Hackbent Christmas Icons (150x150): Part 1-

To get into the Christmas spirit, I’m drawing hackbent character christmas icons!

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Apparemment ce qui se fait sur tumblr en ce moment, c’est le selfie. Du coup voilà ma tête en mode “bon ba…” (ça se voit pas, mais là je hausse les épaules) (parce que j’aime bien prendre des poses quand je fais des selfies, mais on comprend jamais donc je devrais arrêter)

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I just need to sit here for a minute and express my love for these two goons. I almost want to break out the scented pink stationery we used to use to send secret love-letters to our classmates when we were ten years old - and send it to Marlowe and co. Because whatever they are doing - and I’m not entirely sure they aren’t operating on some subliminal-poltergeistal-through-the-TV-set messaging system - they’re doing it right. All I know is I’m just feeling all of these feelings - like in my stomach, and my throat, and even kind of in my ears. This show just gives me ALL the feelings, good grief.

Castle just does everything so well. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and in doing so has just managed to create dynamite television. It’s like - I’m not just entertained, I’m actually feeling everything to the point of bursting. And this ship! This stupid, life-ruining ship. I can’t with the six eps in thing because I’m just like “you guys need to just make out now because I can’t!” I love how you can see the affection she has for him growing from episode to episode and that’s what makes it so beautiful because she spent all of season 3 trying and trying to hold back and pretending there was nothing going on but now she’s all “okay, yeah, I need him - this goofy little sidekick partner and I’m still gonna eye-roll because man, this guy has some weird-ass theories but I can’t help but smile because he’s cute while he does it and dammit he’s my goofy little sidekick partner.” 
I love that her eye-rolling has evolved to the point of obvious affection for him and his tangents. I’m not going to make it to the end of the season at this rate. I will have exploded. Castle and Beckett basically just spent this entire episode being married to each other. And I loved every second of it.

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Why doesn’t Dallon get appreciated? He’s a precious tall flower and his bass lines are the raddest shit I’ve ever heard. Yet, Zack and Brendon treat him like he’s a touring member only. Wikipedia and Facebook still say he’s official. What does that mean? Does it mean that Zack doesn’t know shit and Brendon wants to be the center of attention? Or that Dallon got demoted and we don’t know about it? Why wasn’t he on the red carpet at the APMAs? Is this a sign that he’s not official anymore? Apparently he’s not writing songs for the upcoming P!ATD album either. Dallon’s twitter bio was changed from “member of @ panicatthedisco” to “bass for @ panicatthedisco” and he called P!ATD “Brendon’s band”. Does this mean anything?? Does Dallon really think he’s unimportant? Because that’s so not true and it breaks my heart that a wonderful person like Dallon would think that low of himself. Who is he shading on Twitter lately? Who hurt Dallon and made him that salty? Have Brendon or Zack something to do with this? B & Z always make fun of Dallon and I don’t like it at all. Leave D alone. “haha fans don’t want to have Kenny or Dallon in their picture with Brendon :D” you’re so funny Zack!!! Why don’t more people aknowledge that Dallon is an important part of P!ATD?? Would a demotion mean he’d get paid less? We already know he had to have several side jobs in the past although he already was an official member of Panic! at the Disco. I’m worried. “What if he doesn’t want be be in the spotlight?” He stated that he prefers to be in front of the camera and not behind on Twitter and he also could’ve helped writing songs for the upcoming P!ATD album if he really prefers to be “behind the camera”. It looks like Brendon wants to do everything on his own for the new album instead of doing a solo project. He confirmed the upcoming album is kind of a Brendon solo thing. Was he serious about that?? Update: 8/22/15 periscope: Someone asked about a possible Panic! split and Brendon laughed and replied that he can’t split himself in half. So…..P!ATD is a Brendon solo thing now?? What happened to the *band* P!ATD?? Why the fuck is P!ATD still labeled as a “band”???? I’m happy if Dallon’s happy but….. Dallon aka the tall sunflower deserves better.

I’ve been seeing a lot of ranting lately about fangirls who enjoy villains and it’s gotten rather tiresome, largely because it seems like in this rush to demonize fangirls and paint them as shallow people are ignoring the reasons for why the sympathetic or well-crafted villain archetype is so compelling. 

