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Second Anniversary on Tumblr...

2 years ago, I planted the tiny seed that was this tumblr. Back then, railway-related content was so sparse and hipstery in nature, I swore I was the only railfan here on this site.

Thus, my blog would only see a sporadic update every now and then. And over the next few months, I reblogged more and more. And I discovered others out there with the same love of trains as I did.

Now, two years later, this blog has turned into a mass of over 25,000 posts with 340+ people getting spammed by my trains! And yet somehow, I am still here making these posts.

From the deepest part of my steam-powered heart, I thank each and every one of you.




While it has been somewhat unofficial since the beginning of February of this year (or mid-August 2013, depending on how you look at it), as of today, the 11th of April 2014, this Tumblr will be officially on Hiatus until further notice. 

I wonder how many of you saw this coming. Regardless, I do not anticipate my eventual return being any earlier than the beginning of June.

Thank you very much for your time.

As always,

Ramblings of a Model Railroader

While I haven’t done any real model railroading in some time, I’ve recently been doing some thinking on my model railway and how it fits into the context of everything.

I imagine my railroad, The New York and North Western Railway (NYNW), being a Erie Railroad-owned/controlled subsidiary that operated all local traffic east of Port Jervis between the late ‘40s and the Erie Lackawanna’s inclusion into Conrail in '76 (possibly even outlasting the EL, like the NYS&W did).

This allows me to model my home territory in Orange County, and run both steam and diesel.

It’ll be a few years before I ever have the time and space to build a proper layout, but I might start with a modular thing soon. The only thing I have gotten down is an idea of what the NYNW’s logo might have been. 

This is that logo, or at least the first draft of it, clearly showing the road’s Erie lineage:

But when working that out, I had a few other, erm, unconventional ideas…

Like an Erie/NYNW-owned Lehigh and Hudson River Railway (L&HR). The L&HR was one of two railroads headquartered in the county, the other being the Middletown and Unionville / Middletown and New Jersey.

Or an Erie/NYNW-owned New York, Ontario and Western (OW):

Or how about what is probably the most probable of the three, an Erie-owned New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway (NYSW), based on the fact that the Erie had a controlling interest in the Susquehanna:

Anyway, just some ramblings I’d thought I’d share…

May 2013 To-Do List... i.e. HELL MONTH

1: > Readings for Philosophy.
    > Inwood Park Field Trip for EAS Lab. Be at Park Entrance by 05:00pm

2: > Have all major changes finished to drawings done today.
    > Have Prof. approve drawings and make corrections.
    > Start work on 1/8" Scale Model.

3: > Statics. Check to make sure no HW was due.
    > Photograph all drawings. Bring Camera and Tripod
    > Work on final paper for Phil./Type up Lab Report

4: > Jamal Mansion in AM. Do Sketches req. for Tues.
    > Go back to studio and work on Model until 6pm. Get food and switch to CAD. Tighten up elevations and work on Facade. 

5: > Work on final paper for Phil.
    > Type up Lab Report
    > Finish CAD Dwgs. Move to 3D Model?

6: > Have Thesis statement printed out for Philosophy. Will peer edit in class. (Ughhh)
    > Work on 1/8" Model.
    > EAS Lecture. Review?

7: > Readings for Survey.
    > Print reviewd, edited, finialized CAD dwgs.
    > Make sure at least ½ of model is complete for Studio
    > Review Elevations with Prof. Revise as needed.
    > All-nighter for 1st Draft of essay

8: > 1st Draft of Essay due in Phil. for Peer edit (UGGGGGHHHH)
    > Work on model.
    > Lab. Hand in Inwood Park Lab report
    > Work late into night on model

9: > Survey in Morning. Make sure you have coffee.
    > 1/8" Model to be DONE by today.
    > Make any corrections as per Prof’s suggestions.
    > Photograph Model for Portfolio
    > Begin to finalize 3D Rhino Model. Renderings?

10: >Final Statics Class before final
      > Work on Portfolio and finalize everything for final check and additions on 16th

11: > Parade of Trains @ GCT at 10am? I wonder if I’ll be up…
      > Work on Renderings

12: > Parade of Trains @ GCT at 10am? 
      > Work on Renderings 
      > Finalize Phil. Essay.

13: > Hand in Final Draft of Phil Essay - 12:30pm
      > Finish Renderings
      > Final EAS 106 Exam
      > Assemble all Drawings onto boards

14: > Review in Survey.
      > Print test Renderings.
      > Final Studio before Final
      > Assemble Everything
      > Cram study for finals

15: > Philosophy Final exam
      > Print Drawings and Hang them up
      > EAS Lab Final Exam
      > Double Check EVERYTHING
      > Try to get a decent night’s sleep

      > Survey in AM?
      > Study for Statics Final

17: >Statics Final: 08:00am - 10:30am
      > Breath… finally.
      > This might be the earliest day I can go back home to rest. Probably won’t happen though, so I’m not counting on it.

18: >TBD

19: >TBD

20: > EAS 106 Final: 06:00pm - 08:30pm

21: > Survey of World Architecture Final: 08:00am - 10:30am

22: >TBD

23: > Submit Finished Portfolio for entry into Third Year.

24: >TBD

25: >TBD

26: >TBD

27: >TBD

28: >TBD

29: >TBD

30: >TBD

31: > Move out of Dorms? Try to see if I can stay because summer classes…


To my followers, if I don’t seem to be keeping up pace with my infamous “trainspam” too much in the next few weeks, this is why. Cheers and best of luck to all of you on your final exams!