’ He was very polite and gracious, and you returned with the tea shortly after

-          ‘If you don’t mind me asking, I come here all the time so I know everyone in this shop, but I don’t recognize you. Are you a friend of the family?’

-          So you told him how you were friends with their niece, and why you were working there that afternoon, and you small talked a little as you brought and refilled his tea, and he’d steal more glances as you cleared tables around him, and maybe you stole a few of your own while his nose was buried in his notebook, pencil in hand, working furiously as his eyes narrowed ever so slightly in concentration

-          And once he’d finished with his writing for the day, he stood up, paid, and waved goodbye to the owner before turning to you

-          ‘If it’s not too much, I don’t think I caught your name.’

-          So you gave it to him

-          ‘I’m Namjoon. It was good to meet you, maybe I’ll see you around here again.’

-          And with that and a smile to boot, he left

-          And it was a little while before the two of you were in the shop again at the same time

-          Almost three weeks to be exact, one lunch time on a Sunday

-          But you can bet that the woman who ran the place was sure to put you to work attending his table when that day came, bless her little heart

-          So you greeted each other, both by name, and continued with the pleasant chatting as you served him his ramen, poured tea, and cleared away his dishes throughout his stay

-          And then it happened again about a week and a half after that, so soon relatively speaking probably at least in part because he’d started favoring this spot above his others for some reason… can’t imagine why…

-          This time you guys actually got to talking about what he was doing with that notebook of his, so you found out that he was a rapper and that was his lyric book

-          And then again a couple more times the following week, and you’d talk and laugh not just as you served him, but as you served tables near him and cleaned up, and glances were taken more and more frequently, often resulting in brief but steady meeting of eyes, followed by the both of you returning to your work with barely perceptible smiles gracing your lips

-          A short time later, he went in to write one evening, towards the end of the dinner rush

-          So you served his table as usual, and he stayed, eating ramen and drinking tea as he wrote until the other customers had left, though there was still an hour till closing time

-          So you cleaned around him and when you were finished, the owner poured you some tea and you brought it over to enjoy Namjoon’s company in a more concentrated dose than you could have while you were busy working

-          So he set his notebook aside and you two talked for a while

-          And a few minutes in, you took the leap and asked him if you could see some of what’s in his notebook

-          So he smiles lightly and hands it to you, and you take it very gingerly as if it’s the most delicate and valuable book in the world, and you slowly open up to a random page towards the beginning, and you read through lyric after lyric

-          After a little while of looking at them, you point out one of them to him, and tell him that it’s your favorite, because it reminds you of some important transitional period in your life, and you talk about it, and the whole time you’re doing that, he’s just looking at you

-          Stolen glances have now given way to forward, unabashed stares, and when you look up from the book, you hold his gaze

-          After a while, he rises up slowly from his seat and rests one palm on the center of the table to support himself as he leans over it

-          And he rests the other one hesitantly on your cheek, silently asking permission to keep going with his eyes, and you consent by leaning up a little and looking down at his lips

-          Slowly but surely, he leans forward and down until he is only a centimeter or two away from you, and he pauses, for a split second, before he closes the rest of the gap

-          He kisses you very gently and slowly, delicately stroking your cheek with the pad of his thumb a few times before he moves his hand back behind your neck to slide his fingers into your hair

-          The lady who runs the shop peaked out to refill your tea, but as soon as she saw what was going on, she froze, smiled proudly, and snuck back on into the kitchen so as not to disturb the scene before her

-          From that point on, you two met at the shop near closing time often, a few times a week, sharing in hushed, late night conversations, passing, innocent touches and secret kisses

-          It was a couple of weeks later when the two of you exchanged numbers and he asked to introduce you to his friends

-          From then on, you graduated from the secluded meetings to a real relationship in broad daylight

-          So you started going out with them when they rapped on the streets, and you’d accompany him to his other writing spots, though the ramen stop was still his favorite

-          He liked sitting across from you so he could look at you

-          He also loved holding your hand, so you’d do that whenever you were walking somewhere, and he’d absently fiddle with your fingers with his off hand while he wrote lyrics with his main hand

-          When you came out with him and the boys late at night, he was always a little tamer with you around than he’d been with just the boys


-          Doesn’t give a what sort of bad boy

-          Looks on people who judge him prematurely with a judgement of his own, like how dare you, if you’re that quick to judge then your opinion doesn’t matter anyway

