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Annabeth looking at her boyfriend vs Annabeth looking at everyone else

So I drew a single kid Stanley and then-

LadyNoir Headcanons

@megatraven​ and I were talking about how great mutually supportive LadyNoir is and we came up with a list of things they’d probably do when hanging out together:

  • bear hugs
  • sof han hols 
    • soft hand holds
    • not necessarily romantic, just holding
  • head rests
    • on shoulders, on laps, on foreheads, etc
  • rooftop picnics
  • I-Spy
    • they both pick silly things like a specific pigeon in a flock or a fork on a table inside a dark apartment a block away
    • Ladybug would pick a different branch on the same tree three times in a row
    • Chat would choose specific bricks or cobblestones
  • 20 Questions
  • Would You Rather
  • Truth or Dare
  • Never Have I Ever
  • Doodle contests
    • one of them would bring pencils and paper to share
    • they’d definitely keep each other’s doodles
    • they also both scrapbook them, along with silly pictures and selfies and add little notes in the margins
  • Chopsticks
    • that finger fighting game
  • that hand slap game
    • Chat is phenomenally good at it
    • Ladybug claims it’s because he has cat reflexes
    • but really it’s her clumsiness showing
  • movie nights on their phones
    • or Rabb.it movie nights with Ladybug and Chat Noir accounts
  • video game and anime references every 4 seconds
  • the floor is lava Extreme Mode™
    • all of the streets and side alleys are lava
    • and then an akuma makes it actually happen and now they are Experienced™

If anyone wants to add on, go ahead!

The witch is both the master and the servant to the ‘Gods’, giving and taking. We are kindle to their power, and in turn they inflame our spirits. Celebrations are held in their honor, and in turn secrets are given to the mysteries. This is a covenant as old as time, one that has endured even when we forgot. It is not forged from words or paper, but one crafted in our blood and spirit. It cannot be forgotten. 

Phoebus: they can call me useless all they want
Phoebus: you know I’ll supersede Neil Armstrong in All the history books. Carl Sagan would write about me in the afterlife, 
Ari: how do you propose to do all that
Phoebus: I’ll achieve something vital to mankind
Phoebus: I’ll get married in space
Malek: ew, who would put up with you for that long 
Phoebus: *looks at Ari*
Ari: *already running away*
Phoebus: duh, Ben would,
Ben: I bailed you out of jail one time, I can’t-
Phoebus: joint property bro.. you get to own half my shit
Ben: I can’t believe the first marriage in space is gay

heyyyy so let’s talk about jewish representation in media! from a lot of what i’ve seen these days, some kids shows have been including jewish characters and you know that’s great! however, it's… like it’s not even there really, one side character will make some reference to hannukah and then it’s over. like, k thanks for clarifying that not every character is the typical white christian good for u disney! what i’d really like to see is these characters, who have said that they’re jewish to be shown celebrating holidays OTHER THAN HANUKKAH hmmmm, going to synogauge, keeping kosher, and so much more! sure there is the excuse that the family isn’t all to religious, i mean mine isn’t either but we still keep all of the traditions, celebrate the holidays, all that jazz. if you are gonna use that excuse, you can’t slap it on everything! it’s basically erasing the “representation” that was created. this just really gets me going, like if you’re gonna say a character is jewish, don’t reference it once then be done. not how it works :/

after they lose a game

Ben: you honestly make me feel like I’m not some.. deadbeat on the sidelines. Ben: thanks for believing in me 
Ben: you’re my best friend.
Phoebus: that’s.. some.. Mac N Cheese…
Phoebus: you’re my.. Ben..st friend too

With super bowl 51 happening: companions playing football

Ada: serves as official of the match

Cait: gets MVP and throws Danse and Gage around like rag dolls, tackles deacon through a wall

Codsworth: asks why they’re carrying the ball in a game of “football”

Curie: is on side with a first aid kit and orange slices, cheering everybody on

Danse: tries to play seriously, ends up scoring a touchdown with Hancock, Deacon and Mac hanging off his belt

Dogmeat: runs around non stop trying to catch the ball

Deacon: MASSIVE show-boater, deathly afraid of Cait on the field, runs off the field when she chases him

Gage: gets benched for fighting all the time

Hancock: gets really happy when he gets the ball then runs away when he sees gage trying to charge him

MacCready: gets piled by Danse, Gage, Strong and x6 and is carried away by settlers on a stretcher

Nick: stands on the sidelines with his head in his hands CONSTANLTY

Old Longfellow: sits in the corner rambling about conversions

Piper: tries to do a report on the first football game in the commonwealth, but keeps joining in and jumping on Danses’s back