I love sympathetic villains. I love villains with juicy psychology who I can relate to. And this is not because I approve of their villainy – in fact, it’s the tension created between the knowledge that their actions are morally unjustifiable, and the understanding of how they came to those actions that I find really fascinating. It also invites a lot of introspection; would we, in those circumstances, make the same choices? Where does the moral event horizon lie, beyond which redemption cannot be achieved? Are horrible acts ever justified? At what point is it necessary to demand accountability?

A well-written, well-performed villain can bring a viewer to ask these questions, and help paint morality as complex. They also frequently force the protagonist to look at these same qualms in a way that adds depth to their narrative arc. 

And yes, sometimes it’s refreshing to just be able to unwaveringly hate a character without trying to see their side of things – because in fiction, like in the real world, occasionally some people are just jackasses who need to be punched in the face. But more often than not, people have ways of justifying their actions, and seeing themselves as the hero of their own story rather than the villain of someone else’s. Which can further invite the viewer to examine their own life and justifications for their actions, and hold them up to a more objective moral lens; if we know a certain experience doesn’t serve as an excuse for a fictional character’s actions, can we really use it to excuse ourselves for our own failings? Or do we, like the characters in the media we consume, need to hold ourselves accountable?

Well-crafted sympathetic villains hold up an uncomfortable mirror to the hero and the viewer. They challenge where we define the line between good and evil, and force us to examine issues of morality in a way that black and white character distinctions let us off the hook for. They remind us that everyone has a story and a reason, encouraging us to be more empathetic while simultaneously reminding us how easy it can be to slip into excuses. They create nuanced conflict and powerful stories. And we should be allowed to enjoy them as characters and enjoy the performances that go into them without being subject to abuse.

  • Reasons I envy Cath Avery:
  • -Levi Stewart
  • -She lives in a world in which there are Simon Snow movies
  • -Levi Stewart
  • -She lives in a world in which there are Simon Snow busts
  • -Levi Stewart
  • -She lives in a world in which anyone with a computer can read all of Magicath’s fanfic
  • -Levi Stewart. She lives in a world that has Levi Stewart.
  • Reasons Cath Avery envies us:
  • -We live in a world in which SNOWBAZ IS CANON

We all know, but it never ceases to amaze me, just how much Hide means for Kaneki. How many times he’s been to one to push Kaneki forward. How many times he’s turned a sorrowful day into something brighter. He was the one to always trust him, always support him, always care about him. Hide wasn’t just someone who accepted Kaneki’s existence; he appreciated him, Kaneki ken, and loved him no matter what.

Romantic or platonic, I don’t think it matters much. But one can’t deny that what these two share is beautiful and deep.

I think we all remember that scene where Kaneki used his kagune for the first time to save Hide from Nishiki.

“The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. He who would be born, must first destroy a world.”

Just as people say, living is far more than just existing. For Kaneki, stuck between the desperate need for love and the doubt that he deserves it, existing was merely a wait until the moment when his desires would be fulfilled. But in that cycle of hope and fear there was no room for accepting the love people were already giving him, he just couldn’t see himself being loved.

But he still couldn’t give it up, and searching for a way to satisfy it his wish to be loved became a reason to die, rather than a reason to live. He became unable to see his own worth, deaf to his own voice that, deep down, wished to go on.

But now the world he used to live in, under a wish that only brought him closer to his end, has been destroyed. That world and his deadly wish have both been broken, through the voice of the one that’s saved him again and again by proving him that there’s a meaning in him being alive.

K’s egg, his world has been destroyed. What kind of new world has he been born into? What kind of meaning will he find in it? We can’t know for sure, but we do know that this world is one Kaneki has walked into by himself. This is a life- a true life that he has chosen to live from now on.

Because in the end, that “I wanted to live on with you” wasn’t said by Hide.

It’s what Kaneki thinks, and I’m glad he’s finally realised it himself.

Natsu: *breathes*


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I am Dragneel trash af.

