So 14 year old Phil made a game

He had no idea that 16 years later he’d be playing that game with a person he hadn’t even met yet

And that person would get all the references and know all the songs

And be so immensely proud and complimentary about this game

It’s just so amazing to me how life can change, how you could be doing things now and have no idea how they will turn out and who you’ll be sharing things with

I just, yeah.

sometimes when sherlock starts to get irritated about something or just slightly annoyed John will lean over on the sofa or cup Sherlock’s face in his hands and pull him down gently, whatever it takes so that he can press a gentle kiss to the small wrinkles that form between his brows or on his nose when he frowns

this of course makes the frown go away, so it’s basically magic (or has something to do with the fact that it always makes Sherlock smile)

there is no denying that zayn had it the hardest out of ot5. no matter how many of you try to ignore his existence and pretend he wasn’t in the group at all. no matter how hard you have your heart set on larry being real.

zayn’s faith is real. zayn’s race is real. there is literally no argument around it.

and yet, for five years, modest tried to hide up zayn’s religion as much as they possibly could. they ignored his faith. they ignored the discrimination made against him. they took his race and used it to twist him into an image that was not zayn malik–they took the only poc in the band and forced upon him a dark, mysterious, bad boy image, unlike the rest of the boys.

when zayn was attacked for who he is, he went ignored by his band and his team. no one stepped up to defend him.

five years of this. zayn went through this for five years. and one day, he decided he didn’t want to feel alone anymore. he didn’t want to feel ignored. he didn’t want to be tied to a career that didn’t let him be himself.

two years ago today, zayn malik gave up one direction to pursue his own happiness. he gave up his four “brothers” to be himself and do what he loves. he made the tough decision in choosing his mental health over the reason he’s even here today.

and he is so remarkably successful

i could not be more proud of him.

Sometimes, when Sherlock wakes up in the morning, with John sleeping next to him, he can’t believe how happy he is. And then he feels like he’s going to burst with happiness. Tears of joy are suddenly in his eyes and his heart beats wildly in his chest. A bright smile spreads on his face.
Everything is just … good. Finally.
He then cuddles against John, who murmurs something in his sleep.
He’s happy. He never wants this time to end.

so it turns out the first big world you get to explore in Mass Effect: Andromeda, in an unknown and unexplored galaxy, 600 light years away… is based on the town I live in. I just paid $60 to spend 5 hours running around a computer simulation of my actual backyard. Eos is just Arches National Park: Space Version. 

the game (top) vs actual hikes I have been on recently (bottom two). like. i cannot describe the irony of staying indoors all day to play a videogame while all my housemates went hiking in the landscape this videogame is trying to simulate. thanks bioware. 

Tiredly Rambling About Angels- It's 4 in the morning.

Have you ever looked an angel in the eyes? It’s amazing. So is listening to them talk, even when they’re swearing, they seem to have this grace about them that leaves me quivering. One of my good friends is an angel, I knew him back then, we didn’t really talk much, but hey, didn’t stop me from trying to talk to him.

But, that’s another, more private story. Angels are fuckin’ glorious, there are so many words to describe their beauty whether they have a million eyes or they’re humanoid in appearance.

Then fact that angel incarnates still hold some of that purity is so fascinating, and the fact that I, a demon, can bond with them without the fear of the angel dying because of it is amazing.

Damn, that’s wonderful. Damn..

so i saw beauty and the beast and it was… okay. not awful, but also not very good. emma watson’s acting was pretty flat and the cgi was somewhat overwhelming while the musical numbers were underwhelming compared to those in the original (because emma watson can’t sing either). overall it was pretty good, but it really didn’t wow me.