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Rafael Barba and Reina King, Pt 14


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Did you think we forgot about you? We didn’t! Life, however, has a tendency to get in the way.

But here is the next installment. Your votes were tied between nonchalant and grateful, so below is a bit of a mixed bag. :)

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The door opened after the second knock, Reina standing in the doorway in shorts and an NYPD sweatshirt that looked two sizes too big.

“Let me guess, Fin asked you to come babysit?”

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TaiYama Week 2017 - Day 1

Write about when and why you like Taichi/Yamato.

Ahh, sorry for being a day late >_< but here we go!

My love for Digimon goes back to when I was in the 4th grade and the dub was airing on YTV (aging myself here but oh well XP), and even though Yamato has always been my favourite I didn’t actually ship TaiYama/Yamachi at the time. I didn’t really have a concept of shipping back then and, if I’m being honest, I was actually pretty ambivalent towards Taichi when I first watched Adventure and Adventure 02 so I’m not entirely sure that 10yo me would have shipped them either way.

Throughout middle school and high school my love for Digimon didn’t fade (hell, I used to rewatch the movie on a regular basis until my VHS player died - yes I am that old) but it did get kinda put on the backburner until I got to university and met @ebres and @celephainiansapphist. I remember we were talking about shows from our childhood, first ships and the like, and something in the back of my brain immediately went straight to Yamato and Taichi. And I started thinking about all of their scenes together, Our War Game, all the art and… it just made sense. Everything clicked into place, and it all made perfect sense.

I remember going home, looking up a bunch of Adventure episodes and just thinking “how the hell did I miss this??” It sounds weird, describing it now, but that’s honestly how it happened. I ended up rewatching a bunch of Adventure, 02 and that freakin movie and I was absolutely sold. 

I feel like TaiYama gets branded as a rivalry ship but I honestly don’t see that. Yeah, they bicker and try to best each other sometimes but there is just something about their dynamic that doesn’t quite fit with most other rivalry ships I’ve seen. With Taichi and Yamato, most of the time I feel like it’s more about them doing something with each other and less about it being against each other, if that makes sense? There is absolutely a degree of competitiveness to them, don’t get me wrong, but I never got the feeling that this was the core of their relationship.

And that sort of brings me to why I ship them. When I see Taichi and Yamato, the one thing that sticks out about them is how inherently drawn to each other they are. Even if they try to resist at first (I’m looking at you, early Adventure Yamato; and also you, Tri Taichi), they always come back to the middle, to each other, and they always, always come out stronger for it. Hell, Our War Game was basically a love letter to this exact thing. No matter how much distance is between them (physically or emotionally) they overcome it, usually with the help of the other one, and through the sheer will and strength of their bond are able to save the world. Multiple times. And that’s kind of a beautiful thing.

I feel like I’ve rambled a lot here, but this ship means a ton to me. It’s subtle, and it took a while for me to see it, but when I did it honestly just made me love both characters all the more. Yamato and Taichi are a pair to be reckoned with and each of their individual stories just doesn’t make sense without the other there. It’s the inherent bond between them, the way they always keep coming back to one another, the way they unquestionably allow themselves to be drawn towards the other and come together to form something unstoppable. And that’s the core of their relationship.

Consonance - Chapter 1 - Donda - Mad Max Series (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Fic rec time! Consonance by @thatonezombiecosplayer. Max and Furiosa take off for a restless worldbuilding ramble through the Wasteland. “Shameless Max and Furiosa bonding. And being Road Warriors together, trying to find whatever it is Max has been searching for. Something to help him heal.“ Adventures and reminders of the lost world are along the way. Genfic, tagged with “Platonic Soulmates.”

There’s a real desert-country feel to the writing, with its rhythms and depth and flashes of the surreal. It builds, gets deeper and richer. Well worth your reading time, even if - especially if - you haven’t read a lot of Mad Max fanfiction.

Girl Talk

Originally posted by randomdreamdancer

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warnings: None. Lots of fluff!