Preston: manages to run around everyone and score a touchdown before getting piled by EVERYONE

Strong: everyone wants him on their team, Cait and strong paired together can take on everyone, he destroys a wall by throwing the ball too hard

X6-88: keeps getting warnings for bringing weapons onto the field, gets benched for trying to kill MacCready

Maxson: makes it a mandatory sport for the BOS and introduces “Brotherhood Football” featuring power armour and grenades

Someone pls do art of the companions playing football pls

for @dannymillersthighs, who prompted a fic where aaron and robert were looking at silly facebook videos in bed! this got a bit soppy, but i hope you enjoy all the same.

white picket fences

Aaron settled back against his pillows, shifting so he was pressed close to Robert’s side as they lay in bed, unwinding after a long day. Robert had picked up the new book he’d bought in Hotten that afternoon as soon as his arse had hit the mattress, his shower soft hair messy and oh-so inviting as he focused on whatever sci-fi novel he’d been excitedly talking about all through tea.

It was endearing, how into reading Robert was. Aaron had never known about it during the affair, not really - a brief mention, or a book sitting on Robert’s desk at home farm the only indication of his favourite hobby.

Sometimes, he couldn’t quite believe just how domestic and settled the two of them were. There was always the nights that they’d fall into bed, unable to keep their hands off each other (god, he hoped they’d never lose that) but Aaron always enjoyed these quiet sort of evenings, when he’d be scrolling through Facebook on his phone, Robert engrossed in a book, the two of them doing nothing more than just enjoying each others company after a long day.

Aaron snorted as he noticed a video on his timeline, nudging Robert in the side to make him look. “That’s you,” he grinned, gesturing at the video, a dog jumping up and down on the screen.

Holding his place in the book, Robert angled Aaron’s phone so he could get a better look. “When he looks at his phone instead of you….” he rolled his eyes, laughing at the dog as it jumped in and out of view excitedly. “You’re an idiot, you know that?”

“You love it,” Aaron shrugged, continuing his scroll through Facebook, leaning a little more heavily on Robert now, the familiar scent of his shower gel practically assaulting Aaron’s senses.

He’d always bang on about how it was a waste of money, but Aaron loved how it smelled on his fiancé’s skin, the lemon scent clinging to his skin, his hair, his pyjamas. It was one of those little Robert things that always made him smile, the expensive branded bottle sitting next to Aaron’s cheap shower gel in the shower caddy.

Hitting play on another video, a screeching sound filled their otherwise quiet bedroom.

“What is that?” Robert scrunched up his nose, wincing at the noise.

Aaron grinned. “A baby otter,” he showed Robert the video, playing for the second time through now.

“You know, you make fun of Victoria for sharing all those cute animal videos, but you’re as bad,” Robert teased, shoving a bookmark into his book, setting it down on his bedside locker. He shoved at Aaron’s side, forcing him to sit up for a second so he could manoeuvre himself behind Aaron, an arm slung around his back.

Aaron settled back against Robert, the way his fiancé would cuddle him close like still a novelty, even after all this time. He could feel the steady rise and fall of Robert’s chest as they laid together, duvet tugged up around their waists. “Baby animals are always cute,” he defended, flicking past a few posts from his friends, Belle having had shared some video about a hairstyle to Liv’s timeline.

He loved that his little sister was a Dingle now, through and through, all of them having had taken Liv under their wing, Belle most of all. Liv needed that, she needed a family around her, needed more than just Aaron and Robert on her side.

“Wait, play that one,” Robert interrupted his train of though, pointing to a video Victoria had liked. “Are those stuffed cookies?”

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*Corypheus is defeated and Lavellan ventures out to the tavern for the first time in weeks. She sits across from Hawke and Varric and asks to be dealt in.*

Hawke: So, for someone who called you his heart, I’d say he was pretty Solas. Get it! Soul less! *grins goofily at Inquisitor Lavellan*

Varric: Hawke, now’s not the time…

Lavellan: I should have left you in the fucking fade…

Ben: Parker had to rush me to the hospital because I ate a week old sandwich
Parker, from the other room: Ben, it had fu-freaking mold on it. How did you miss that
Ben: I thought it was fucking matcha will you give me a break
Malek: matcha on a supppsed bacon sandwich??
Ben: shut the fuck up
Ben: it was Phoebus’ sandwich you know how experimental he gets
Phoebus: thanks for taking one for the team

i love how in a clash of kings theon thinks, “for robb himself, theon did have a certain affection, as for a younger brother, but it’d be best not to mention that” and then four pages later balon is already shouting at him for saying he and robb are like brothers.