SJM Accent Challenge #2
SJM Accent Challenge #2


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Sorry for the rambling, fangirling, swearing and over all tiredness. I’m running on 4 hours of sleep, have been up since 7am and have been packing up my apartment all day. But I still hope you all enjoy!


  • You have one hour to spend with a member of the Inner Circle. Who and why?
  • If Aelin, Manon, or Dorian has to be sacrificed in TOG, who do you think it should be?
  • What would one hour alone with Amren be like for you?
  • Are you more of a smut fan or a fluff fan? DON’T LIE
  • Voice your feelings on Mort the doorknocker, King of Sass™
  • Fly with Illyrians or fly with the Thirteen?
  • Consider and respond to the fact that: Sam Cortland is dead (I’m sorry, I just really want to hear everyone flail in real time the way we do on the internet)
  • Describe your fav character from TOG and ACOTAR in one word.
  • What’s that one (or more) ship that everyone else loves but you just…. don’t?
  • What character do you want to bring back from the dead the most?
  • What character do you REALLY NEED A NOVELLA ABOUT RIGHT NOW?
  • What are your theories on Nesta’s favoritism of Elain over Feyre?
  • Are you looking forward to Tower of Dawn or not? BE HONEST
  • Would you ever name your child or a pet after a book character? If so, who? (Doesn’t necessarily have to be an SJM character) -
  • Did you like the ending of ACOWAR? Be brutally honest (but remain kind please).

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Liveshow (Dan x Reader)

Character: Dan Howell (danisnotonfire)

Fandom: Phandom/Youtubers

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader

Title: Liveshow

A/N: I got this idea from this post, from the @imaginedanandphil blog, which is really good! :D Also, written in Dan’s POV!!

Summary: Dan is in the middle of a liveshow when Y/N randomly decides to be loud on the other room and distracts him. Until she ends up joining him, with unexpected results.

For fuck’s sake. Y/N was being so loud in the other room, she was probably playing a game and having a rage fest because of it. Or fangirling about something. One thing or the other. Maybe even both, something to do with feels.

But since I was in the middle of a liveshow and couldn’t exactly do much at that moment, I resolved to just roll my eyes and grin at the camera with a resigned chuckle.

“Y/N is being so noisy” It was kind of distracting to hear her, even if I tried to focus on the people on the chat. “Rude…”

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renaroo  asked:

So your DickBabs commentary is some of the best around, but I was wondering if you might be willing to explain what works about BatCat for you? : )

So, it’s taken me forever to answer this because my life has been ridiculous lately and also I’m terrible sometimes, but! I did not forget about you, dearest of Renas! (To those who don’t know, this post is to celebrate Rena reaching 1000 followers!) So, let’s get down to this:

(Also: Thank you for the compliment on my DickBabs commentary. <3 *hugs*)

So, I think a lot of people spend most of their time talking about why Selina is good for Bruce when they talk about this ship, and there’s definitely a lot to be said there and I’m going to get to that, but I want to start off talking about why I think Bruce is good for Selina, which is a side that I think often gets ignored. (Possibly because Bruce gets such a bad reputation that people can’t believe he could possibly contribute anything positive to a relationship - but that is only true when Bruce is written by terrible writers like Frank Miller, and I firmly ignore that characterization of Bruce.)

So, to get there I’m going to start off talking about this scene, which is one of the most essential Bruce/Selina scenes in my book:

This is from the first issue of Ed Brubaker’s Catwoman run, which I’m sure you already know, but I’m just stating it for the record so that if anyone is reading this post and hasn’t picked up Ed Brubaker’s Catwoman run, consider this my advertisement for it: Go pick up Ed Brubaker’s Catwoman run. You will not be disappointed. (Also… not to beat a dead horse, but… the above scene is the note Ed Brubaker chose to begin his Catwoman run on. Let’s just compare that to how Judd Winick chose to begin his. *moment of silence*)

Anyway, there are a handful of scenes that just define Bruce and Selina to me, that are the first to come to mind when I’m thinking about how I see their dynamic and why I ship them, and this is one of the major ones. Because here’s the thing I think so many people miss: The reason Bruce treats Selina differently than his other antagonists isn’t just because he thinks she looks hot in her costume. It’s because he knows she’s not a villain, at the core of who she is. He thinks she’s a good person, in spite of everything. And that is so, so important.