Summary: Pietro overhears how the reader feels about him

A/N: This is a request for a song fic based on Girls Talk Boys by 5SOS. Thanks for the request @lexi-suval! I hope this is what you were thinking. I decided to go with just fluff because I felt it fit the story better. Feedback is always welcome!

“I don’t know how else to explain it babe. It’s just a girls night.” You laughed as Pietro’s face went from slightly confused to full on cluelessness.

“So when you say ‘girls night’ you mean I have to find somewhere else to be other than the tower.”

“You got it speedy.” You said with a smile, placing a gentle kiss to his lips.

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experiment 93094

Mark | 3967 words | robot!au | fluff
anon requested: robot!mark and you being his owner.

You spent four years working on Experiment 93094, but then the director of the robotics lab tells you to shut the project down.

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new semester cleaning week challenge!

this is a week long challenge meant to clean out your life and your living spaces. it’s not something that takes a few minutes per day– i’d definitely block out an hour, maybe more, for each of these. it’s worth it in the end, though. one week of hardcore cleaning will save you ages in the future, and it also helps you figure out what you need to buy (wow, i didn’t know i owned so many unused sticky note pads…) 

grab a trash bag and a notebook (trust me, you’ll remember lots of things you meant to do or buy along the way) and get started!

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This time, Timestuck AU! 8D

I didn’t have time for a real nice picture, but I love this AU and wanted to do a doodle at least. Still not entirely sure who’s “incharge” of this AU though, so if someone knows and can let me know, I’ll give credit where credit is due.

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How ENFP sees other MBTI

INTJ: evil stubborn villain that you hate to love and love to hate. prone to sarcasm and plotting. Secretly lonely and misunderstood. Always give them lots of hugs.
ENTJ: evil business overlord trying to take over the world and stomps on anyone in the way. Usually has some huge scheme that goes awry. Try to bribe them with candy.
INTP: mad scientist with strange quirks and habits. Usually makes references nobody understands. Laugh along with them anyways.
ENTP: witty rebel forever against the establishment. not afraid to speak up. get on your side at all costs.
ISTP: curious engineer who is forever taking things apart or putting them back together. Constantly looking for loopholes. Keep them from blowing themselves up or getting run over in the process.
ESTP: action movie protagonist come to life. If it’s not blowing up or going fast enough, it’s not good enough. Always count on for thrill rides and having a great time.
ISTJ: tough perfectionist who silently judges you and fixes your mistakes when they think you’re not looking. Usually the one staring at you like you’re an unreal cartoon character come to life. Fun to mess with.
ESTJ: the boss of practicality who always summarizes your rambles into bullet points and charts. Can talk their way out of anything.    
ISFJ: forever the adorable loyal sidekick that will stick through with you to the end, even though they’re begging you to please reconsider this crazy adventure and go home. Ignore their request and bring them along anyway.
ESFJ: popular friend to all by demand. Gets along with everyone. Always questioning your lack of planning/timing but usually ends up going along with it anyway. Always count on to mother and take care of those around them.
ISFP: Innocent child at heart constantly fascinated and taking in the world around them. Hold them by the hand so they don’t get lost.
ESFP: wild child at the center of attention and everyone’s favorite. short attention span. be sure to spoil them rotten.
INFJ: profound poet with the ability to understand and analyze people on first encounter. best for deep heart-to-heart conversations. a little insecure so be sure to give lots of affirmation.
ENFJ: persuasive teacher who always wants to teach you something new. Able to convince you to try something you never would have considered before. best partner in crime.  
INFP: down-to-earth counselor naturally in tune with your emotions. Out to heal your deepest scars. Usually lost in their own world. 
ENFP: cheerful hero on a personal mission to save the world, whether people like it or not. Their socks never match. Usually forgot something at home and have to improvise on the spot. Multitasking not advised. 

List of emotions I’ve gone through today:
Tired because 6am exists
Late for bus
Mad at myself for missing said bus
Soaked and cold waiting for the next bus
Confused about work computer acting up
Mad and disappointed for dropping my lunch on bus floor
Stressed to get to doctors on time
Annoyed at said doctor for being late
Sad because I now have an official depression diagnosis
Drenched because I ain’t an umbrella bitch for a 100m sprint

And it’s only 3pm.

