rambling through the adventures of time

I just live-tweeted all of my thoughts on Princess Bride. There are some true gems in there. Favorites include: 

  • Stuff Inigo should know as a swordsman: If you are stabbed, do NOT take out the weapon. It’s holding in the blood. #lifehack
  • If I were a hero, I’d be Wesley. Incapacitated, dragged around by friends, making sarcastic comments.
  • Me: time to get ready for the wedding! Me: *sits at desk* Me: *sharpens knife*
  • Finals week: “I just sucked one year of your life away. How does it feel?”
  • Date idea: bring your date to the Fire Swamp and help them smother their flaming clothes to add zest to your love life.
  • I think “no one of consequence” is my new go to when someone asks who I am. 
  • Woah Wesley really went through a goth phase. Tight black clothing, cryptic phrasing, likes to suffer.

Words that burn through flesh like wildfire
Recall the time you claimed to crave your death
And hours spent on the porch in the night
Contemplating all that was wrong or right
Because we never managed to sleep at 3a.m.
The drugs you took were gripping your throat
And it’s nights like this I long to see you again
The blood you’ve spilled over the years
And here I lay, drowning in a pool of tears
Remembering times we went on adventures
The laughter ringing all throughout that year
But the times we sat alone in the shadows
Burning cigarettes into these damned lungs
Recall the time you fled from your home
To join the side of the God of false hope
The anger in his eyes, the cries of your mother
My Queen, you weren’t ever alone
Running down the streets in the rain
Your sister, surprised that I could feel pain
And your home, raging with fear and misery
Evident in all who dared to enter
The things I would give to change your mind
They’ve claimed I’m only wasting my time
But it’s not like they could ever understand
I’m not even sure where you and I stand
Because 3a.m. was never a time I could sleep
But you’ve always haunted my dreams

I just want an adventure; I want waking up before it’s light and getting dressed whilst my body aches with sleep. I want driving through the sunrise to the airport, and I want cold, grey morning skies as I take off. I want the melody of a new language to tickle my ears and I want to order food without knowing what to expect. I want the kindness of strangers who explain why I’m lost. I want another plane, a boat journey, stormy seas and a campfire. I want to see the planet I live on, the planet I will always live on, the planet I love and the planet that loves me. I just want an adventure.

I want a relationship like Kaylor

Friendship or not, I want
•someone I could trust enough to give a key to my place
•someone I could bake and cook with even though I’m horrible at both and I’ll just end up watching the other person finish the rest of the job
•someone who I can gush and ramble on about to people and vice versa
•someone I could take to road trips and have tons of adventures with
•someone who could make time for me even if they don’t have time for (supposed) significant others
•someone who would help guide me through life the way Karlie guides Taylor to her car
•someone who I would start matching with without even realizing what’s happening
•someone who could inspire me to be fitter and healthier bc, let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to be fit and healthy especially if the other person’s gorgeous af
•someone who would wear sneakers (even though heels are fabulous) just to conform with my height
•and someone who looks at me/someone I can look at the way Karlie and Taylor look at each other