See, here’s the thing: Selina is someone who’s been underestimated and dismissed for most of her life. She’s been looked down on for her gender, her lower-class background, her history in sex work. And when she has been taken seriously, she’s been perversely appreciated for the bad side of who she is. The few people to really respect her have appreciated her intelligence and skills for how useful she could be to them as a thief. But no one really looked at her and saw her as someone with the potential to be more than a thief. (Not even Holly, although Holly’s relationship with Selina is positive and good for Selina in different ways.) Certainly no one saw her as someone with the potential to be a hero - until Bruce.

And if you’ll forgive me for going into Psychology Major mode for a minute: People will live up or down to expectations. If you’ve been treated all your life as if you can’t be anything but a thief and a troublemaker and someone with purely selfish interests, it’s really hard to believe that you can be anything else. It’s not impossible, and I’d certainly never suggest that Selina never did anything heroic or altruistic until she met Bruce. But it’s hard. Someone believing in you is a really, really powerful thing.

This is something that, for all its faults as a movie, The Dark Knight Rises did get very right about Bruce and Selina’s relationship:

Selina tries to present herself as someone driven purely by selfishness, but Bruce sees through that: “I think there’s more to you than that.” And I think what Selina says in response is so revealing. It’s clearly intended as a denial - saying that if he keeps expecting her to be better, he’ll only keep being let down in response. But it also clearly shows that he’s gotten to her - which is, of course, confirmed by the decisions she makes later in the movie. As much as she wants to pretend it doesn’t, Bruce’s faith in Selina has an effect on her.

The thing is, knowing you’ve let someone down isn’t a pleasant feeling. But it can sometimes be a positive thing. Knowing you’ve let someone down means knowing that they had high expectations for you in the first place. It means someone saw you as capable of making the right decisions, and that’s actually much healthier than knowing you didn’t let anyone down because they never expected anything better of you to begin with.

Bruce is good for Selina because he looks at her and says “I believe that deep down, you’re really a good person.“ Because he looks at her and says ”There’s more to you than that.” And that’s something Selina hasn’t had a lot of in her life, maybe something she’s never had until Bruce comes along. He sees past her bad side and sees her potential to be something better. And instead of letting her off the hook, he challenges her to be the person he knows she’s capable of being. He has faith in her. He believes she can be a hero, and eventually that leads to Selina believing it, too. 

(But it’s so, so important to note that Selina doesn’t start acting more heroic for Bruce. She’s not doing it because he wanted it or to make him happy. She does it because it’s right for her. At her heart, Selina is a hero - all Bruce did is see the heroic qualities that were in her all along.)

The second reason I ship them so hard together is: They help each other have fun.

(The comic this panel is from - Catwoman #32 - is basically my all-time Bruce/Selina issue ever, and you’ll definitely be seeing more scans from it in this post.) 

Bruce is the one who needs more help in this area, obviously, like he says here. It’s no secret that Bruce is serious and withdrawn even with the people he loves most, and has a tendency to focus on The Mission above everyone else. So it’s a huge deal that he’s playful and mischievous and flirtatious with Selina, because not many people get to see that side of him. And no one brings it out in exactly the way that Selina does. He lets himself relax around her in a way which is really good for him:

(See? I told you we weren’t done with that issue! I love this scene because you so rarely see Bruce - or Selina, for that matter - being so completely relaxed and happy and normal.)

But I think it’s worth noting that Selina always looks like she’s having just as much fun as Bruce is, and I think that’s really good for her, too. I think people tend to forget that as much as Selina is by nature a more playful and flirtatious person than Bruce, she isn’t really a much happier one. She’s had a really hard and lonely life over the years, and that’s why it’s so great to see how genuinely happy she seems with Bruce:

I always love how huge Selina’s smile is in the first panel of this sequence (drawn by the always awesome Cameron Stewart). She’s just having so much fun, and I think that’s really just as good for her as it is for Bruce.

Even when they’re fighting, it’s very often play-fighting more than anything else:

(This scene, which is from Batman: The Brave and the Bold, can be watched here. And it is awesome.)

Look at those smiles. Bruce and Selina just bring out the fun side in each other, and I really love that. You’d never see Bruce smiling like that if he was fighting, say, the Joker. (For good reason.)

