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I often read comments like “Final Fantasy XV is a bad game and lazily made” or “Instead spending money on a movie and an anime they should’ve spent more time and money on the game itself!” which often leaves behind feeling a little hurt because that’s not true.
My reasons for that are below the “read more”.
Don’t take my rambling too seriously but maybe think about it.

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so there was this mASSIVE CRASHING/SLAMING NOISE?? OUTSIDE?? JUST NOW?? like our whole heckin house shook it was like something fell from the sky and landed right next to us like what the heck

my mom went out to talk to our neighbor (who also felt it and wanted to be sure he wasn’t the only one who did) but I’m like,,, ,, lowkey freaking out what the hecc was that i’m calling aliens right here right now lmao

Maybe our greatest battles and tribulations shape us into who we’re meant to be and who we actively decide to become. Tragedy brings pain and suffering, and from such darkness can come understanding and growth. Indeed, agony may be necessary to inspire seeds of growth within each of us. Perhaps by growing, We can rise above all this chaos and bullshit that our society manufactures and help a fellow life traveler to do the same. We must help one another see the beauty and potential beauty in everything. Our progress as a species may seem slow and stuttered; perhaps our growth has been stunted by the ravenous greed of obtaining and possessing.

What if our focus was not to conquer, but to understand? Could you imagine the infinite possibilities we could discover by living with love and acceptance? Gradually, one person at a time, we become a network of support, growing in harmony, harnessing the powerful flow and energy of collective growth. Perhaps then, the world won’t be destroyed and we can find our humanity as a species again.

All it is, is hope, really.
Maybe we were meant for more than this.

—  //grow with me now// 💕👽✨🙌🌱 @chameleonlotus

The hounds of the Aglionby Hunt Club howled it that fall: away, away, away.

I just wonder…why don’t people believe in astrology. Astrology is literally the study of stars and how the planets intertwine. Us humans are made of the same materials as stars. It wouldn’t be a mere coincidence if we somehow develop traits based off the alignment of stars and planets. It’s a science for a reason. It involves logic and critical thinking. Astrology should be used as a guide. We are the same as stars.

Tropes that are totally overused and cheesy that I can’t get enough of:

-everyone, even all the nameless crowd people, pulling together to overcome huge, seemingly impossible to fight threat, forgetting all their past conflicts to achieve one common goal while epic music plays in the background

Why do people always assume Prompto was a bad influence on Noctis? Maybe it was the other way around? Maybe Noctis was the one who wanted to stay out late or go to the arcade. If he didn’t go home, he didn’t have to take the responsibilities he didn’t want in the first place. Maybe he just wanted to be a normal high school boy doing normal high school boy things and here comes this sunshine child who just wants to be friends with Noctis and treats him like an actual normal high school boy. Not saying Prompto is entirely innocent himself but come on guys, look at that sunshine child. He just wants Noctis to be happy. You can’t tell me he didn’t easily give in to Noctis’s rebellious whims.

Resident Evil Characters as Onion Headlines
  • Chris Redfield: Man Keeping Running Total Of How Many People In Gym In Worse Shape Than Him
  • Claire Redfield: Siblings Quietly Relieved Older Brother Setting The Bar So Low
  • Jill Valentine: I Am Tired Of These Constant Near-Death Experiences
  • Albert Wesker: World Death Rate Holding Steady at 100 Percent
  • Leon S. Kennedy: Man Who Thought He'd Lost All Hope Loses Last Additional Bit Of Hope He Didn't Even Know He Still Had
  • Ada Wong: Relationship Not A Power Struggle, Woman Who's Winning Reports
  • Barry Burton: Psychologists Say It Perfectly Natural To Fantasize About Sandwiches Other Than One Currently In Hand
  • William Birkin: New Study Going To Take Another Week Or So, Report Scientists Who Look As If They've Been Crying
  • Sherry Birkin: Area Seventh-Grader Now A Woman
  • Alexia Ashford: Wealthy Teen Nearly Experiences Consequences
  • Carla Radames: Kitten Thinks Of Nothing But Murder All Day
  • Derek Simmons: Dating Profile Flatly States Man Looking For Someone He Can Control

Ok I didn’t want to create a discussion but I feel like I really need to say this because it really makes my throat tie up. There have been a tendency to fling around the word “pedophile” towards people in fandom lately, and not in an appropriate way. Now pedophile is meant to mean a sexually developed person being attracted to someone that is not (prepubescent), but I’ve seen the word exclusively used at 20+ year olds people dating 17-18 year olds, or sometimes even teens at 18-19 for dating people two years their junior. These people claim they are trying to “protect the kids” by using this word like a slur, even though they’re often aware they are using it incorrectly.

Why do people use this word even though it’s fundamentally not at all what their cause is representing? For the same reason people bring up the holocaust or Hitler trying to win arguments - because it’s an incredibly negatively loaded word that just about everyone is sure to recognize as such, and they are trying to win points by pulling at the emotions associated with it rather than the actual facts of the situation.

Does it matter? YES. By misusing a word like this you trivialize VERY REAL child sexual abuse. An older teen is sexually mature and can initiate and even force these relationships of their own accord. A teen can be a sexual predator towards younger and older people. A child have not yet developed these urges or interests and would never ever take part of these activities willingly. While there can be a definite power imbalance at play with a late teen/adult turning it into an abusive relationship, it is not the same as the kind of fear that is used to keep a child silent about something they never wanted to be a part of. It is disgusting, is triggering, and it is disturbing to see these two being acknowledged as the same thing.

