Why are all the spaceships in sci-fi oriented in the same direction? There’s no up or down in space. Do space associations just designate one direction as ‘up’? What if humans and aliens disagree on it and have a war over who’s upside down?

This is important.

So I must have picked the “Bonus Donuts” perk at the character creation screen of life, because it seems like every other time I walk into a Dunkin’ Donuts I walk out with free donuts. I’ve had as many as three dozen donuts practically thrown at me for free, to today’s three donuts and one coffee for free.

I must not abuse this power.

I wish I could remember my first reactions to books I’ve read - especially Harry Potter. I honestly cannot remember my first reactions to certain deaths or certain factors that occurred. Was I shocked to learn that Sirius was Harry’s Uncle? What was my initial reaction to Dumbledore’s death? I was so young when I read them (I had the first four read to me as I was unable to read them fully by myself - I must’ve been around 4 or 5) that I don’t remember my first reactions, I just feel like I’ve always known things happened in the books, that they’ve always been a part of me because of how often I’ve read and reread them.