This is something Gotham has also gotten very right in their depiction of baby!Bruce and Selina:


AHEM. *is mature*

(By the way: Do you remember a while back when I sent you a message that was basically like “RENA RENA RENA YOU HAVE TO GO WATCH GOTHAM NOW”? It was right after this episode aired.)

I find this scene particularly poignant because this is not long after Bruce’s parents have died, and it’s the first time you really see him having fun, smiling and laughing like that. Frankly, it’s the first time in the show that you see Bruce or Selina acting like normal children. (Even Alfred notices and is forced to approve of Selina!) And even as adults, I think they still bring out that lighthearted side in each other:

Although as this scene shows, what Bruce and Selina consider “fun” might not be what most people consider fun, which bring me to my next point: They just get each other, on a very fundamental level. Partly that’s because they’re very alike, and partly because they’ve come to understand each other over the years. There’s this scene I really wish I could have found - I tried, believe me - where (if I’m remembering correctly) Selina is sneaking into Gotham during the No Man’s Land era, and Bruce knows exactly how she’ll do it - because it’s the same way he would. Bruce and Selina are also very different from each other in certain ways, obviously, but a lot of the time they’re just very in sync like that:

Despite their differences, Bruce and Selina have a lot in common. They’re both highly intelligent and skilled, they’ve both known a lot of tragedy in their lives, they’re both far lonelier than they care to admit. They’re both hesitant to trust people. They both follow a unique moral code that others don’t always understand - though those moral codes are not exactly the same. They’re both highly independent and can be too stubborn for their own good. At their heart, they’re both driven by a very real desire to help other people. And I think they’re similar in a more indefinable way, too. They’re just cut from the same cloth, somehow. They understand each other both instinctively and also, as the years go by, because of the true friendship they’ve formed:

I think that’s something that’s so often overlooked with Bruce and Selina: People look at them and only see the Cat-and-Bat game, the “lovers on opposite sides!” trope, and they overlook the fact that Bruce and Selina are genuinely friends. More than that, despite all the odds, they’ve come to really trust each other over the years. Even though they still disagree over plenty of things, they know they can always turn to each other in a time of need:

I think nothing says more about how much Bruce trusts Selina than the fact that he willingly told her his secret identity - something that I’m not only pretty sure was unheard of for Bruce to do, it’s pretty dang unheard of in the superhero world in general. For a point of comparison, Clark didn’t tell Lois his secret identity until after they were engaged, and whether you think that’s good writing of Clark or not (I don’t, necessarily), it still says something about what a big deal it was for Bruce to trust Selina that way. In the superhero world, telling someone your secret identity is basically the biggest statement of trust you can make.

Bruce telling Selina his secret identity (though I firmly headcanon that she’d figured it out anyway) is a huge statement - and, as he basically says himself here, tantamount to an admission that he wants a real relationship with her. For Bruce to willingly make that leap is huge.

Because of that trust, you see Bruce and Selina really open up to each other in a way that they really don’t with most people, especially other love interests. They’re willing to let themselves be vulnerable and emotionally open. And Bruce is actually vocal about his feelings in a way that you practically never see:

Now, obviously Heart of Hush as a storyline is not without its problematic elements, but I still love this scene. Because Bruce pouring his heart out like that? Bruce basically never does that. Getting an “I love you” out of Bruce is a big deal already, but an entire speech? That says a lot, again, about how much he’s willing to open up to Selina. (Granted, she was pretending to be asleep… but let’s be honest: he most likely knew she was pretending.) 

I think it’s also significant that pretty much any time either of them dreams about settling down, or there’s an alternate universe where they do, it shows them ending up married to each other:

I think for both Bruce and Selina, when they imagine living a normal life, they think about having a normal relationship with each other, ending up married. But they think that because they’re not “normal”, they can’t have that - which is a theme going back to the earliest days of their relationship:

(This scene is from Batman #3, which also happens to be the issue where Selina kissed Bruce for the first time.)

Bruce and Selina will never be “just another boy and girl”, and I think they both assume that means they can never have anything resembling an actual committed relationship. The fact that they were starting to take steps in that direction before the reboot was a huge deal for both of them. But I think it’s going to take a lot of character growth for both of them before they realize that they can have an actual relationship without either of them compromising who they are.

