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Just imagine:

When Rosie is ten, they move to Sussex. It’s only a semi-retirement Sherlock will commute into London if the case is a 7 or higher, everything else he can pretty much do from the comfort of his own home.

Rosie is brilliant as she grows and when she’s fourteen, she announces she’s going to be a Forensic Psychologist, despite several conversations she doesn’t budge. It’s no surprise when she has her pick of universities in London even without Uncle Mycroft’s meddling.  Everyone is misty-eyed when she moves to London.

Sherlock worries immensely because he remembers his on uni days. After intense negotiations, John agrees it’s ‘reasonable’ to text her 3 times a day unprompted.  The rule doesn’t matter because she texts them constantly, telling them about her day and asking about the things at home.

Rosie being Rosie immediately involves herself in a ton of extracurricular stuff. One of her groups volunteers regularly at soup kitchens. The first couple of times she’s volunteering there are a few people who stare a bit too hard at her.  Finally, she snaps and asks one of the older women who have been staring for the past month what the hell their problem is.  The woman laughs and only says “No different than your father then.”

Rosie ends up involved in the homeless network, except she’s even more approachable than Sherlock because she’s 5′3″ and inherited John’s friendly face and some of his jumpers (she know they’re hideous but she wears them when she needs a boost of courage. It’s not uncommon for her to wander around in a hideous jumper and a cashmere scarf during exams.)

Rosie’s heart shatters when a batch of tainted drugs gets sold and several of the people she’s grown to call friends, die. Sherlock comes up and discovers the source, it turns out to be a case full of murder and intrigue but even if it hadn’t been he could never stand her tears and would have come anyway. 

Neither John nor Sherlock are really surprised when Rosie calls home one day and announces that after she finishes her Psychology degree she’s going to take a post-grad course in addiction studies.

Even though when she graduates it’s John who spends days gushing over how brilliant she is, it’s Sherlock’s quietly spoken “your heart would have been wasted on criminals” that lets her know she made the right decision.

The difference between my attraction to Martin and my attraction to Ben:

Me (seeing a pic of Ben) “OMG HE’S SO CUTE I JUST WANNA FUCKING SQUISH HIM” or alternatively “He’s so fucking handsome it’s a sin”


Me (seeing a pic of Martin) 90% of the time ~plethora of publicly inappropriate sexual thoughts that are down right DIRTY~ or alternatively “how is this man so fucking cute?” ~descends into hell of dirty ass thoughts~

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so i really don't know much about mandos, but i agree w your ideas on surrender. to me, (some) mandos were similar to like. citizen soldiers? as in they fought to protect their family and clan and way of life. and if the absolute best way to do that was to surrender, then why shouldn't they? there's no point in throwing away your life. 'dying's easy, living's the hard part'

The thing is, mandalorian fandom likes to present this … idk, idea? Vision? That “All Mandalorians” are warriors, always, all the time, and generally … no society has really developed for longevity if 100% of the population were soldiers all the time. So, yes, you’re absolutely right: there were many citizen soldiers. I basically agree with everything you said, tbh, and like … here’s why. It’s gonna take me a while to get to the point so I’m sorry in advance.

Like, the thing is, if we look at societies in our history on this planet, many of the cultures and vast empires that did comprise of mobile armies also comprised of a large population of noncombatants. People, as a rule, cannot survive on only knowing war. It’s just not realistic.

We also have canon and Legends showing us the same thing: a large portion of mandalorian society are non-combatants. They’re civilians, general citizens. They have day jobs, they have specialties, they have crafts. There’s children that go to school daily, there’s children that are home-schooled, and so on and so forth. There’s farmers, and smiths, and doctors (and politicians, and lawyers) and etc etc etc

“Dying’s easy, living’s the hard part,” is exactly right. And, tbh, the fact that mandalorians have a specific word (not a phrase, an actual word) for ‘throwing your life away foolishly, not brave’ points to an emphasis in cultural thought. Individual words don’t develop to be part of a vocabulary unless a word is necessary and needed to represent a specific thought or idea.

Societies cannot survive on military, alone, and to be honest … there’s this weird conceptualization of the word “surrender” that has been twisted to mean something it isn’t. And it’s turned into this horrible thing of never-do-it, in order to puff up how tough and strong someone is, individually.

“Never surrender” is an incredibly individualistic idea that, for the most part, is not supported by a culture that is borne out of a clan and culture first society. It makes sense in a society that worships individuality, because the individual’s freedom and personal actions are seen as holy, and responsibility and culpability to others is seen as chains to hold one down and restrict self expression — even for the self destruction that comes with never surrender.

