Christmas Party

Words: 1350

Characters and Pairings:  Su, Kuvira, Baatar, Baatar Jr, Baavira, Lin, Opal, Huan, Wei, Wing, Korra, Mako, Bolin, Asami, Bopal

A/N:  Modern AU inspired by a texting session with tspcapacity.  For be the peaf prompt Sweater Wather.

“How does the 20th sound?” Su asked as she stared at the wall calendar in their kitchen.  

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Closed RP ~ the12losttrolls

>Pofruu floats in the Ocean looking for something to entertain herself while her lusus is feeding not 200 feet away from where she is. It is when she instead of looking down into the colourful illuminated coral she looks up towards the surface. Just in time to see a ship move across the calm seas.

>She swims up to the surface with only a force that a sea dweller could produce when in the ocean. Calling her lusii to aid her acceleration she broke the surface of the water and was just high enough to reach the rail of the ship. Her hands griping the rails along with two matching and pulls herself up and over the rails. Grinning and showing her shark like teeth, she quickly steadies herself on the deck.

Where is yOooour captin lOooowblOoooOooods?!