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This took a while, but it was worth it! Here we have Soar in his new and incredible black hole form, holding a fragment of a ~certain constellation~ from whom he stole a star. If you look close at the blue shard, you may be able to figure it out! ;0

Hope you like it, @myebi bab!

what if you staged a r&j where the audience had two entrances to get to their seats, one marked capulet & one montague and you had to choose one to enter the theatre?? it would be really obvious too like balloons, some of the actors in the house colours cheering by the door, etc, like make it a Big Deal to pick one

so then during the first scene the fight is really drawn out and hyped up and the audience is encouraged to cheer for their house and they’d get really into it like, at a basketball game or whatever. ben and tybs get grand entrances like star players on sports teams. make it seem fun and loud and exciting like a sports event, that kind of hype

and then the prince’s lines “Three civil brawls, bred of an airy word/ By thee, old Capulet, and Montague…” could be aimed at the audience (as well as Lord M and Cap) who’d then feel like they were part of the whole feud like “dang i just heard the prologue and know what all this fighting leads to and yet here i am cheering along with everyone???” (((((i’m in the cabinet i am complicit))))

anyway i feel like it would help highlight how caught up everyone is in the feud, they don’t even know what started it anymore, it’s just mindless hate and the cause of the whole tragedy

and also just how much r&j were going up against like heck they were so brave to reject all of that hate and anger they were so good and so in love

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It’s actually pretty horrifying and sad because while Hiro might see this as honouring Tadashi’s memory since he looked up to and admired him so much, becoming Tadashi’s clone means he will never step out of his brother’s shadow. His entire self worth would be tied up in how “like Tadashi” he is, and this is incredibly unhealthy behaviour.

It means he will never let go, never move on, never stop grieving, that he will start thinking people only wish to be around him because he is Tadashi’s younger brother and “just like him”, and therefore not worth knowing just based on his own merits. Hiro is a wonderful, snarky, sweet character- a kid so similar yet so different from his big brother in numerous ways.

Imagine him suppressing his own personal growth and taking on ALL of Tadashi’s characteristics. Imagine him becoming obsessed with becoming exactly like Tadashi. Imagine him going for plastic surgery so he can have Tadashi’s face shape, smile/ teeth, nose or eyes ( I see future Hiro as having similar facial features to Tadashi but his eyes would be bigger than his brother’s and his face a little softer). Imagine “Hiro” ceasing to exist and “Tadashi 2.0” appearing instead.

I know there are headcanons that Hiro will look and dress exactly like Tadashi when he grows up but I always thought he would be similar to him in certain ways only. They both share kind noble hearts, snark, and intelligence among other traits but Hiro’s so different from Tadashi in other aspects too. It’s what sets the brothers apart.

(When thinking of an older Hiro intend to think of non-fatmilk or sorarts ’s older!Hiro art, which has become my headcanon for older Hiro… They both draw such amazing art so it’s very much worth checking out!)

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Debut MV vs Latest Last MV

↳ History: Dreamer vs Queen 

nubeviolet  asked:

Hey, if you had the time to make Dreamers and the Space story a thing, would you?

I don’t really know. I still don’t know if I’m made for comics, and it requires a lot of plotting and high investment for me to be happy with it. I don’t know much about how to handle doing a comic, though the idea is very very exciting.
I’m that kind of person that thinks too much about the possibilities of not being able to keep up instead of trying, but I know that when I will have potential time and will love my concept enough to keep up with it for a long time, I’ll probably throw myself in :D

You know… as someone who grew up in rural Virginia the Raven Cycle series was very realistic! It was so easy for me to imagine the hunt for Glendower, the mountains, the back roads, the bugs, the humidity and even the temperamental weather of the seasons… 

Someone’s got a new bed! Yes, that’s an old sweater. There’s a neat trick where you can make pet beds out of wool sweaters. This is my practice run with a sweater that was originally going to be part of a Four cosplay. Not my most elegant effort, but behold Nerd Bed 1.0. v2.0 will be (even more) hobbity.