Digimon 30 Day Challenge ★ #09. Favourite friendship

Taichi and Yamato’s, of course! They’re the very reason I’ve been into this series all this time. :X There’s a lot more to these two than it meets the eye.

I always find the casual fan wondering how can they be such “good friends” after all fights they got through. xD Allow me to ramble about my favourite digimon topic.

A big “WTF” was kind of my reaction back then, I’ll give you that, but this doesn’t take a lot to figure out.

Taichi and Yamato have always been presented to us as “polar opposites”. Whenever Taichi wants to explore territory there’s a Yamato to hold him back. Back in the first episodes of Digimon Adventure, there’s a moment Taichi suggests they climb Mugen mountain to figure out their surroundings so the group can decide what decisions to make at a time everybody’s tired of looking after signs of human civilization without success. Yamato however thinks of the welfare of the group instead: it’s dangerous for children their age to climb and the mountain is known for wild monsters living there.

This is a pattern we see in many other later episodes up to the Dark Masters arc. Taichi encourages the group with his determination, tells everybody to not give up and to keep looking ahead, to defeat the next Dark Master. This is when Yamato tries to slow him down, going along with Mimi’s need to look back and mourn all friends who have sacrificed themselves and died to protect them.

Taichi wants to ease the pain by making sure their friends didn’t die in vain and the group can go home as soon as possible (the sooner they finish their misson, the better)….. Yamato wants to ease the pain by making sure the group has enough time to rest and to pull themselves together (their situation puts a lot of stress on them and people like Mimi who feels like crying all the time).

Behind the mask of apparent rivalry, Yamato and Taichi actually help and guide each other all the time. If you pay attention you’ll notice one always inspires the another to work harder. 

Yamato’s complaints and protests actually help Taichi know how and when to control his natural reckless decisions. As soon as the first leaves the group one would expect Taichi to enjoy the freedom of doing things as he pleases. But he doesn’t. When the group suggests to attack Pinnocchimon’s base, he finds himself taking a little bit longer than usual to make his decision instead. “What would Yamato say in this situation?”, he wonders. He clearly misses Yamato’s voice, his filter. 

This also works the other way around: Yamato’s so intrigued by Taichi’s sheer optimism and encouragement he feels he should be more like him. “Maybe Takeru would still need me.” Without Taichi around, he starts to overthink his problems and falls into depression, he sinks into believing noone needs him anymore, not even his brother - which is just not true. Taichi does. 

(Remember episode 51 Taichi decided to wait for him and didn’t falter; Yamato literally came to his rescue).

Yamato was also the first to react to Jou’s decision of trusting Taichi Gennai’s cards. Yamato’s actually the one who calls Taichi a leader, then compliments his personality and qualities right away. 

I think Taichi and Yamato’s rivalry and casual fights are more circunstancial than based on sheer pride. Rather than pride or ill intent, I think they’re both honestly confused as to why the another can’t understand their point of view.

Both really believe they’re doing what’s best for the group. They’re still children who have some hard time knowing how to deal with opposite points of view, and it’s Yamato who eventually figures it out:

This is the same episode we’re introduced to the concept of Yin and Yang.

When I was 12~16, I used to take Taichi’s side and think Yamato liked to contradict him out of pure stubbornness. Now I realise my POV was just as naive as his.

It’s impressing how mature (and perhaps too aware of their situation for his age) Yamato was. He isn’t stubborn - he actually presents valid points. Yamato’s only problem is he doesn’t know how to put his emotional wreck into words (unlike Taichi, who is always so vocal and extrovert to a point he may even sound nonchalant at times).

And I’m sure there’s digimon fans who must have gone through the opposite process. 

There must be fans who have always agreed with Yamato instead, and I believe some of them learnt, eventually, to admire Taichi’s ability of making decisions and taking risks at times nobody quite knows what to do and the whole world seems to conspire against them. There’s times we need to act in unknown territory and figure things out as we act. The path to adulthood is filled with moments like this; it takes courage to leave our confort zone and do what we must.