But in a society that is developed from a clan first, culture first, family first perspective … “Never surrender” doesn’t have a positive context. Individualistic attitudes and behaviors are not positive when they’re put before the welfare of the family. Mandalorians core tenets focus and emphasize clan, family, people, first. There is no positive meaning to convey in an individualistic sentiment, because the individual is putting their pride first, and forgoing their responsibility to their family, their clan, and the people who depend on them.

And, I think, that extreme difference in basic cultural understandings, is the main underlying issue in what does it mean to surrender and how should it be treated in mandalorian culture. Western society, specifically, is incredibly individualistic, and that affects perception and understanding of “basic givens” (what we perceive as human nature, what we’re taught to be morally righteous, what is selfishness and how it’s punished/rewarded, etc) and interpretation of fiction — in this case mandalorians, who are based off of community-focused societies, textually, but are often written in the hands of people who are incapable of finding some kind of middle ground or nuance between individualist vs community. 

Sabine Wren, as an example, is actually a fantastic representation of what it means to be mandalorian. She, essentially, embodies her culture totally — and yet she also freely expresses her individual self. These things don’t always have to be diametrically opposed, but they often are.

Anyway, that was kind of a dramatic tangent lmao sorry. Actually, to touch on another point: I’m sure someone is going to read “they would surrender” and argue that it goes against one of the core tenets of mandalorians (answering the call to battle), but I would actually argue against that thought.

Mandalorians, in general, are actually welcome to disagree with a Mand’alor if they disagree or feel that that leader is not worthy. That’s an actual thing! Mand’alore have to actually work to earn respect, and the implication is simple: if that person then did something incredibly foolish or threatening, the people following them can outright stop following them on the spot. As Mand’alor, the leader’s responsibility is to the people, first and foremost. Where the people are required to fight for Mand’alor, they only have to fight for a Mand’alor they recognize. That recognition can, and is encouraged, to be revoked at any time if they don’t prove their worth in holding that title.

Sometimes, if surrendering is the wise choice, and the Mand’alor refuses to pursue it, then the citizen can, in fact, revoke recognition of Mand’alor. Individually, it could be seen as a betrayal, granted — but that action is generally not one taken individually. We’ve already seen it happen in The Clone Wars, too, so it’s not something that is just theory — though in this context it’s a refusal to surrender to a false Mand’alor. Still, the basic machinations apply: disavow a proclaimed Mand’alor to fight for mandalorian continued survival. 

And like, on first glance? Mandalorians absolutely are the “Proud Warrior Race.” But dig even a little deeper, and that superficial description fails to address all the intricacies of the people — and how survival has become integral to a shared cultural identity, because of past actions, because of a refusal to surrender.

Alec 100% notices how Magnus rubs his fingers together when he’s nervous or unsure so whenever he sees him do it, he reaches out and intertwines their fingers and gently squeezes his hand and Magnus just instantly relaxes and pulls Alec a little closer to him

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Hey! If you're up for it, could you write some malec + cuddles? I love your writing! Like seriously, please teach me how you write so well! ❤ ❤

movie night | izzy (+ malec) | 400 words

“I can’t believe we’re even debating this,” Simon says heatedly, as Isabelle takes a seat beside him on the couch. “We’re watching The Princess Bride. No arguments.”

“I thought we were doing a scary movie,” Clary whines, plopping down in between them and giving Simon an exaggerated pout. Isabelle has to give her credit, she’s good. Then again, boys are so easy.

“Our lives have been scary enough lately,” Alec pipes up. He’d forgone the couch in favor of the singular armchair in the room, claiming it for himself almost as soon as they had arrived at Magnus’s loft.

Clary sighs, but at least has enough sense not to redirect her pout. Isabelle smirks and wraps an arm around her.

“See,” she murmurs softly, “now you don’t even need the scary movie as an excuse.”

Clary blushes, and Jace does a bad job of hiding his snicker, leaning back against the edge of the couch at Clary’s feet.

It takes Simon a few moments to collect his jaw from the floor, but after a beat he finally gets up to put in the movie. She was mostly joking, but Isabelle still doesn’t move to take her arm from Clary’s shoulders. It’s comfortable.

As Simon is sitting back down, Magnus finally joins them as well. Isabelle watches with veiled interest from the corner of her eye as he surveils the room for a moment before striding over to Alec and unceremoniously settling down onto her brother’s lap.

