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I got your card!!! AND OH MY GOSH I LOVE THEM BOTH. WHAT A CUTE APOLLO. AND YOU CAUGHT ME WITH BIRDS HOW DARE YOU <3 I SHALL TREASURE MY LAWYER BADGE WITH ahhh but really really thank you so much I love them lots ;v;

I’m glad you enjoyed the puny pigeon pic. And everything else. It was fun to do it. <3 

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fandom thing! ace attorney

  • Push off a cliff: Phoenix, I’m certain he’d survive. I’d end up murdering somebody otherwise and that might not end well if Phoenix gets on my CASE.
  • Frick frack: Gumshoe…and Edgeworth. Together. I’ll just…I’ll just watch. 
  • Marry: Gumshoe. Wow such crush. 
  • Set on fire: Dalhia Hawthorne. 
  • Wrap a blanket around: Maya, she’s probably kidnapped and needs warmth. 
  • Be roommates with: Gumshoe. FREE NOODLES YO. 


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Imma give you 20 points just because \o/ and you should be proud because that VILE piece of that chocolate you accidently fed mme still haunts my tastesbuds to this day kjfkdgbjg

10 more points and I win a small plastic dinosaur. 

To be fair I had genuinely forgotten you didn’t like that kind of chocolate. I am proud though. So proud. 

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I noticed your enthused cheers for digimon earlier and let me say that next time we reunite a marathon of old toons including medabots and the digis is a must \;u;/

YES. ALSO. PLAY PHOENIX WRIGHT. And I’l play pigeon romance while you watch and laugh. DIGIMON THO. IT WAS OXYGEN TO ME WHEN IT CAME OUT.

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Howdy ho just a quick hello c: how are things? And did phoenix/layton prove to be ridiculously fun or just... ridiculous laughs hope everything has been going okay

Things are okay. I have felt better but I am always low so it’s no deal. Layton/Phoenix was amazing, I got ALL THE FEELS. /it was LUKE who made it for me, I dunno why/ I recommend if you can get it. Also it was just fun and stupid and I’ll play it again when I take my Phoenix Wright binge. I really hope they make another. Maybe with other puzzle type fellas from the NDS catalogue like Rhtthym Thief or the weird French guy Latrek or whoever. /Come on, layton and Latrec or RT = French VS English and it’s be awesome. 

Hope you’re okay too. Missing you very much. You’re welcome in Scotland any time. Bring sun cream. 

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Heya, just checking how you are in Scotland 8D hope you're settled and surviving the terrible weather heh

Scotland is very cold and I’m too stingy to put on the heat. But otherwise I am okay. Just job hunting and getting lost and the occasional realisation that I sleep on a mattress on the floor. 8D Thanks for asking Hun, hope you are well.