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I don't think I've ever seen you write anything about Chaoji, so I was just wondering, how do you feel about his character? I feel like he gets a lot more hate than he deserves.

I can’t comment on the hate, I don’t visit the tag often enough to really know much about that, but personally I do enjoy him. Or rather, I enjoy his role in the story, which requires someone like him to fill it.

It can be hard to like people who leave no room for shades of grey or adaptation, who deal only in absolutes, and Chaozii might be more inflexible in that regard than just about anyone in the series.

Lots of rambling under the cut.

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 I was tagged by @capsbuck (thank you!) :) 

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  • Favourite anime/mangas: does pokemon count? if so, then the XYZ series 
  • Favourite video games: i play Sims 4, pokemon, Fallout ¾, The walking dead telltale games, League of legends sometimes (admittedly i’m not very good) and Star Wars Battlefront
  • Favourite books: harry potter, percy jackson/heroes of olympus, just anything sci-fi or magic tbh
  • Favourite tv shows: flash, arrow, legends of tomorrow, agent carter, the walking dead, jessica jones 
  • Favourite movies: The winter soldier! :D 
  • Last song I listened to: I think it was Heathens by 21 pilots 
  • First language: English

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I fucking love you guys from the bottom of my heart and excuse me if im missing people but shout out to these lovely people that I’ve encountered even if we have minimal conversation ily

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So I got tagged by @trainingpanda for the selfie challenge

So I picked a couple of photos I liked!!! AND LOOK WHAT I GOT!! MY BRIAN BANDANA AHHHHH!!! But also sorry about a ton of my photos lately but I’ve been tagged a lot soooooo~

So ill tag: @omojinyounghobi, @jongchendae, @taeilsmoon, @jongdaeslowerregister but don’t feel obligated!!

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This is a weird ask and I'm sorry to bother you but I'm kinda looking for some advice. My self inserts OCs always start as me but they very quickly stop being me? Like they just become their own character and that's not always a bad thing but I just want a self insert to actually feel like me? I don't know how to either a) make an actually decent version of me because all the ones I've tried to make are trashy bc I'm gross or b) make a self insert OC who kinda still feels like me. Got any tips?


As someone whose self inserts are typically literally herself, I would say to maybe make your self inserts very true to your own physical appearance, and give them an altered version of your own upbringing and backstory that suits the context of the setting you’re inserting into.

And like it’s always fun for me to consider how I, personally, would interact with other characters, given what I know about how I interact with real people! It’s fun to imagine what so and so character would think of this trait about me, or the way I talk, or how I feel about so and so subject. 

One thing I always find really fun is imagining how my personality would influence the environment and characters around me, rather than everything characters influencing me as much. Of course, considering your self insert would likely have grown up in the setting, you do have to adjust some things about yourself to fit the world, but you have impact on the world, too! 

These are just some of the things I think about… if you need more help, let me know! And if you want help with specific stuff, feel free to ask! I like figuring out character stuff so I’d be willing to give some feedback~

Artist : Me
Please don’t repost without credit <3

ALRIGHT so I’ve got a few things to say about this!
For one, this is one of the first drawings I’ve done with legitimately NO reference, I didn’t look anything up for the pose or reference for Kuroo! (although I did maybe google for the cheshire cat phonecase.) 
I think it turned out pretty well!
And on that note…
I have this headcannon that the Nekoma team (and probably anyone who’s friends with Kuroo tbh) buys him a lot of Cheshire cat stuff because it “look just like you!” or “It reminded me of you”
Also I feel like he would wear gauges. Idk.

kasha groaned as she spotted the flashing lights of the cameras on the approach to her building, taking her sunglasses out of her bag and placing them over her eyes. her hands took a minute to shift her dress from last night into a more decent angle, and her lips exhaled the breath she’d been holding when they clocked her. moving swiftly through the crowd, she deflected them swiftly and waded her way through the crowd, rolling her eyes at their comments of a walk of shame. ‘ yes, famous people can look like shit too – although, even with twenty minutes of sleep under my belt and enough alcohol to kill a small bear running through my veins, i still manage to look prettier than you, margaret ! ‘ she quipped towards the only paparazzi that she recognised there. ‘ now get your fill, ‘cause this girl is about to go take a swim in a bath of coffee and pop about six tylenol – au revoir !


And here is the loooong overdue bias selfie tag :’) honestly I’ve been avoiding this like the plague for a few months now but ahhh whatever!!!!!! I did it anyways!! probably won’t ever do it again pls spare me

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For the about me thing: Francesca, fandom parent and aspiring Cosette. Jehan and Montparnasse are my children and nothing will stop me from doting over them. Fight me (in a poetry duel). I should be in France right now.

This is a work of art and a thing of beauty. I’m giving this one 10/10!

And if anyone does want to have a poetry battle to the death…

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Widowtracer is my OTP... Can I see them do the French Kiss please? 030

yes, yes you can <3 hopefully this is similar to what you had in mind?