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I didnt wake up until around 2pm (needed to catch up I guess) but… Earlier my brother walked in with his friend and they were wearing identical outfits, these 70s looking glasses with high-wasted hot pink shorts. Neither said anything. I didn’t say anything. 30 seconds of silent eye contact and then they left.

It sounds like something they’d do but also it could have been a dream. I will have to investigate later, I don’t think Froge is home.

The difference between my attraction to Martin and my attraction to Ben:

Me (seeing a pic of Ben) “OMG HE’S SO CUTE I JUST WANNA FUCKING SQUISH HIM” or alternatively “He’s so fucking handsome it’s a sin”


Me (seeing a pic of Martin) 90% of the time ~plethora of publicly inappropriate sexual thoughts that are down right DIRTY~ or alternatively “how is this man so fucking cute?” ~descends into hell of dirty ass thoughts~

Okay- remember the time I bought two books on impulse and tagged + also the mail man smiled knowingly  ?

Same mailman brought me my mail today and he wore a Glow Cloud Pin!!!

Obviously I had to ask. He is a fan. He listens to the podcast with his daughter, who wants to improve her english. This beautiful person named Carlos(!!!) has tickets for a live show.

I just can’t with how amazing…

Thought you’d like to know @welcometonightvalebook

One thing I absolutely loved though was getting to see Alec and Izzy go on a mission together! And I loved the big guy coming onto Izzy and Alec going Protective Big Bro™ but letting her be in charge and fight her own battle

Alec 100% notices how Magnus rubs his fingers together when he’s nervous or unsure so whenever he sees him do it, he reaches out and intertwines their fingers and gently squeezes his hand and Magnus just instantly relaxes and pulls Alec a little closer to him

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- Waterparks (the band)
- Mutemath
- Walk The Moon
- New Politics
- The Griswolds
- Vinyl Theatre
- Finish Ticket
- Bastille
- Blink 182
- Green Day
- Fall Out Boy
- Simple Plan

Or anything like those. Thanks

I just had a thought

(Shocker, right?)

Okay so I really like the idea of Alec confessing that he loves Jace BEFORE he meets Magnus, because I think it’d give their relationship another layer and whatnot and its just a really big thing to me okay? cool

SoI was playing through different confessions in my head trying to come up with a fic and I have one that I really love that I cant write as a fic but I wanna mention anyway.

Basically, Alec is all emotional and is like “Jace, I love you”, and Jace is all like “I love you too, bro. we’re parabatai”, and then Alecs like “no. I love love you.” and Jace is like WOAH 

Basically Jace is freaking out because hes Straight™, and Alecs upset cause hes scared Jace hates him now, but then Jace is like “you cant do that” and Alecs like “what”

And Jace is like “you cant be in love with me” and Alec is like, about to cry and hes like “i know stop fucking reminding me”

BUT THEN Jace is like “no no no, you cant be in love with me because I swore to your sister that I’d physically fight anyone who tries to date you, and now I think I might wanna date you”

So like, Alec is OVER THE MOON and they kiss and its cute and stuff, but then Jace goes to Izzy and is all freaking out cause he doesnt wanna go back on his word but he also doesnt wanna fight himself and basically its just really cute and yeah

sorry my thoughts are messy