-          Regularly found sleeping at odd hours in music practice rooms

-          Also regularly found up and about as if its midday when in reality it’s three in the morning

-          When he’s up and not with friends, he spends his time writing raps, listening to music, and rapping in tunnels and on street corners

-          And he usually gathers quite a crowd, because not only is he a fantastic rapper, he writes really deep, meaningful stuff

-          When he is out with friends, usually Namjoon, sometimes he raps with them and sometimes he’s just out goofing off late at night

-          So you guys first meet because he’s getting chased out of some wealthy neighborhood for disturbing the peace by a cop who was tending the gate

-          And you’re walking out of the convenience store that you had the late shift on, and it’s completely dark inside, and you’ve just closed up

-          So he sees the chance to hide, so he rushes in, kind of not thinking through the fact that you were right there, and he kind of bumps into you half way, and you both kinda start to fall, but he manages to get you both back inside, and the door closes behind you

-          And you’re about to scream bloody murder because what the flip, but he whispers as soon as you’re both inside “oh my gosh, are you okay? I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to run into you, I just needed to hide for a sec.”

-          And you’re like “why are you hiding?”

-          “I was out rapping in some rich neighborhood, and someone called the gate guard, and apparently he has nothing better to do than chase me out.”

-          So the two of you just sit tight in the dark store a little back from the door as the guards are standing in the street, clearly confused about where he went, checking down alleyways, and jiggling doors, for about a minute, until they finally leave

-          When he says at a normal volume now “*whew, sorry about that. Thanks for not getting me caught.”

-          “Heh, no problem. Everyone in that neighborhood is a snob, they come in here all the time and they complain the whole time they’re here about our ‘poor selection.’ We’re a friggin convenience store, not an organic farmers’ market.”

-          “… Hey listen, while I’m here, can I grab a soda?”

-          “Sure can, they’re right along that wall.”

-          So this guy who hid from the cops in your store for petty disturbing of the peace just buys a soda after closing time, thanks you for not turning him over, and then just leaves. Just like that

-          So that was kind of an interesting night for both of you

-          Partly because of the whole hiding from the cops dealio

-          And then also partly because huh, he was strangly flip about the whole thing, which was intriguing, but also didn’t seem like a total jerk…?

-          And because wow, you were oddly chill with the fact that he was like ‘oh hey, can I hide from the cops in your store?’ and you were just like ‘oh yeah, those jerks, here have a soda while you’re at it’…?

-          So a couple days later in mid afternoon when he woke up after sleeping since four in the morning, he was back

-          Totally just for the soda though

-          “Hey, disturbing of the peace boy. You look like you just woke up.”

-          “I did.”

-          “… But it’s two in the afternoon.”

-          “Yeah. I went to bed at four.”

-          “Oh. Okay. So who’s neighborhood were you terrorizing?”

-          “Just the docks off fifth street.”

-          “Nice. So the ducks. You were terrorizing the ducks.”

-          “Yeah.”

-          And that was how it was with you two. He’d come by for a soda every few days, and you’d banter back and forth until he was done buying his soda, or chips, or whatever he was there for, and then he’d leave

-          That went on for a couple of weeks, before one day he was in, and he decided to just go for it

-          “Hey listen, I’m doing a collab with a rapper friend of mine a couple of streets down, you wanna come see? We’re doing it at five.”

-          So you were like this is awesome. This is great

-          So obvi you said yes

-          So you went to see, and you got there at like 5:05 and filed through the crowd so you could see them

-          When he saw you in the crowd he shot you an eyebrow raise and a smile as he went on ahead and just casually spat some fire, as he does

-          So you watched for the whole thing, and clapped with a big smile with the crowd because wow, this was really impressive

-          And then when they were done, they all started packing up, and you helped them a little and then while the rest of the guys finished up, Yoongi and you chatted for a while

-          Like, quite a while

-          You just started and didn’t stop

-          And then there was a pause, and then he was like “Do you wanna go out and get a soda somewhere other than your convenience store?”