I’ve been thinking a lot about why i’m not really down with the whole Tougou in -San scenario, and i think it just comes down to this: In -Kun, Tougou is a frightening man who intrudes the home of the innocent Matsuno family and leaves them powerless. Its a chilling tale, really 

But in -San? Son the sextuplets wouldn’t be trapped in a house with Tougou, Tougou would be trapped in a house with them 

…And that’s terrifying

Like all i can imagine is the minute he steps into the house to get revenge or whatever, Jyushimatsu scutters down from the ceiling and starts to coil around him like boa constrictor, or grabs him by the legs and helicopters him into the sun.

The sextuplets in -san are basically nihilistic self-aware gods, Tougou ain’t a problem anymore  

Even the side characters are more terrifying than him, like Dayoons devour ability, Hatabou’s…  everything, or Iyami with his ability to vaporise anyone on command

Tougou’s just a dude with a knife he’s dead af lol

Do you guys all remember the weird coincidental similarities between Hinata's confession and the filler Bikouchuu mission?

The filler from Naruto episode 147-151 ?? 

External image

Kinda looks like this??:

External image

(Naruto immobilized, Hinata coming to save the day-causing a huge crater?)

Do you guys remember that during the Bikouchuu filler episodes, 

Hinata was captured

External image

and wrapped

External image


External image


External image


And how Naruto and the gang he was with tried to rescue her?? 

External image

And this asshole made this comment: 

External image





External image

So…next chapter….????

The worst thing about the frame story in Name of the Wind is that they refer to Kvothe as “Kote” and every. Single. Time. that happens or they just simply call him, “the innkeeper” and it just hurts because we know that he is so much more than that. He’s bright and wild and funny and reckless and broken and damaged and wonderful and he’s Kvothe. That reminder that he has become the mask that he wears is so terribly painful



FOR WILL, WHO IS SASSY AND SARCASTIC YET SO LOVING (and has the best character arc of anybody ever - this is not up for debate)





also if you are questioning picking it up, DO IT. Even if you didn’t like the mortal instruments (I wasn’t a huge fan) or love triangles (this is the only YA love triangle worth reading that I’ve found yet) TAKE THE PLUNGE. PICK UP CLOCKWORK ANGEL then swoop into my asks/inbox and we can fangirl together please and thank you

Okay, this scene isn’t just about Orihime (I’m aware that his friends, family and Rukia are equally important to him), but since I’m an Ichihime fan I’d like to talk about Orihime’s importance to Ichigo in this scene xD

Here Chad tells Ichigo to remember all the times that he felt pride as a Shinigami, and what I find interesting is the memories of Orihime that Ichigo chooses to focus on – it’s these two scenes:

and this:

In both scenes, Orihime mentioned being happy with tears in her eyes (ok in some translations she says that she’s glad in the second scene, but eh, it’s just semantics the general meaning is there). I love how Ichigo focuses on these two scenes because it CLEARLY shows that Orihime’s happiness is one of Ichigo’s motivations in getting back his powers (because to Ichigo, having Shinigami powers = having the ability to protect people he cares about). Imagine that. He feels pride in seeing her happy. HER HAPPINESS IS IMPORTANT TO HIM OK.

I’d also like to point out that this scene also strengthens the recurring idea that Orihime is important to Ichigo, that he cares about her wellbeing, and that he appreciates her presence. It’s kinda messed up (and sad) that Ichihime fans have to spell this out in black and white all the time, because detractors are always trying to claim that Orihime isn’t important to Ichigo despite pages after pages of manga panels that proves otherwise.


(P.S: And in some odd, charming way, the scene where Orihime had a funny crying look on her face, looking all undignified and goofy, was the one that stuck to Ichigo, which is one of the reasons that made him feel pride in having powers to protect. This face:

And Ichigo finds her reaction here, of all things, as significant to him.




Oh my god, they are made for each other. These two dorks.)

The thing is, each book is going to be a shift. If you start talking to a friend about your favorite albums by a band, you’re going to have different favorite albums. I try to keep that in mind. Every book I write can’t be someone’s favorite book. I can’t think of any author who wrote four books in a row that I loved all the same.

Rainbow Rowell, in this case you are wrong. All of your books are my favorites. Whichever of your books I read most recently, that is my favorite Rainbow Rowell book.

(Quote from the Rumpus Interview with Rainbow Rowell)