She waits for Alec to protest, to playfully shove him off, but he doesn’t. Instead he smiles softly, color high on his cheeks, before wrapping his arms around Magnus, pulling him in even closer.

The breath catches in Isabelle’s chest and she looks away, back towards the movie, blinking back a sudden wetness at the corners of her eyes. It’s such a small, stupid thing, but she honestly can’t remember the last time she’s seen Alec so happy. So unguarded and in love.

She nudges a toe into Jace, subtly nodding her head towards Alec when he turns around in question. He rolls his eyes at the sight, but she catches the smile that forms before he can turn away.

She wishes she could bottle this moment and stretch it out – all of them warm and safe and alive, no imminent apocalypse looming. Just the people she loves together in one room. It’s perfect.

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Challenge: lesbian signs as bad pick up lines (I have more challenges btw!)

Aries: Are you my appendix? Because I don’t know what you are or how you work, but I have a feeling in my gut that I should take you out. 

Taurus:  “It’s handy that I have my library card because I’m totally checking you out.”

Gemini:  Are you an antiquer? Cause I have some junk that hasn’t been touched in years.

Cancer: Thank god I’m wearing gloves, because you’re too hot to handle 

Leo: *holding out hand* can you hold this while I go for a walk? 

Virgo: On a scale of 1 to America how free are you tonight? 

Libra: Are you french? Because maDAMN

Scorpio: did you fall from heaven because have sex with me 

Sagittarius: You must have a p-value of at least 0.05, because I fail to reject you.

Capricorn: Are you an orphanage? Because I wanna give you kids. 

Aquarius: I like your bangs and I like your boobs, and Id like to bang your boobs.

Pisces: I’m all out of raisins, so how about a date? 

Minnesota Gothic

The weather is a topic of conversation. It is the only topic of conversation. All conversations you have must mention the weather. You are unsure what would happen if you refuse to mention the weather. 

Winter is cold. The temperature continues to drop. Your breath freezes in mid-air and falls to the ground. Someone beside you chokes, their hand to their chest. You realize their breath froze before it left their body.

Summer is hot. “It’s a wet heat, not a dry heat,” they say. You take refuge in one of the few air-conditioned buildings remaining. Outside, a passer-by begins to melt. You do not want to leave.

Spring is capricious. One day you wear shorts. The next, a blizzard hits. “It’s not as bad as the Halloween blizzard!” people say as the snow piles up to the windowsills. You packed away your winter coat the day before.

Fall is capricious. Freezing rain coats the roads. The leaves fall. There is frost on the ground in the morning and blazing heat in the afternoon. It is impossible to dress for the weather. You put your summer clothes away before the hottest day of the year. 

The mosquitoes grow larger every year. You encounter the remains of an unsuspecting family out camping. Their bodies sprawl on the ground, drained of blood, mosquito bites covering their skin. Empty cans of mosquito repellent lie nearby. You hear a high whine in the distance. You flee. 

You keep hearing about Up North. You travel Up North. The population density drops sharply. The pine trees loom. The darkness between them lures you with empty promises. You return to the south, a lingering sense of disappointment in the back of your mind.

The concept of Minnesota Nice pervades society. You stand, transfixed, as the crowd advances upon you. They are all smiling, even as they begin to chant.

Someone mentions Edina in conversation. “Oh, Edina,” everyone says. You wonder what Edina could mean. You do not ask.

Everyone has a boat. You have a boat. You are not sure how you acquired it. If you sell it, it reappears. Each time you sell it, more eyes blink open on the hull. You do not sell it any more.

You need to go shopping at the Mall of America. You enter the mall. Mall security shrieks in their roost. The chains holding them in rattle. You squint at the maps to find your store. Though maps are posted everywhere, you cannot find the door from which you entered.

When someone hears that you live in Minnesota, they ask, “So what is it like living in an igloo?” and laugh. Their laughs creak and crack. 

You are unsure what “interesting” means. Whenever people say it, it means something different. You do not know if it is good or bad.

There are lakes everywhere. The water is slowly rising. As you swim, you watch as your possessions are slowly overcome. Eventually, you cannot swim any longer. 

@maylovely replied to your post:“What The Clone Wars did was present Duchess Satine Kryze as complicit…”

Thanks for this. I’m really glad people are starting to realize this but sad at the same time. I can’t even begin to explain how uncomfortable I was with Satine being seen as a peace icon by fandom when she is responsible for the exile/genocide of a non-white culture. And many people had trouble accepting that Satine was racist which made bringing up this issue in the fandom almost impossible.