-          And you were like “h#ck yessss”

-          So you two walked a couple blocks down to this OTHER convenience store, because it’s not your convenience store so it’s not like work for you, so that qualifies as a date obviously

-          And you bought sodas, and then kept walking a bit

-          And then wound up at an arcade

-          And then wound up sneaking copious amounts of snacks into a really crappy movie

-          And then threw left over bready snacks to ducks

-          And got more sodas

-          And then improvised raps on the spot about everything you were seeing as you walked around

-          And before you knew it, it was like two in the morning

-          And so you had to be getting going, so he walked you back to where your car is, and before he left, you leaned up and kissed his cheek, making him laugh to try and cover up the nerves as he couldn’t contain his gummy smile

-          “See you around the shop?”

-          “Yep, see ya.”

-          So you guys kind of slowly unnofically became a thing? It wasn’t like “lets be bf/gf,” it just sort of… happened? Like friends but with the chemistry and the skinship and all

-          He chilled in your shop a lot (as long as the owner wasn’t around so he couldn’t get in trouble for loitering), and you two would go out and just roam the streets at odd hours of night

-          And once you got comf, he’d throw his arm over your shoulder a lot as you walked, and you’d kiss his cheek, bringing out that gummy smile


-          Prettyboy bad boy

-          Like not really a bad boy, just kinda hangs out with some badboyish people

-          And when he’s not being an absolute goof, he can look kind of ethereal sometimes so it adds to the MYSTERY (“OOOOOOH” hand waviness and random smoke and sparkles coming out of nowhere)

-          Honestly, he’s the momfriend of the badboys. Like why does the badboy friend group even have a momfriend?? Like they spend their time staying out until the early morning, disturbing the peace, loitering, and generally being rowdy…?? Idk, but it’s him, he’s the momfriend

-          Wears ankle boots with legit tread and a zipper

-          Also a jean jacket, but somehow manages to look kind of soft but not in like a ‘he needs to be taken care of,’ sort of way, just gentle…??

-          So he and the other all dark and mcbroody doods are all out wreacking a reasonable amount of havoc (well, they’re wreaking havoc and he’s trying to kind of keep things at least somewhat safe and in order)

-          So the first time you see each other, the other boys are throwing empty soda cans, trying to hit something from off of a street light, and Jin is all like ‘guys, really, stop throwing soda cans’

-          And you happen to be walking by and the boys weren’t paying attention, and Jin was on your side of the road picking up after the guys, and he saw them throw a can and it was about to hit you and it just… he just… he caught it. No one knows how and it was such a bossin thing to do, it was like in those cheesy movies where the guy saves the girl from getting hit in the face with a ball except minus the diving jump and the slow motion, but STILL (and it’ll literally never happen again, because this guy is kind of uncoordinated and I’m honestly amazed that it happened even this once)

-          So he says across the street to them ‘Guys, you almost hit this poor girl, behave

-          And then he turns to you to apologize for them, but he kind of pauses for a minute and then smiles a little because oh… she’s… cute…

-          ‘Sorry about them, I’ve been trying to get them to stop… I don’t know if I… can’ he says chuckling kind a nervously and holding up the soda can he caught as he laid out the terrible pun

-          You couldn’t help but chuckle a little at his quirkiness, and he was cute, and just had this wholesome feel in spite of the fact that he hung with the bad boys, and you couldn’t help but smile because he seemed so caring

-          So you said ‘It’s fine, it was a soft drink anyway, I’m sure it wouldn’t have hurt too bad.’

-          And he laughed good naturedly and it was a little awkward but kind of sweet because you were exchanging puns with a complete stranger and that was nifty

-          And he, being the friendly guy that he is, decided ‘hey, she seems cute, and sweet, and we have extra sodas, and these boys are being insufferable rn, why not offer her one and wind down?’

-          So that’s what he does, and you say yes, because after all, it was mid-day, and it wasn’t super busy but there were other people around so it was safe enough

-          So you stuck around and talked, he told you about the boys and how they met, and the music that they did together when they weren’t getting into trouble, and he asked you about your hobbies, and job, and school, and you just talked

-          For like an hour

-          Before the other boys were ready to go, and they shouted at Jin “Hey, say goodbye to your new girlfriend, lets go get food!’

