My boredom has gotten the better of me

I have become tired of my very important detective work on LA Noire, so I am currently waiting to go out. 

Whilst waiting I have come to the conclusion that the Jager/Irn Bru concoction that I just made probably wont be very nice. But then again…I already knew that.

I need to find a way to stop smoking alone. Its not very becoming for a boy my age. Jeremy Kyle will be asking questions before long.

Ramble on!

5 years

So yesterday commenced 5 years working at the group-home. These years have impacted me probably more than anything. A lot has changed, outwardly and inwardly; in my personal life, and in my work life, and especially where the two intertwine.
My heart has been both broken, and filled back up to the brim with love, several times. I know I’m going on about it, but I am really glad I took the chance and applied for this job, despite doubting I could do it. Because as it turns out, women with Autism are incredible and entirely pure beings. With them, I’ve laughed, cried, sang, danced, comforted and been comforted, and even conquered some demons together. These women, although different than me in some ways, I truly consider to be my sisters. I am not sure where the next 5 years will take me, but I will always cherish the time I’ve had at the group-home, AKA Casa Negra. And on a slightly different note, I’d say it’s worth mentioning that this job has also helped me be more open, and accepting of female friendships. Before working in a women’s home, I thought I couldn’t connect with most of my own sex. I now can say that I am more willing to give female friendships an honest and fair chance.
I could go on even more, but I won’t bore you. (Should assume that no one will read this anyway).

It’s hard to comprehend that there’s not a thing I would change. Looking at my life now, I should want to change a lot. I should be able to look back and tick off all the events I’d take back; all the moments that were to become future regrets. But I can’t do that.

In many ways, I’m grateful to the strength those moments have allowed me develop. I have a thicker skin, a greater ability to withstand ‘the tough times’. I owe my hardships a lot - they’ll help me to handle the future ones with more competence, I think.

Obviously there are things I could without: crippling self-doubt, struggles with body-image and confidence, being emotionally stunted. But the things that caused those also gave me compassion, bravery, and a greater outlook and wisdom about life and beauty than I ever could have hoped for.

What is the good without the bad, right?