Who the fuck even knows anymore (06.17.2016)

So I’m a nervous driver (mostly cause I haven’t been doing it for very long, I just got my unrestricted license like 2 weeks ago (3???)

Anyways, so I recently have felt Sigyn around and I’m driving home from my friend’s house this morning and everything is going smooth I MEAN EVERYTHING

Like, I was low on gas which I was nervous about, no problems, every red light turned green right before I got there, fav artist came on the radio, the utility truck that was parked by my house (I live on a busystreet and would have had to drive around it to pull in, which I was nervous about) was gone by the time I got back

So while I’m driving and noticing all these great things, I couldn’t help but wonder if she was involved and right as I was wondering that, the Mjölnir I wear that i have asked the Æsir/Vanir to use as a connection for a godphone suddenly felt so cold I could feel it through my shirt AND my binder on my sternum as if it was touching skin

Which of course made me smile



Morgan Jones, Prophet?

In season 3, episode 12, Rick, Michonne and Carl stumble across a very survivalist mode Morgan Jones outside his apartment as they scavenge for guns for the prison. There, he tells Rick of his prophetic visions, which at the time seemed like the ramblings of a madman. But looking back on it now, it is now possible that these words were the words of the lone sane man in an insane world. I will go through these quotes one at a time to show how they are relevant to the Beth/Morgan connection and the Beth Resurrection theories.

“It’s my job to clear.”

            Scott Gimple wrote this episode. If indeed he had a plan prior to becoming official showrunner, it not only makes sense that the trio should come across Morgan at this point, but also that he make his second return at this juncture in the story. Morgan’s job is to clear. Add this to the very painstaking writing on his apartment walls (which the producers said they spent hours being meticulous about) “Zack turned” “Eugene turned” “Transport Bef” “No more cypress” “The handoff” “No KIA for Bef” “ Not happen/lived” “Ibben lived” etc. we can easily conclude that he was being set up to “Clear” something later on. That thing may very well be Beth’s alleged death by a bullet to the head.

“You don’t clear me!”

            This was shouted in Rick’s face. If we look at it deeper, it could mean that—in actuality—Morgan is the one who clears Rick, rather than the other way around. Morgan returns at this point to clear the error Rick made in not going along with his original plan to take Grady by stealth force and instead listening to Tyreese and Daryl. The error apparently cost Beth her life. But what if it didn’t? What if Morgan’s ‘coda’ is to reverse Rick’s decision by being the one who discovers Beth after she saves herself (to paraphrase Daryl’s words)? I looked up ‘coda’ the musical term on youtube, and I found out that in a D.S. al coda, the music stops at the coda, goes back to the D.S. and then returns to the coda but with a different ending.

“The weak people—the people like me? We have inherited the earth.”

            Who—prior to season 4B—was seen as weak in our group of survivors? Beth. Beth! We learned differently in season 4. We learned that Beth is—quoth Norman—“emotionally one of the strongest”. Additionally, in season 5A we also learned that Beth is physically very capable as well. But prior to season 4 we knew none of this. All we knew was that Beth was a girl who initially thought she couldn’t handle the world which was now presented to her. She was weak. But she survived a suicide attempt. She survived a winter moving around with the group with no safe haven to go to. She survived seeing her mom and half-brother turned. She survived the illness at the prison. She survived weeks meandering around with a hopeless Daryl. She survived all the abuse she took at Grady at the hands of Dawn and her slimy male officers. She proved that she isn’t weak, but originally this was how her character was presented. And she inherited everything. She inherited the will to survive from her late father, Hershel “If you don’t have hope, what’s the point of living” Greene himself. She inherited a set of skills at the prison, the ability to kill walkers. She inherited another set of skills in her time alone with Daryl—the ability to track. She inherited a third set of skills in her days at the hospital—the ability to kill people. The “weak” Beth Greene inherited all the skills need to live on this new, zombie-plagued earth.

            Morgan Jones is not back by accident at this point, my fellow Team Delusioners. Nor was his appearance in 312 some coincidence. It seemed out of place at the time, but in light of recent events, it makes more and more sense to those of us who know how to read the signs. Morgan is the ‘coda’ to Beth’s alleged demise. He is the link to show that we will go back over the music to the D.S. to get our alternate ending.

One more thing: Remember on their way to King County, Rick, Michonne and Carl drive past a backpacker who begs them to stop, and they don’t? Yet, after encountering Morgan, they stop and pick up the backpack on the way back to the prison, even though the backpacker is long gone? What did Beth have with her when she was taken by the Grady cops? Her black backpack with the money Daryl took from the country club next to it. What did Morgan see on the ground outside the church in his ‘coda’? An identical black backpack with money spilling out of it.

Holy. Shit.

I’m afraid of the day on which I will lay down to sleep and my mind will suddenly cease up, then spasm — forcing the heart to beat itself like a war drum. I will be 50 years old and my entire mundane life, up till this moment, will be played on the screen plastered to the ceiling. In these moments my soul will vanquish all of what currently distracts, and I will face the corner of truth I had long since forgotten.

“What have you done with your time?”


OOC: Enjoy the ramblings of a madman. Here’s the video