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I love the idea of Harry having a sibling (preferably a little sister) could you do one about how their relationship would be pretty please?


What if the Potters had found themselves on the flip side of the prophecy, and Neville had been The Chosen One? They might have had their chance at happily ever after.

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Chapter Two: Broomsticks and Little Sisters

“Muuuummmmyyyyy, that baby has my broomstick again!”

Lily closed her eyes and steadied herself against the stove. She took a deep breath.

Twenty sodding seconds of peace to put bread in the oven, was that too much to ask? 

Yes, apparently.

Another deep breath.

She plastered a smile on her face and stepped into the hall.

“Now, Harry darling,” she said, careful to keep her tone even, “‘that baby’ is your sister and you shouldn’t be cross with her—” but her  speech was interrupted by the baby in question, who zoomed through the hall, cackling, swerved as Lily lunged for her, and crashed headlong into the door. She fell to the floor heavy thump and burst into tears. Lily scooped the heaving, squirming mess into her arms and set her on a hip.

“There’s a girl,” she soothed, “it’s alright, Mummy’s got you.”

Harry snatched the broomstick off the floor and glared at the baby on Lily’s hip. “No, Sissy. This is MY broomstick.”

“Harry. You were given a brand new big boy broomstick not two weeks ago for your birthday.”

“Yes, Mummy, but this one’s mine, too!”

And it was his. Of course it was his. Lily knew he slept with it, even though it’d been too small for months. Still, he was four, and able to learn a thing or two about sharing.

No little boy needs two broomsticks, at least not 100% of the time.

James may say otherwise, of course, but James was at a match with Padfoot, and she was home with their children. They were rebelling against her, and it didn’t much matter to her at the moment what James would think about the broomstick business later.

Deep breath.

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Someone had asked me a while back, how I put my quarter sheet on.

This way seems to work really well for me, and it doesn’t move - however, I only flat with a quarter sheet.

I put the pads on, set the QS on my horses butt - front folded back, put my saddle on, then secure the front velcro tab. I put the side pieces between the leg flaps, but under the girth billets. Doesn’t seem to get into the way when tightening the girth and it stays in place 👍