In the sequel “Digimon Adventure 02”, Yamato is still the guy who worries about his friends, but he has become less shy, even relaxed about it. We see him express many of his emotions and thoughts without much filter. 

Taichi has also changed thanks to Yamato. In 02, he seems to listen and to think (and to put himself in other people’s shoes) before he jumps into rash decisions. He manages to listen to Daisuke’s plea to go to Ken (who lives in Tamachi) while the whole world is being attacked (Episode 39, many gates are open in France, Russia, USA, and they need to deal with the digimon). Taichi tries to reason with Daisuke and make him understand they need to act asap, but when the young boy insists he can’t leave Ken behind to matter what, Taichi eventually understands and lets him go. His leader skills have been refined.

When we pay attention to this kind of character development, is it really that impressive to see Taichi and Yamato’s relationship escalate from “rivals” to “best friends ever”? 

Isn’t this exactly what friendship should be about? Perhaps friendship isn’t all about having similar personalities or similar likings, or having two people getting along all the time. While this can exist in a good relationship, anybody with minimum social skills can do it.

True friendship should be more about being honest and straightforward - it should be about learning with our friends… (we will struggle and fight as we go through this learning process) and - in the end - still manage to listen and to respect each other. It’s about getting over our different opinions and still manage to be ourselves as we get along.

Taichi and Yamato weren’t my first contact with “the hero and the lonewolf” trope (the Yang and the Yin) that gives life to most Japanese shounen fiction, but they were the first to catch my attention and to make me learn what it really means.

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Letters unsent;

The letters unsent to her father were scattered across the room – a room that has seen better days, she ponders – as she sat cross-legged. There was a chair next to the bed, as well as a small desk where she could write as she pleases – courtesy of the Scions once more – but she couldn’t get comfortable. Thus, Li sat on the floor, going through various blank pages, and others filled with nothing but her ramblings of her adventures before crumpling them up in frustration and throwing them somewhere behind her.

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Jily Fic Masterpost

personal favorites:

  • prank master extraordinaire - “imagine your OTP proposing repeatedly at different restaurants to get free food, but then person A proposes for real and person B thinks it’s another ploy”
  • in that moment we’re lost (and found) - Asha is born in late December, 1982. James remembers how loud everything was, how tightly Lily had gripped his hand, how terror had tasted all too familiar in the back of his throat when she had opened her mouth to scream.
  • of sickles and snogging - quote heard on campus: “it was the most sexually charged pie throwing i’ve ever seen.” (hogwarts fic)
  • these bones are made of breakable things - lily learns that sometimes, love is strong enough to break your spirit (and put it back together again) (hogwarts fic)
  • (delusions of) grandeur - “how many times do you get up to pee in the middle of the night, I think you should see a doctor about that”; alternatively, lily is pregnant and james is a true (rambling, tired) gryffindor (post-hogwarts fic)
  • be strong, saith my heart - this war will take everything they have, but minerva mcgonagall holds fast (post-hogwarts fic)
  • marauding - jily lives; james takes harry on an adventure (based on this post) (au fic)
  • light through yonder window - “you have five smiles, James, and none of them are for me”; alternatively, Lily remembers Hogwarts by the shape of James Potter’s smiles (hogwarts fic)
  • the wiser fool - “James is ring shopping and Sirius is being Sirius” (post-hogwarts fic)
  • censored - “Sirius is on babysitting duty while James and Lily get some well-deserved sleep” (post-hogwarts fic)
  • taking care of business - in sirius’s opinion, there is no need for wishy-washy, hazy, what-if scenarios (post-hogwarts fic)

prompt requests:

  • prank master extraordinaire - “imagine your OTP proposing repeatedly at different restaurants to get free food, but then person A proposes for real and person B thinks it’s another ploy”
  • snowflake kisses - “we’re strictly ‘platonic’ but we’re snowed in omg we’re gonna have to repopulate the earth”
  • shivering hearts - “what happens to jily the night after snape calls lily a mudblood”
  • slumber party - “you took all the blankets, so I gave up and got another one”; alternatively, Remus’ dry humor makes a guest appearance
  • camp hogwarts - “we’re both ‘team leaders’ at a summer camp for little people and you may be hot but goddammit my collection of twelve-year-olds are going to beat yours into the dust”
  • that damn baby bowser - “did you actually just blue shell me on our date you fucker”
  • the last enemy that shall be destroyed - “Person B knowing they’re about to die in the next few minutes due to their gaping wound and calling Person A to carry on a casual conversation, making sure to mention they love them before they hang up” 
  • details - “he found it incredibly difficult to focus”
  • (delusions of) grandeur - “how many times do you get up to pee in the middle of the night, I think you should see a doctor about that”; alternatively, lily is pregnant and james is a true (rambling, tired) gryffindor
  • those left at home - “how long has it been?” “i’ll be right over”; alternatively, lily misses a check in during a mission
  • foolish - “do you ever think we should just stop this?”; alternatively, the war is determined to take everything from everyone but lily is more determined to hold on
  • doctor knows best - “James and Lily have their first major post-marriage fight and Sirius has to play love doctor”
  • faking it - “Harry takes Ginny to visit his parents as his girlfriend for the first time and James and Lily pretend to be surprised”
  • chances are - “Ginny and Harry finally end up together and James is collecting bets”
  • all it takes is once - “Sirius’ best man speech is a list of all the different ways Lily rejected him but ends with the time she said yes”
  • the eye of the storm - “James is on an Order mission and Sirius is left to care for terrified newly pregnant Lily”
  • some sort of comfort - “stop trying to cheer me up!”; alternatively, lily evans just really sucks at comforting james potter
  • domesticity - “have you seen the…? oh.”
  • sports talk - “are you flirting with me?”
  • these corrupted lungs - “Lily and James have a fight so Lily goes to Marlene’s place and James ends up at the front door in the middle of the night”
  • little talks - “Sirius and James talk about their crushes on Marlene and Lily”
  • light through yonder window - “you have five smiles, James, and none of them are for me”; alternatively, Lily remembers Hogwarts by the shape of James Potter’s smiles
  • impossibly in love - “Lily and Ginny talk, one redheaded Potter to another”
  • the mourning song - “Lily takes James to meet her parents”
  • the wiser fool - “James is ring shopping and Sirius is being Sirius”
  • censored - “Sirius is on babysitting duty while James and Lily get some well-deserved sleep”
  • flirting: a how-to manual for the next generation - “Harry asks James for dating advice; Sirius puts in his two cents too”
  • this lullaby - “James and Lily never died and get to see their first grandson and James tears up when Ginny tells him what they named the baby”
  • the years that pass - “October 31 never happened and James and Lily are at Harry and Ginny’s wedding”
  • playing games - “James is a famous sports player and meets Lily during a press conference”
  • stolen moments - “Jily + sexy times but they’re older with kids in the house;” alternatively, Harry has three minutes to evade death by Lily.

au fics:

  • any reason to see james in a tux - AKA my ill-advised secret spy AU! part one is here, and part two is here
  • in that moment we’re lost (and found) - Asha is born in late December, 1982. James remembers how loud everything was, how tightly Lily had gripped his hand, how terror had tasted all too familiar in the back of his throat when she had opened her mouth to scream.
  • the things we bleed, the oceans we cry - jily pacific rim pt. 1
  • another taste of heavenly rush - jily pacific rim pt. 2
  • marauding - jily lives; james takes harry on an adventure (based on this post)
  • of legacy - jily lives; lily and james rush to hogwarts after harry’s first encounter with voldemort
  • comfort zone - ooc, no war; they cannot help but crash into each other, cutting deep beneath skin to find warmth

post-hogwarts fics:

hogwarts fics:

Things that remind me of the signs

Aries: blood red lips puffed with the passionate kiss of a lover, the satisfactory burn of pure vodka exploding in your chest, second day eyeliner smudged beautifully around tired and excited eyes, the sparks of ember emitting from a crackling fire