One more reason to ship them: Bruce moons over Selina like a little schoolboy. Enough said. ;-)

CONTROL YOUR FACE, BRUCE. You are supposed to be the terrifying personification of justice and the night and you’re acting like an absolute goober.

(And it’s amazing.)

Oh, and Dick approves:

Dick approves so much that Dick is actually the one who encouraged Bruce to tell Selina his secret identity, which, again: Huge frickin’ deal.

It’s not just a “Ha ha, Dick ships it” thing, either. Dick knows Bruce better than pretty much anyone. So the fact that Dick looks at Bruce’s relationship with Selina and says “Yeah, this relationship is good for you”? That says a lot. Because Dick knows what he’s talking about when it comes to Bruce.

Also, they have almost 75 years of history, which is pretty dang cool:

I’m a sucker for history. And theirs is a 75-year-long multimedia history spanning comics, cartoons, live-action TV, movies, and videogames, which just makes it even more amazing. 

In conclusion: Have some of my miscellaneous favorite Bat/Cat scenes that I couldn’t find a way to include in this post.

(This is another scene that speaks to how well Selina understands Bruce… and also brings up a very important point about Bruce’s nature that far too many Batman adaptations forget.)

(I did warn you there’d be a lot of scenes from this issue.)

And last but not least:

Yeah. That seems a good note to end this post on.

Hope you enjoyed, sweetheart! (And same goes to anyone else reading this, too!)

sometimes I have to take a step back and remember that dan and phil have been together for years and years, and they’ve been through stuff together. they have seen each other drunk, happy, sad, angry, and a million other things. they’ve been there when each other was crying and they’ve probably had awkward moments where they walk in on each other. I don’t care if they’re not together. knowing that two people are together and the best of friends is amazing. they deal with each other when they’re grumpy and sleepy and when they go out together. no matter what- they’ve been there for each other. they know things about each other and have stories about each other that we will never know, but it’s comforting knowing they have had such happy and real moments with each other.


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p.s// please feel free to give me any recommendations of your favorite scenarios of any group. I would love to read them since I have a lot of free time on my hands.

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to my favorite authors and the many authors of kpop scenarios, thank you so much for sharing your talents in writing, editing, and many other different ways you show your love for kpop. it is truly appreciated by the kpop community on tumblr :)

please keep writing and loving and supporting kpop!

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Thank you to everyone that is interested in my ramblings and endless fangirling about Karamel, Mon-El, Chris Wood and other geeky things.

Special welcome to my new followers, particularly if you are new Karamells. This is a safe space to have fun.

And lots of endless hugs to my adorable Karamel Fam members. I have enjoyed every minute that we have been together speculating about the rise of Valor, squeeing with Karamel cuteness, plotting fics, thirsting and supporting each other during season 2 of Supergirl. I love you all!!!! ❤❤❤

(banners and fanart not mine)



The unfairness of ships

Alright. So I rarely post things on here. I prefer to just reblog. Anyways. There’s something that has been bothering me for a few days now. And it started with a conversation my boyfriend and I were having about Rickyl (Daryl and Rick).

As many of you are well aware of, I ship alot of things. Mainly homosexual pairings. My boyfriend accepts it and for some pairings quite agree that it sails itself *cough* Johnlock *cough* But some pairings he just doesn’t see saying they would never happen. So I starting thinking about it.

If the pairing had the normal female and male counterparts instead of two males or two females, mainstream society would accept it and wonder why it’s not cannon already. Take Destiel for example. If Cas had shown up as female, in the show, they’d be together already. Or Cas would be dead (for good) since the writers don’t seem to keep female characters around for long. But basically they would have a love story. Because Cas would have been female instead of a very fineeeee male.

Or, even better! Johnlock. The BBC version of Sherlock has two males while the American version Elementary has a female John and a male Sherlock. The BBC version likes to do that silly queerbaiting I believe it’s called, while the American version has people wondering when Joan will get together with Sherlock (despite having slept with Mycroft). Why is it so acceptable to guess when the American version will get together because they’re obviously good for each other, but not the BBC version?

