schneider from one day at a time is 100% in love with his best friend penelope but thinks that she’s the most amazing person he has ever met and he is not even close to good enough for her, so he deflects his interest with humor and is happily encouraging as she tries to find love with other men. he is too quietly damaged to see that he is loyal and kind and just as amazing in his own way and penelope is lucky to have him in her life. instead he lets her dismiss any serious or attractive moment between them as a surprising fluke because he is grateful for what they have and would never want to risk their relationship by making any serious romantic gesture. but penelope will forever go to him in the middle of the night when she needs someone she can count on, without thinking about what that means, and he will forever crack jokes to cover up his feelings, and no matter who they date in the future they will be soulmates for the rest of their lives. in this essay i will

I know I keep harping this, but I hope you can still bear with me as I do another ramble about the Doctor Who trailer song.

I can’t help but think of Twelve, and the hard run Twelve had to go through, and how Thirteen is that same person, the same person who punched a wall made of a material harder than diamond for four and a half billion years because of grief and their desire to save their friend.

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And as Twelve, the same person who stayed in Darillium with River for 24 years, making up for the damage they caused.

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The same person who promised to stay with Missy for a thousand years

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And then the events of World Enough and Time and The Doctor Falls happened to all the people they cared about: 

Oh Bill. 

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(Bill deserves all the hugs.) 

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And failed to save, and Twelve still tried to stand against an army of (Mondasian) Cybermen to save a few more people. 

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Without hope. Without witness. Without reward. 

The Doctor ends up alone in a battlefield, dying until Bill comes along with Heather and spirits the Doctor back into the TARDIS.

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And Twelve tries to stave off his regeneration because he’s just so tired of the treadmill that is their life, but the TARDIS finds a way to convince its oldest friend and truest companion to give life another go. 

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 Twelve hung on enough even when they thought they made up their mind but the TARDIS wouldn’t let her Doctor give up because of that the Doctor had an opportunity to change their mind. 

Because god, they’ve just had the hardest fight and lost so many, but the Doctor came out of all that through the other side. 

This is why, for me, the part in the chorus is so poignant:

I made it through the darkest part of the night 

And now I see the sunrise

And, d’you know what? 

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They did see the sunrise. 

My Father dropped from his horse almost before the animal had stopped moving and strode, oblivious, through six layers of ceremonial reception, to take my mother in his arms. I stared, remembering his words after we’d escaped Hanaktos. As I watched him lift her off the ground, watched her wrap her arms around him and lay her head on his shoulder, it was apparent that I had misunderstood what he meant when he said that only I was “important.”

Sounis Sophos in Conspiracy of Kings

Earlier in CoK, there is a wince-worthy moment where Sophos’s father is being asked about his family members and he vehemently says that “only Sounis (Sophos) is important– implying that he couldn’t care less about the women. His appearance of Attolian-esque chauvinism irritates Sophos off and then here we all realize along with him that his father told others that his wife and daughters were not important to him so they wouldn’t be linked to him and in danger of being held even more deeply hostage than they already were. So that those men could not use his family to leverage power over the men.
I love how much hugging and holding and kissing there is in CoK. There’s so much very direct affection and innate trust in each other’s touch. It works to contrast so starkly against the timid shyness and trauma and fear that permeates Irene’s and ultimately Eugenides’s worlds where they love each other but even slight physical contact comes with such trepidation and hesitation.

The "bear hugs” that Sophos gets from his father at least twice. How in the villa siege, Sophos climbs off the balcony and catches his mother and sisters as they leap into his arms and his littlest sister “positively throws herself off the terrace.” Real family intimacy to have so much trust in each other. How Sophos “picks his sisters up with one arm.” How Helen “hugs herself” almost subconsciously in difficult times and Sophos automatically reads that as a request for comfort and goes to her.

It’s like, even with the problems with his father that he had growing up, Sounis still had very direct, openly expressed affection modeled for him within his family (far more than is normal in my own family) and as a result he has a lot of trouble reading and accepting Irene’s affection for him. When it was there the whole time. In her chilly deadpan way she pretty much tells him everything she knows about how to rule a country. That was her way of opening up to him showing love to him even though he didn’t know it.

I loved how in that moment we saw that Irene loved Sophos because she knew that Gen loved him and Sophos loved Gen. The same way Gen’s love and loyalty to Relius and Telius was unconditional no matter how badly the started off.

And I think what CoK is reminding us here is of all the different languages of love out there that there really are. And to consider what others in our own lives have been through that they are sometimes limited in how they can express their love and commitment and devotion to someone. So be open to the subtle Attolia-esque nuances of that subtle affection.
Oh and I would like to think that a lot of that reserve falls away the moment Attolia takes Eddis’s hand when Sounis is leaving. Even Helen struggled to read Irene initially… “She is slow to trust…. but yeah I didn’t say I was swearing any oaths to her!”

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I don’t know who made this, but whoever you are, I love you. The Spongebob music is perfcet.

Also dang, this reminds me just how awful antis are towards Lauren

mercury retrograde is finally over but there are still several planets in rx! mars retrograde has an especially profound impact right now. the placement of this powerhouse planet has many of us feeling tired, groggy, drained, and ‘out of it’. time seems as if it’s working against us rather than for us. now is a good time to set boundaries between work and personal life. don’t overexhaust yourself. take it easy, slow down, and breathe. don’t beat yourself up for feeling a lil lazy right now!

The way I imagine Roman as a vampire is this:

  • Been around for god knows how long. Even he doesn’t know.
  • Probably just before or during when the Romans (haha) invaded the British isles.
  • Been in Ireland sleeping for long periods of time. Like a hundred years or two. That’s a nice nap.
  • Somehow always ends up getting himself accepted by some rich people and charming them until he eats somebody’s cat or somebody notices he doesn’t age or something.
  • Pretty sure he was cursed or something when he was young but doesn’t remember why.
  • Is usually poised and can fake a lot of accents but will sometimes curse in dead languages when he stubs his toe or something.
  • “Don’t vampires eat spiders or something?” “It is below my dignity, and they’re really gross alright”
  • *screams when people sneak up on his as he tries and fails to use the mirror*
  • Loves modern mirrors. No silver in them.
  • There was a legend near this old castle once that young men that went wandering alone at night got abducted and had their blood drained. They were right of course but a lot of the guys that stumbled back to the farms drunk on blood loss but very much alive did not seem to regret their decision at all.
  • Overly dignified but afraid of rats for some reason. Will jump on a chair and scream as all his mortal friends roll their eyes.
  • One time somebody put a wild rose on top of his coffin and he had to wait for it to rot away to dust before he could leave. Immediately got to destroying as many cows as possible afterwards. Might have killed a rude landlord. He can’t recall.
  • What’s your name, sir?” “Uh, my name?” *violent flashbacks to getting slapped by a Roman soldier* “Uh, Roman. Um, Prince… Roman. Hailing from the uh… French areas. Yes, that is me.”
  • Can’t use modern touchscreen smartphones because his fingers are too dead
  • “I know humans sweat but is that really an excuse for them to smell like that?”