-          And Jin chuckled kind of awkwardly, and so did you, and after a moment of silence of you two kind of just standing there, he says ‘Hey listen, if you want to do meet again we come out here most Saturday afternoons, so we’ll be here next week, if you, I don’t know… want to… do this again’

-          So you kind of mull over it for a week

-          And by the time the next Saturday rolls around, you still haven’t really decided

-          But oh darn, would you look at that, you’re out of doritos

-          And naturally, you can’t go a day without doritos

-          And, I mean, you could just go to the grocery store down the street…

-          Or you could walk for ten extra minutes both ways and go to the convenience store with the worse selection

-          And I mean, so what if it just happens to be the same one that you met that guy Jin outside of, and where he said he probably would be today, and I mean you weren’t sure but you felt like they were having a sale on doritos or something last week, so maybe you could get a second bag for like 50% off, and that was totally worth an extra twenty minutes of walking in this kind of chilly weather, right?

-          And SO WHAT if you happened to run into him again, right? It’s not like that was your plan, it would just be a funny coincidence and maybe you’d stay and chat… just, for like, a minute or forty

-          So you walk there and OH WOW what a surprise

-          ‘Oh hey! It’s good to see you again? Shopping?’ He smiles as he asks you

-          ‘oh, yeah, just needed some doritos.’

-          ‘Let me get you a lot better than doritos. There’s a coffee place down the block, we can go for a cup if you want.’

-          And that’s how it starts

-          You trade numbers after coffee, and you text a lot, and Saturday afternoons becomes official date time for you guys. You start to go out more and more often in between as well, but Saturday afternoon, you always go to that coffee shop

-          And he always insists on paying for you every time, and he’s such a gentleman, which feels out of place with the leather jacket and the people he hangs with, but it’s also nice

-          And as you get to know the guys as well, you help him keep them out of trouble

-          And they’re not bad kids, they just need some chaperoning on occasion

-          So as you roam around the city, he stands on the outside of the sidewalk, with his hand on your back, or with his fingers intertwined with yours, leaving the occasional kiss on your temple whenever the mood moves him

-          On those two nights a week after your work or school when he comes over for you guys to eat dinner and watch dramas (your relationship is filled with habits), he loves to cook for you, and he’ll teach you the recipes he knows, and then while you’re relaxing on the couch, he’ll sing to you in his sweet voice

-          Mmmhmm such a bad boy

-          But someone’s gotta take care of the other boys, and now that you two are dating, that’s just double the mama power to handle the job

A waste of time

Request from Anonymous: Can I please ask for Christian Yu imagine where reader is 8 months pregnant with twins. She and Christian gets in to a huge argument. And Christian walks out. Angst in the beginning and super fluffy at the end. The twins names cane be A'meena and A'naree  

I think there’s more angst than fluff.. D: But I had fun writing this so I hope you like it!

“Where are you, Christian!?” she yelled into the phone.

“I’m being held up with work. I’ll be there as soon as I can!” he yelled back.

She was standing outside the hospital for her monthly check up. This would most likely be the last time she would come here for a check up, because the next time she’s here, she will be in the delivery room. Christian was supposed to be with her because he had promised but also, he had missed the last two monthly check ups. Both Christian and her didn’t plan on having children just yet but after a drunken night, both have to live with the consequences. She didn’t regret on falling pregnant so soon. She was actually excited for this new chapter of life. Christian, on the hand, was sort of iffy and nervous. He wasn’t ready to become a dad. Or in this case, a dad to twin girls. But she always had his back and promised him that he will think differently when he see his daughters. 


After the check up, she took a taxi to the shops to buy some dinner. She stopped by her favourite ramen place. There was a queue outside the store but she didn’t mind waiting because when she craves for something, she will make sure she gets it. Whilst waiting in line, she looked ahead and saw a familiar figure. He was wearing a white muscle tee which showed off his arms. She knew whose arms they belonged to because of the tattoos. She had traced them over and over again with her fingers. 

It was none other than her boyfriend, Christian. She saw that he was standing next to girl and she looked pretty from behind. Her loose waves brushed passed her shoulders and she was wearing a very beautiful dress that hugged her figure perfectly. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Her partner couldn’t come to the hospital with her because apparently, he had better things to do. Like taking some girl to dinner. She walked passed the other customers and confronted Christian. 

“What the fuck is this?” she spat in his face.

Christian nearly dropped his phone when he saw her. 

“Babe hey, what are you doing out here?” he managed to piece a sentence together. 

“Don’t fuck with me, Christian. I’m not in the mood. Is this why you couldn’t come to me to the hospital today?” she huffed angrily. 