When I pair people together I don’t see their gender. I see their personalities and if they fit well. Like Steve and Tony. They’re the best pairing personality wise in my opinion yet my boyfriend doesn’t see them together at all. Because they’re two males. Put one as a female and suddenly it would be perfect right?

It makes me sad and mad that society today is still not putting more gay or lesbian characters out there that have the personalities that just click so well together. Instead, when they are paired together in fanfiction, people think we’re the crazy ones.

I’m all done. Just wanted to get my thoughts out there and see if anyone agrees.

Aaaaaah I just got addicted to trimberly and I’m so hyped and I want someone to fangirl over them but I have none i.i
I’ve been reading fanfics nonstop for almost five days and I haven’t covered half of the published in one site… I just can’t stop. I feel kinda lost. They are adorable. Please save my soul.

Why the Jet Twins are great

So the jet twins are my favorite characters in all of Transformers, I love them a lot and I wanted to make a appreciation post saying why they are so great and i wish they would stop being ignored so much. 

So lets get started~

  • Jetstorm and Jetfire are the very first flying autobots. They are also the only onscreen combiners. It should also be noted Devastator was planned and Metalhawk was also a possibility to join Safeguard so Safeguard vs Devastator anyone? I would LOVE that.
  • Before becoming jets they were cute lil cars (ill post ref under a cut at the end)
  • Additionally their existence begs many questions about the ‘nameless’ class and if bots are made and just sent out to do a job. Seeing as how the twins are quite athletic and immature and it can be presumed they didn’t choose to be oil refinery bots. Speaking of which…
  • Despite their natural skills, its more shown then told, they are pretty insecure although more on Jetstorms part. Because of their presumed status Jetstorm doesn’t believe they can ever be anything and Jetfire is a little more optimistic. 
  • After they fought (about practically nothing) the pipe they were on broke, however only Jetfire fell. Jetstorm was fine but still was injured in Perceptors lab, I headcannon he jumped after his brother, but you can interpret what you want here.
  • The jet twins are super learners, in the arrival “Survival Skills” Optimus gets his butt kicked by Megatron but that was the highest score, The jet twins learned to fly instantly and defeated everything in their path. The Autobots literally had to throw Starscream’s code at them and they learned how to beat him too. Making them the most powerful Autobots physically in the show.
  • They are very curious, in Metalhawk’s Allspark Almanac entry they mention how they want to learn about organic stuff, also they wanted to play bumblebee’s video game, so they don’t completely agree/listen to Sentinel 
  • I don’t think that it was just grunt work to have the twins fix that generator, they are very smart, however Jetstorm yelling at it was priceless. 
  • “Communications are Okie for Dokie” - Jetfire
  • The Selfie with Blitzwing
  • “Please Sentinel Prime sir do tell us how you make capture of this badness bot” -Jetfire and Jetstorm
  • They really like the circus
  • Jetfire and Jetstorm often (mainly in body language and slight comments) detach themselves from others in stressful situations. Usually with Sentinel being rude to them for example in the comic Jetfire griped his head and shuts his eyes when sentinel tries to get in his face.
  • However they still are genuinely curious and like meeting people.
  • They don’t understand slang and its adorable.
  • Look at them their designs are precious! Complementary colors! Jetfire’s got a aviators helmet for a head its adorable…look at em!!
  • Probably literally read each others minds. Being Split Spark twins and all.
  • Safeguard is their true form, they were one protoform split in half (according to Perceptor)

To wrap it up here basically i think, there’s TONS to work from here, I didn’t even list all the things I’ve noticed but i wanna keep this not too long. Thank you for reading the ramblings of a fangirl with too much time on her hands. I’m considering making one for MTMTE Rodmius too. Reference for twins pre-upgrade below cut.

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Through the Looking Glass - Chapter 5

SPN FanFic

~Sam and Dean burst through your apartment door to save you from a nasty ghost attack. The amazing part is… Sam and Dean are characters on a TV show, so what the hell is going on?~

Reader x Dean, Sam, Crowley(!)

3,456 Words (haha. not intentional but fun) 

Warnings: F bombs continue. Angst, some Dean Fluff to ease the pain. Drinking.