And one could argue that Satine eradicating Mandalore’s warrior culture is a ‘good thing’, but the warrior culture is a diverse culture and that is how mandalore thrived. Satine erasing a diverse culture and replacing it with her “pure” white culture is extremely racist. It’s very similar to white people in history coming up foreign non-white lands and regarding the culture/people as savages right before colonizing and replacing the culture with their own.

I understand Satine was meant to be a symbol of peace, but if it’s peace at the sake of cultural genocide then is it really peace? Sorry for my ramble, it makes me so happy that someone is speaking about the topic of Satine and racism, and it’s being so well received.

You’re absolutely right tbh. Especially 

but if it’s peace at the sake of cultural genocide then is it really peace?

I’ve asked that same question, many many times.

But, as can be expected when dealing with any fandom, but especially star wars in general … The Clone Wars fandom has a very real problem of ignoring, and avoiding, dealing with racism — especially its own racism. 

I’ve been … around in mandalorian fandom for a long, long time. The most upsetting thing for me, when it comes to Satine and the New Mandalorians, was the way in which prior sympathies were radically flipped.

What I mean is that the larger Clone Wars fandom doesn’t seem to understand the context, or how fans were ostracized, made unsafe, with the introduction of Satine / the New Mandalorians. As you’ve said, 

It’s very similar to white people in history coming up foreign non-white lands and regarding the culture/people as savages right before colonizing and replacing the culture with their own.

Exactly this … and, as reflected in the show, so did it reflect in the community in the real world.

At the time the Mandalorian arcs came out on The Clone Wars show, the only canon representation of mandalorians we had were the Fetts. And people … don’t seem to understand that. At the time, mandalorians, as a people, were not white because the only canon mandalorians we had were Maori: Temuera Morrison as Jango Fett, and Daniel Logan as Boba Fett.

The Clone Wars did three things in one fell swoop:

  • stripped the Fetts of their cultural heritage and identity
  • presented mandalorians, canonically, as only white (and a specific type of white, in that)
  • and set up an in-universe environment and explanation that pointed to mass exile as The Right Thing To Do

Regardless of intent, the show made mandalorian fandom spaces unsafe for non-white fans because these three things, together, vindicated the already present white-supremacists whom have previously used Death Watch and mandalorians as an analogue for white supremacy. 

So, not only did they have Death Watch in Legends, but Satine Kryze and the New Mandalorians presented a heroic image of white supremacy in action. Suddenly, the very people we could easily recognize as villains had become heroes — the people we were supposed to sympathize with, care about, root for.

And the fans of Satine Kryze, and the New Mandalorians, were not and still are not able to deal with the discomfort of looking at just how they vindicated the ugliest parts of fandom, and how close in image and action Satine Kryze is to the very, very worst in the community.

So it goes, nonwhite fans pointing out racism and how they’ve literally been made unsafe was, and is, just a single sound in an echo chamber—because fandom would rather isolate and ignore than work together to improve the community. Fandom would rather ignore racism than deal with it. Fandom would rather call it “drama” than take a serious and critical look at themselves and protect the most vulnerable in the community.

Just like how the larger fandom ignores blatant acts of racism under the guise of “keeping the peace,” the larger fandom venerates and adores Satine Kryze without any criticism or critical look at her policies because she is, ultimately, the radical extension of that philosophy.

What better way to keep the peace than to remove all of the dissenters from the premises? What better way to remain a pacifist than to ignore the racism present in fandom spaces until it “takes care of itself” in whatever obvious conclusion that means? 

I saw how The Clone Wars’ New Mandalorians vindicated the racists in mandalorian fandom. I saw how it made fandom spaces unsafe. And I saw, and still see, how the mandalorian cosplay community fails, utterly and completely, time and time again, to eradicate the racist elements in their communities.

The New Mandalorians made fan spaces dangerous for fans over something that was completely avoidable. And I don’t think the larger Clone Wars fandom understands that, or has seen that, or cares about it. And I don’t think that Dave Filoni, nor Pablo Hidalgo, have ever really understood what they contributed to.

EDIT:: And I think we all know that George Lucas never really gave a fuck about the racism he enacted, or vindicated, or validated with his writing demands.

i have a question for you all: how many of you use ao3 regularly/should i start posting all my fics there, even the really short ones?