“I told you I was working, didn’t I? And I don’t even need to be there anyway. All I do is just sit in the corner,” Christian said in a slightly louder tone than hers. 

She folded her arms across her pregnant belly and stood back from him. She couldn’t believe what he had just said. What did he mean he didn’t need to be there anyway? He’s the father so it’s part of his duty to be with her when she needed him. 

“You don’t think it’s important, given the fact that you’re the father, to be with me?” she raised her voice louder and the people around were now looking. 

“Of course, I want to be with you but I have work also. Like I said, all I do is sit in the corner so why would I waste my time in there. I could work on my shit instead,” Christian beckoned back. He didn’t care if other people were staring. 

“Waste of time?!” she yelled back. “I’m sorry for getting pregnant because it must be an inconvenience since you prefer fucking with models like her!”

The girl next to Christian gasped and he looked over to her with comfort in his eyes. Too bad, his girlfriend saw it.

“You know what Christian, don’t bother coming home tonight or ever. Clearly I’m just an inconvenience,” she said as she gave a death stare to both Christian and the girl. 

She didn’t bother turning around nor did she get dinner. This was probably the first time she had skipped dinner and this probably wasn’t healthy for her baby girls. She came back home and quickly changed out of her clothes to a comfy dress pajamas. Her belly was rumbling so she went to the kitchen to find something to eat. Looking inside the fridge she took some of the leftovers and began making a sandwich. She sat down on the couch as she flicked through the tv channels and nothing caught her eyes, so she went to the balcony to finish her dinner. However, when she was about to step out into the cool breeze, she heard the front door unlock. It must be Christian. 

He simply took off his shoes, placed a plastic bag in the fridge and walked towards her. She saw his eyes and they were filled with frustration and anger. 

“Do you wanna explain why you were acting out?” he asked bluntly. 

She scoffed at his remark and proceeded to step outside, however Christian pulled her back in. 

“Why were you being such a-” 

She cut him off.

“Such a bitch?” 

“I wasn’t going to say that. If you had let me finish, I was asking you why are you being a controlling person all of a sudden?,” Christian asked.

“Is that how you see me now?,” she retorted back. “How does wanting my boyfriend to come with me to the bloody hospital make me a controlling person?”

“I told you countless times already, I don’t do anything in there. I just sit in the fucking corner for like an hour,” he snapped back. 

“The check up is not for me, you know. It’s for the babies. Our babies,” she told him. 

“I know that but why are you making such a big deal out of it? I know that you and the girls are healthy, isn’t that enough?” Christian pleaded.

“The only reason why you know is because I tell you AFTER my check ups. I want you to be there right in the moment, Christian. I feel like I’m going through this alone,” she almost chocked on her saliva when she said that. 

Christian buried his head in his hands and furiously ruffled his hair. 

“I try to be with you, I do. But my work just screws every thing up. I can’t keep putting away my work to go the check ups with you. It’s just a waste of time,” Christian muffled into his palms. 

Did he just say waste of time again?!

“You know what, maybe I’m the one wasting my time with you” she furiously told him.

“What did you say?” Christian asked as he stood up. 

“I said, maybe I’m wasting my time with you,” she repeated herself clearer and louder. “You think sitting in with me at the check ups are a waste of time”.

“Yes! It’s a waste of time! I’d rather be out shooting my videos than sit in a dark, cold room!” Christian yelled at her. 

“You didn’t bother to call once you were done with work tonight. Instead you went out with that girl!” she yelled back again.

“I promised her I would take her to dinner when we were done with the shoot. She’s just one of the models I’m working with,” Christian explained. 

She thought about the sentence. 

“One of the models…So out of every one you chose to ask her to dinner? That is saying something, Christian,” she beckoned. 

“C’mon, you’re making a big deal out of something so trivial. Every time I can’t come to a fucking check up or ultrasound, you bring up my work. Telling me I don’t love you and shit like that. I didn’t sign up for this, you know!” he was now practically screaming at her. 

“Right, because what you signed up was to fuck with other models and now you can’t do that because of me. Maybe you’re the one acting up, Christian. Not me!” 

Christian scoffed back at her. 

“You know what, I’m so sick of you accusing me of things. We wouldn’t be this fucked up situation if you have kept your horny ass off me that night!” 

“So now it’s my own fault that I’m pregnant?” she sarcastically asked him.

Christian sighed loudly.