Go To: Chapter One - Chapter Two - Chapter Three - Chapter Four - Chapter Five - Chapter Six - Chapter Seven - Chapter Eight - Chapter Nine - Chapter Ten -

Chapter Five- When You Get Some Insight From The King:

After you had dropped the little girl off at the hospital Dean had driven to a bar near the motel and that’s where you’d all been for the last four hours. It was getting late and you were getting very drunk. It’s not like you couldn’t hold your liquor on a normal night, but damn, these boys could drink. You started off well, attempting to match them shot for shot, but after your fifth you had to bow out and focused on making your current glass of whiskey last as long as possible. You sat at the bar off to the side, sandwiched between the Winchesters, alternating between laying your head on Dean’s shoulder and hanging off of Sam’s arm. Your nerves had been calmed long ago and you were back to spouting the excited ramblings of a fangirl that the guys had come to love hearing spill from your lips.

“Yeah but, listen, don’t you ever go back and check on them?” You asked, giving Sam a hard look. “I mean, you drop these people off at the hospital and then what? They just go about their lives? How do they explain themselves when they’re asked what happened? ‘Oh, hey, yeah a vampire bit me.’ That’s not gonna go well in the real world.”

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I love Leia, but, like. Imagine, in a universe where the Jedi can carry children, thanks to the Force, Kylo/Ben finds out that, while, yes, his dad is Han Solo, Leia isn’t his mom. Imagine if Han and Luke had been together, and Luke gave birth to Ben, but, because of the Jedi code, no one could know, so Leia covered for her brother. Imagine Ben being so shocked, he turns to the one person he can still trust – Hux – and a love story follows, along with Luke’s return, and trying to accept the truth. Imagine.

Also, Obikin. Oh, my headcanon for Obikin.

Carry On

Guys oh my gosh, I was given Carry On as a Christmas present and I’ve nearly finished it but fuck me the amount of screaming and crying I’ve done over Simon and Baz is too much. I’m actually in love with the book and Snowbaz is definitely a new ship I shall happily sell my soul to the devil for

Okay I need to quickly get off my chest an appreciation for Dylan O’Brien. Anyone who follows me might have seen a while back that I had a mass Teen Wolf binge watch, which I pretty much only started watching because I’d just seen the Maze Runner and thought Dylan was pretty good in it, and just generally pretty also. So while in my own opinion I don’t think Teen Wolf is all that good (it has it’s moments don’t get  me wrong) I can’t help but completely love Stiles, which is really mostly because Dylan has this way of bringing the character to life in a way that looks totally effortless, and if anything is the mark of a good actor it’s being able to immerse you in the world of the story and make you believe in their character.

For me he’s almost like a young Jensen, and I mean that as in I’m growing to really appreciate Dylan’s acting the same way I did Jensen when I first saw him on screen. They just have this way of lighting up any scene they’re in, and handling anything that’s thrown at them with this innate ability to flow effortlessly between comedy, drama, tragedy, action etc.

One minute he’s performing highly physical comedy like a young Jim Carrey

And the next he’s breaking your heart with deeply emotive scenes

And don’t even get me started on the amazing and seamless dual performance as both Stiles and Void in season 3B that had me grinning and applauding stupidly at my TV screen.

And going beyond Teen Wolf he’s proved equal prowess in both high-fueled action scenes and the much smaller tense moments in The Maze Runner series, and also not forgetting the great comedic acting and timing in other things like The Internship.

What can I say I’m enamoured with the guy, and I know this all comes nothing new to all his other fans, but gimme a break I didn’t know he existed until a few weeks ago xD. In short I think he’s a brilliant actor, and as he jumps from strength to strength, I await eagerly to see what he does next.

*waits for Deepwater Horizon to come out*

New blog, for all the Ikemen!

Hi, guys! AllForTheCrown/DeathByMidnightCinderella here.