Taurus: the warmth of a fuzzy blanket wrapped around you on a rainy night, the smell of fresh linen on newly washed sheets, sharing headphones and holding hands on a stroll through the park early morning, people watching and creating stories of excitement and wonder with your best friend

Gemini: Strong cologne on a flannel to cover the scent of cigarettes, the ripple of water caused by skipping rocks on a lake, shuffling a deck of old playing cards, the feeling of a guitar’s strings strummed against calloused fingers

Cancer: laying in driveways at 3:46 am and stargazing with the glow of the moon as your only light, the lump of sheer happiness in ones throat only achieved by watching friends being happy, the warmth of putting your back to a crackling fire in the hearth of a fireplace, feverish writing of poetry in the middle of the night

Leo: the blinding flash of a camera, a wall of ivy that has wrapped itself around a building and overtaken its surroundings, waking up early to watch the sun makes its appearance for the day, water balloon fights with friends

Virgo: the clean smell of a sterilized hospital imprinting itself in your brain as you wait anxiously, blades of freshly cut grass tickling bare feet, the protection of an overcoat with the collar up to block the winter’s cold, washing the paint out of paintbrushes after completing a work

Libra: the push of a key on a typewriter to emit an inky reflection of inner thoughts, unlocking a safe to reveal the treasures within, all night Netflix binges, sipping a coffee alone in a book store with nothing but your thoughts

Scorpio: a house standing alone on a hill, tattered mystery novels, the secret satisfaction of karma coming back for one who has wronged you, adrenaline rushes from 2 am joy rides

Sagittarius: a crisp wind blowing through a still town, diving into a pool for the first time, the spread wings of a bluebird migrating, impromptu road trips with friends, the twinkle of adventure in one’s eye

Capricorn: getting a good grade on a test you didn’t study for, admitting your feelings to your crush, walks on the beach at night, pushing through harsh winds on a walk, an umbrella in the pouring rain

Aquarius: rain drops falling onto your fluttering eyelashes and letting the water obscure your vision so you can see the world in a different way, muttered ramblings with friends in the middle of the night about theories on the world, dance montages to pop songs, the confusion and beauty of unexplored galaxies

Pisces: first kisses between nervous couples, deep sea diving, excited dogs leaping up to greet you, giddy laughter, the rush of dizziness that goes to your head after standing up from a long rest

Gentle warmth, a yellow fireball clipping the horizon, all with the scent of maturing apples lingering in the breeze. A rusty swing creaking on a patio tarnished with crumbling broken planks, is what waits as the hunched shadow to go sit with the man buried in his arms. “Son why are you huddled while holding such a blank stare?” the old gentleman asks with frown on his, “why don’t you not looking at the clouds that hang overhead that are painted with the angles prayer”. The young man looks up from his lab with melancholy eyes while mumbling profanities under his breath, only replying to the geyser next to him, “For me these skies have no bright colors, only sorrows of time wrong spent. The old man pats the lad on the back and starts to ramble on about the days of his youth, while the young man just sits not listening while mumbling, “This grandpa is an old goof”. The old man shocks the old gentle by looking the man straight in the eye and saying to the grumpy young buck, “how is it when you are so young, you think of trivial things like wasted times”. The old man continued, “Come on just like me you have lived through some amusing days, so don’t waste thoughts on thinking back on the things went to waste. I have lived through some great adventures siting on this creaking on bench, from watching my children play, to teaching my grandchildren to ride their bikes in the backyard, and to me that is the best.” The young man looked up and said, “now that I think back I have had some good times as well, from campfires BBQ’s and even the times I used to cry when I’d fall”. Suddenly the young man had a small grin on his face and could see the colors of the sky he thought he erased. The old man then looked up and said, “you know when I was young my grandad had said that the colors that come with the sun goes away are the words of angles not far away.” The old man then said with a huffing large breath, “well its time I’d be going before the sun completely sets.” These words touched the young man as hunchbacks image became lose debris, the young man then looks to the horizon with a soaked smile and says, “Happy Birthday Grandpa, you would have been 83”.