“Look, I’m tired. Can we just stop and go to bed?” Christian reached out his hand.

“What the hell?! We can’t put a pin in this and call it a night, Christian. We do that every time and look where it has gotten us,” she told him.

“Argh! I’m so fucking tired of this!” Christian yelled and knocked the vase off the table. “I need some air before things get worse. Don’t wait up for me”. 


She tried to sleep but couldn’t because she threw out her dinner so she’s sleeping on an empty stomach. But the girls also didn’t let her. They kept making movements. They must miss their dad because every night, Christian would hum a lullaby to them. 

Come morning, she went to the kitchen to make breakfast then began cleaning the mess that Christian made last night. It was now nearly lunch time when she had to go out to find a proper meal otherwise she would faint. She got changed and was putting on her sandals when she heard the front door unlock. She wasn’t ready to face him just yet. 

“Morning..or afternoon,” he greeted her softly. 

She ignored him and went to grab a jacket from the bedroom. Of course, he followed her. 

“Hey..” Christian tried to pull her in his arms but she didn’t let him. “Listen, I’m sorry for yelling last night and all the things I said, I take it back. I’m sorry”.

She continued to ignore him but at the same time, was paying attention to his words.

“I shouldn’t have said what I said. My anger and frustration got the best of me,” he continued knowing she was listening, “I don’t think of you as an inconvenience. From now on, I’ll be there for you, okay? Because I can’t wait to meet my two beautiful girls”. 

She finally turned around to him.

“You said some hurtful shit last night, Christian,” she told him. “I know I said I’m ready to have children but I’m scared as fuck! And with you not being by side, makes it worse. I’m not saying you have to be with me 24/7 but-but..”

Christian cupped his hands around her face. 

“I’m sorry. I really am. I’m sorry for saying I’d rather shoot my videos than be with you. And I should not have blamed you for falling pregnant. I’m too blame as well”.

“Damn right, Christian,” she let out a small chuckle. 

“Forgive me?” Christian pleaded.

“No, not yet”. 

Christian looked at her, confused.

“Tell me what changed your mind? Why did you come back?” she asked. 

“Ahh well, when I walked out last night I stopped by our favourite cafe. You know they open till midnight, anyway I met my old friend there. We used to work together back in the days and I found out she had recently had a baby. I asked her about the whole pregnancy stuff and from what she told me, it is a very umm tiresome stage to  go through, especially in the last trimester. Because you know, the baby is ready to meet the world. Also, she showed me a picture of her baby and he is so so so cute. He has dimples and his chubby cheeks. Ahh”. 

She tilted her head to the side and couldn’t believe he had just said that. The way his face lighted up when he was talking about the baby’s looks and she knew he was ready to become a father. 

“Trimester? I didn’t know that was in your vocabulary,” she teased.

Christian laughed and pulled her in closer, but his two babies were in the way. 

“I can’t wait to meet our girls and once they are out, I can hug you even closer,” he said softly. 

“Are you ready for nappy duties and constant crying - times two?!” she asked. 

“Hmm..yes! Well I’ve worked with Jay Park and isn’t he like a 3 year old, anyway? So if I can handle that man, I’m sure I can handle our little girls,” he said. 

“Don’t talk about my man crush like that,” she joked.

Christian laughed at her comment before guiding her to sit on the bed.

“Also we haven’t named our children yet, but I have an idea,” he told her. “I was at the cafe when it came to me”.

“What names are you suggesting?” 

“A'meena and A'naree”, he told her. 

“What do they mean?” she asked. 

“Well for Meena, there are many definitions but my favourite meaning is ‘rising to the top’ so i want Meena to always rise and be on top of every thing she does. As for Naree, it means creativity and having idealistic qualities. You don’t need me to explain why I chose Naree. 

She took a minute to think about his suggestion. 

“What’s with the A at the beginning?” she asked. 

“My girls are special so I want their names to be special as well,” he told her. 

“A’meena Yu and A’naree Yu..” she whispered to herself. “Hmm let me sit on it for a while. I’m still a little mad at you. You made me miss dinner last night,” she complained. 

Christian laughed. 

“Why don’t I make you some food. I bought home steaks last night so let’s have that now?” Christian insisted.

“Steaks for lunch?” 

She smiled as he planted kiss on her lips and her belly before exiting the bedroom to make lunch.