“So should you not use the word at all?” Uh, yes of course you can, in a situation where it’s actually applicable. You should however not use it in a way that makes is seem like any less than what it is, which is a blatant projection of power wherein one party is always forced into it with threats of hurt or rejection from their loved ones or something else fueled out of desperation.


The Keith Effect

Unable to reach her family due to the Galra empire’s annoying existence, Pidge gets super frustrated and blows off steam by training with Keith. Or rather, being trained BY Keith, which has some behavioral rub-offs in combat-oriented situations.

Where did all those feelings go? People spend their whole lives looking for love. Poems and songs and entire novels are written about it. But how can you trust something that can end as suddenly as it begins?
—  Nicola Yoon, The Sun is Also a Star

Honestly, one of the greatest moments in LGBT history was when Precious Bisexual Angel Kenny Omega overthrew Homophobic Redneck AJ Styles to become the leader of Bullet Club, and I don’t think we celebrate it enough.

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so, we know malek likes dallas. but, is it the same compared to previous partners his had? like, the same intensity, the same feeling? or is it sometjing completely different?

Man, to be honest Malek is just so full of love, he’s loved all his partners from before. But with Dallas, it’s a little Different, because it starts with pity.

In the beginning, Like waaaaaay before. I mentioned, Malek was asked by their Geometry professor to tutor Dallas at Math. Dallas was the first to have a Crush on Malek, and Malek always sorta Suspected, but then his girlfriend at the time, Ellen Weir, would tease him, like, Don’t flatter yourself, Margo’s clinging to you because he doesn’t have any other friends, and Malek would always feel a little guilty because he’d turn down Dallas when Dallas was all, Hey, u wanna hang out later? 

and he’ll think about Dallas and how his face would fall Just A Little when Malek says he’s busy.

Dallas was Not Malek’s type. Like, Malek liked those kind of people where it’d take One Look before you know they’re really good-looking. Conventional attractiveness. Dallas isn’t Conventionally Attractive! He had big, tired owl eyes, a broken nose, and his head always sagged on his shoulder, like his chest was too heavy for his spine to hold up. When Ellen pointed out that Dallas had no friends, Malek’s heart felt really heavy, and once he takes Ellen home, he’s like, he up and RAN to Dallas’ house, and he sees Dallas playing with his dogs, and Malek’s heart did a funny little thump, he’s never been so endeared?? Over some guy who’s only friends are, apparently, large dogs.

The smile on Dallas’ face when he sees Malek, is like, the same expression a puppy would make like!! !!! friend????? !!! Friend!!!!!!!!!

ok so to procrastinate more than I already have, here are some Lance teaching Keith to swim headcanons based my tags on @yaxxm  ‘s post because I teach swimming and people are ridiculous.

  • Keith literally has no clue how to swim. closest thing to a pool he ever entered was his bathtub
  • Lance literally not remember NOT knowing how to swim, which occasionally impedes his teaching because it’s so obvious and ingrained in him that he doesn’t know how to describe how to do it
  • this leads to Lance moving Keith’s body for him when they get past the basics of “how to float and not drown” so he knows how it’s supposed to feel which isn’t awkward in the moment but afterwards both are like “I can’t believe I touched his thigh like that?? what am I doing I’m going to D I E” and “Lance…has very soft hands when he moves my arms and hands??? I want to just regular hold his hands this is T O R T U R E”
  • Anyway Keith is literally that dude who just stands at the shallow end gripping the wall for dear life that every lifeguard ever tries to telepathically prevent from going anywhere else or put on a damn lifejacket
  • Once Lance gets over “I can do something Keith caaaaan’t” he actually offers to help and is a good teacher for the most part
  • Keith is a horrible student
  • He not only is slightly terrified of the water but also way too stubborn to admit it and take actual advice that actually works (keep your chin up you doofus)
  • They are in like. rib deep water. Keith can obviously stand. Keith instead insists on clinging to Lance like a frickin’ koala. Lance almost bruises with how tight his arm was being gripped.
  • First lesson: how to recover from a float. not even the float. just the recovery. literally putting your feet under you and standing. in water. you can stand in. which is where they are.
  • that’s a lie first lesson is “walk around where you can touch without panicking”So they end up holding hands and walking around the pool for like. half and hour. that was all they did that day just. hold hands. in water. 
  • they were both internally screaming the entire time because they were hoLDinG HaNdS
  • eventually, they think he has it (spoiler: he doesn’t)
  • commence backfloat practice and it’s ok but then Keith DOESN’T LISTEN and tries to bring his knees to his chest (seriously why do people do this???) so he starts to sink so he flails and the subsequent neck clinging and cheeks being pressed RIGHT TOGETHER as Lance literally picks Keith up out of the water to calm him down are his own fault.
  • It’s a funny position because of the koala-ing so Lance had one arm under Keith and one all the way over his stomach and they end up chest-to-chest when Lance gets Keith standing
  • there is blushing because swimming and swimsuits and clinging means there’s a LOT of skin was touching there.
  • And their faces had been PRESSED AGAINST EACH OTHER. 
  • they do not acknowledge this at all. 
  • Lessons are over for the day. Lance reconsiders his life choices and tries to figure out how he is going to survive Keith clinging to him in the pool every day.