I decided to make a new blog to put all of my ramblings for other otome games than MidCin, and so have created DeathByIkemen! Here, I’ll be rambling, screaming, crying and fangirling over Ikemen Sengoku, Love, Lies and & Heist and hopefully Ikemen Vampire, the latter being in the near future. Here’s a run-down of how this will work:

  • This blog will operate exactly like DeathByMidCin; anyone can come in to talk to me, ask, submit etc., but for any of the aforementioned games as opposed to MidCin. Any questions about MidCin I’ll redirect or answer through DeathByMidCin, and vice versa with Ikemen Sengoku etc. 
  • The same rules apply; swearing, spoilers, reverse harems (probably), fangirling, over-complicated/excessively long theories and/or answers to asks, and so on and so forth.
  • I’ll be putting up a walkthrough for Nobunaga’s route in Ikemen Sengoku (Which I will call IkeSen for short, to save myself from typing it in full most of the time), and will be updating it as I go through his route. It should be up in beta in a few minutes ;)
  • For now, I won’t be writing any stories or doing requests for any of the games on here, but I will do things like headcanon asks, or just theories or speculation in general, more due to time and content constraint than anything else.
  • Finally, have fun! I’m empty here right now, but soon I should moving full-force with content!
  • Papasuke: *called Sakura his waifu several time*
  • Me: *faint*
  • Papasuke: *have a faith on his waifu*
  • Me: *faint*
  • Papasuke: *save his waifu*
  • Me: *faint*
  • Papasuke: *worrying his gurl*
  • Me: *faint*
  • Papasuke: *proud of his gurl*
  • Me: *faint*
  • Papasuke: ...
  • Me: *die peacefully in ocean tears of joy and happiness*
That One AU Where Shinichi Is A Fanfiction Author

-         Shinichi starts to write Sherlock Holmes fanfiction from an early age (13/14 years old).

-         His user name on his fanfiction account and other sites for similar reasons is ‘onetruth4869’ wow you’re so creative I.W.P-chan.

-         One 'magickaito’ (actually Kaito because you couldn’t guess I’m sure /slapped) is a faithful follower and reviewer who keeps Shinichi on his toes and is the main reason Shinichi ever writes Sherlock Holmes crossovers (mainly with Arsene Lupin).

-         One 'shipalltheboys’ (actually Sonoko) is usually the third party in any discussion Shinichi and Kaito have. She always insists that Holmes and Lupin have a thing for each other and should get together. She also insists that 'onetruth’ and 'magickaito’ should get together too.

-         Shinichi and Kaito typically team up to vehemently deny being a couple and argue against every point that 'shipalltheboys’ presents.

-         None of the three is aware of who the others in the discussion are in real life.

-         Sometimes, one 'whitehorse4869’ (actually Hakuba how surprising was THAT anyway?) shows up. He is a big fan of 'onetruth’.

-         Once, 'shipalltheboys’ challenged 'onetruth’ to write HolmesLupin. 'onetruth’ replied with a one-shot featuring T-rated HolmesLupin slash (also the first Lupin POV that he ever wrote) a week later. Hakuba reluctantly admitted that he could see how a thief and a detective could enter a romantic relationship despite them being, y'know, a thief and a detective. Kaito had to stop and take a breather half-way through the fic and admitted that it hit him in a place inside him that he didn’t know existed before. (Be patient with him, it’s his first time dealing with Feels). Sonoko grudgingly admitted that 'onetruth’ can write a good romance.

-         After KID makes his reappearance, Sonoko changes her user name from 'shipalltheboys’ to 'KID-samais#1’. Her constant ramblings about him are the real reason Hakuba came from England to Japan to catch KID in hopes it would shut her up. Shinichi is somehow never present for those ramblings. Kaito is usually fangirling over old heists from his father’s days rather than his own.

-         Shinichi remains ignorant until his Conan days and he meets KID face to face. Then he manages to never miss a rant from Sonoko.

-         Sonoko challenges 'onetruth’ to write a decent fanfiction about KID. Shinichi writes a long, multi-chaptered one that is built on Conan’s observations of KID accompanied by 'stop challenging me it’s starting to get ridiculous and no I won’t insert you as KID’s love interest’ aimed towards 'KID-samais#1’ either clearly stated or written in code inside the fic itself. Kaito is suspiciously silent save for 'stop writing thief POV YOU’RE KILLING ME INSIDE AND MAKING ME DRWON IN FEELINGS I NEVER KNEW I HAD BEFORE!! *cries*’. Hakuba would never admit that that fic is the main reason he called Kaito to tell him about Chat Noir and why he changed his attitude towards challenging KID. Sonoko is impressed.

-         'onetruth4869’ is very good at writing thieves and their POVs and Kaito thinks it’s unfair. As long as he doesn’t think about it too much and no one reads it out loud to him, he won’t spontaneously start crying.