Empty in the picture and currently because he had what I can only describe as an anxiety attack when I tried to take his picture, so now he’s curled up on my lap. He’s already had such a big day, I guess it was just too much. He’s normally not fond of pictures but he’ll at least let me.

I don’t want a perfect life. I want a happy life. A life filled with endless dreams, a beautiful love, and passion for living. A passion for traveling and meeting new people. A life filled with with books and stories of far off places and people. I don’t need my life to be perfect or even fit within your predetermined views. I need my life to be honest, joyful, and full of laugher. I need my life to me mine. I want a life that makes me happy everyday, because that’s a life worth living.
—  MeNot a Perfect Life
I believe in everything red velvet. I believe in coffee in the morning and tea during the day. I believe in the beauty of travel and dreaming completely. I believe in tattoos and carrying a camera. I believe in never underestimating the power of a good book. I believe in the power of words and the importance of art. Get Lost, Find Adventure, Live Colorfully. Be You.
—  Me
So who are you? What do you believe in?
The Team's Secret Identities and Robert Callaghan

Has anybody noticed that at least two people now know the secret identities of the Big Hero 6- Alistair Krei and Robert Callaghan. The news reporter mentioned “a group of unidentified individuals”, meaning no one told the police or reporters who they were (and this would have been quite the scoop). While I can see Krei not telling anyone out of gratefulness, Callaghan could have mentioned it to the police at least. Or leaked it out somehow as a final petty act of revenge.

But he didn’t. We see them living their lives out undisturbed, no police knocking on the Lucky Cat Café’s door. It makes me wonder if perhaps some part of him really did feel sorry for what he did and this is his way of atoning for it to them.

Maybe (and this is just my own headcanon) he actually did see Tadashi rushing to rescue him but chose not to save him out of a moment of selfishness. Maybe in a way, Tadashi’s death haunts him just as Abigail’s did. But he’s so focused on avenging his daughter and his own grief and rage, that he brushes Tadashi’s death off as inconsequential. He’s already begun on his path and he’ll hold to it DAMN the consequences. What he said to Hiro on Akuma Island could very well have been his way of justifying the pointless death of his favourite student.
I think maybe his guilt and regret at not being brave enough to stop his daughter or enter the portal to save her, and his guilt at letting Tadashi die came to a head there and he snaps at Hiro cruelly because he doesn’t see Tadashi’s death as his own fault, after all he didn’t tell Tadashi to go save him, did he? He’s not brave enough to face the consequences of his actions during the showcase. He wasn’t brave enough to stop the experiment or try to find his daughter in the portal (it should have occurred to him to at least try).

But then the little brother of the man he inadvertently killed gives him his daughter back, alive and whole. The boy who he thinks hates him, and who he tried to freaking MURDER along with his friends. Hiro shows him how to be the bigger man (or boy?) and how he himself broke the cycle of revenge. And then Robert Callaghan is left knowing all he did was for nothing, that he has now lost almost everything. And Callaghan is a pretty smart man so he might have seen the parallels between him and Hiro and realised that next to this grieving 14 year old boy, he has lost. Don’t forget that expression of his in the police car! YMMV on whether it was regret at possibly never seeing Abigail again or remorse at his actions but it could have been a mix of both. And maybe that’s why he didn’t reveal their secret identities because it’s his way of atoning or saying sorry.

Disney gave us a Tragic Villain this time, an interesting one. He’s a sad broken man, a father consumed by love and hate, rage and grief. He’s actually quite a complicated character because he used to be a good man with noble intentions but his daughter’s death sent him right off the slippery slope.

I’m not trying to Leather Pants Callaghan here or say he should be forgiven/redeemed so easily but I was trying to make sense of why he never revealed their identities when he knew who they were (and my brain came up with this long post filled with cerebral vomit after watching a particular episode of Book 4 of Legend of Korra). What he did was still horrible and tragic and cruel; however as a whole he’s a pretty complicated character if you look deeply enough.