Conflicted (Castiel Version)

Originally posted by natalieslusarek

Request: Do you remember conflicted (the one where Sam likes the reader and tells her after she gets rejected by her crush)? Could you maybe do that with Deanxreader and Casxreader as well? Ps you may already have this request, but I just wanted to be sure

Cas was conflicted. Should he hope that things go well, or that things don’t? He knew it was selfish to want things to go wrong, but when it came to who you were dating, he leaned towards being selfish. As your friend, he wanted you to be happy. But as someone who was in love with you, he wanted you to be happy with him. So there he sat, rereading the same lines of a random book, waiting for you to return. A few hours beforehand, you had embarked on the adventure of telling your crush that you liked them. You were finally doing it. After months of pining and rambling to Cas about them, you had done it. Halfway through reading the sentence for a bazillionth time, Cas heard the door of the bunker slam.


A minute or so later, you appeared in the doorway. Cas’s heart sank at the sight of you. Your eyes were red, and tears still rolled down your cheeks. One sniffle was all it took for Cas to cross the room and gather in his arms. He had been living with you and the Winchesters long enough to know that was the correct response. The comforting contact made you burst into loud sobs as you clutched at Cas’s shirt. The two of you stood there for a while. He broke the silence first.

“Do you want to talk about it?”


You pulled away, walking over to sit at the one of the tables, Cas following.

“I-I told them. Right away, no stalling. A-and, um, well-”

You took a deep breath.

“They are already seeing someone. It’s pretty serious apparently. They just…never mentioned it before.”

Cas took your hand gently, a gesture that made those now all too familiar butterflies rise in his stomach.

“I never wanted to say it before, but I always though Y/C/N was an idiot.”

You laughed.

“Yeah, you’re probably right. I don’t even know why I liked them, they-”

“Didn’t deserve you.”

“Thanks, but I’m not that great.”

“You are. You really are. I don’t know how Y/C/N can’t see that. Although I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little happy about that…”


“I’d have to deal with you dating another guy.”

“Cas…what are you saying?”

“I’m stalling”



“Stop stalling or I’ll have to kiss you.”

“I think I can help with that.”

You pulled him close to you, mirroring Cas’s smile. Cas wasn’t conflicted anymore.

Highlights from Miyano Mamoru Mixing! Live Yokohama Arena (2016.12.18) part 1

It just ended~!! Leaving the arena now~ so we’re allowed to talk about it now~
I’ll talk a bit about things that stood out to me ^^

1. It starts with Shout~ he was in a fenced cage, it was so intense.


3. Moon walking!!!!! Discotique!!!! WHICH THEN TURNED INTO A GIANT REMIX OF THAT EGOISTIC AND NEW ORDER AND B O D Y T O C K which then connected into moonlight and then…break it and then…ahh, there was a giant mash up of songs in a remix it was amazing

4. LET ME TALK FOR A SECOND. OF YOKOHAMA. THE BACKGROUND WAS BEAUTIFUL. in rinne, how close you are and gravity, the background images were beautiful. Omg.

5. The phrase that stuck with me…he said something along the lines of “everyone is having a great time right? Everyone is smiling! But I know, that underneath that smile, you are hurting, you’re in pain and have things you don’t know if you can overcome…in that time there are those who listen to my songs, and listening to them, I hope you feel like I’m by your side through my song, that you’re not by yourself” which then connects with The Birth.

6. @jennshaiel ^^ identity was a thing that happened~ it was beautiful, the petals in the background were gorgeous~


i need to go drink water…and meet up with @aishiteruitsumo6 So! I’ll hopefully talk more later~ ^^

Even though I wasn’t anywhere near any of the places clues were found and such, but it was really fun to watch the fandom work together (even through all the stumps and so forth), and I couldn’t be more happier and thankful for what Alex Hirsch did for us: taking the time to create this amazing Cipher Hunt! I’m sure it took a lot of time and effort to put all of this together (as he put clues in other countries, THE PUZZLE, and had all sorts of codes for us to decipher and stuff).

Truly it was an adventure, and this will be something that every fan in the Gravity Falls fandom will cherish forever.

Thank you so much, Alex Hirsch!