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sanvers body language

So like all sanvers fans anyone with eyes and a heart, I was once again riveted by their scenes in last night’s episode. Chyler and Floriana’s body language speaks volumes so I’m gonna focus on that.

We start with Alex hanging out with her squad at the alien bar. Enter Maggie

Maggie who keeps her distance, kind of a primal instinct waiting to be allowed entry into another person’s territory in case Alex feels the need to run or yell or throw something. Her stance is awkward, exposed, not quite sure what to do with her hands. ‘Danvers’ after choking on her drink at the sound of her name, is all fidgety. Fixing her jacket, hesitant, nothing like the Alex we see around the DEO.

Then Kara has the heart to give Maggie some serious shade and we get this jewel

Maggie’s ‘uh was that just a nerd’s version of the shovel talk?’ look and Alex pauses from her unease to savor a little righteous justice on her behalf.

But it falls away when Maggie asks her to talk. She kind of shrugs and looks down, comforting herself a little before having to face a situation she’s not ready for.

Maggie uses her hands to talk, a welcoming gesture as if trying to bridge the space between them and make some kind of connection. But Alex is shrugging and shaking her head as she replies, trying to minimize the situation, rationalize it away. But it’s superficial and you can see the feelings she’s pushed down trying to resurface.

When Maggie says, ‘Still friends?’ Alex has too look away, hiding her first reaction to the words. Then she only briefly meets her eyes with a halfhearted smile before looking down. She can’t bear to look at her just now and hurries off without a word.

This is the Alex Danvers Alex has carefully molded to present to the world–fighter, sister, protector; strong, reliable, rational. The Alex Danvers that says she is fine and swallows her feelings as she walks away.

Next stop, police station garage, where although Alex is still not comfortable at all, their steps immediately sync up as soon as they see each other, like their bodies just respond to each other despite their best efforts. They also kind of look amazing together.

While Maggie’s body language is open and relaxed, Alex is tense, tight fist, squared shoulders, defense mode. But this is a different Alex from the Alex in the bar. This Alex is not hiding, she’s is vulnerable and emotional because she’s expressing her feelings, but she’s much braver. She stands tall. Doesn’t hesitate. Looks Maggie straight in the eye. Her comfort gestures are gone and she is expansive and assertive because she’s honest and her shame in her feelings is gone.

‘I was sure about one thing and that was my feelings for you.’

But now Maggie is thrown. She didn’t realize how strong Alex’s feelings were and having them laid out so confidently touches something in her. Her chill is gone and the ‘just friends’ façade she had almost convinced herself she could pull off crumbles.She looks lost, yearning, as she watches Alex leave.

Next is our action scene.

I love this scene cause despite their earlier falling out they are perfectly in tune. There is a natural complicity and trust between them on the job that usually takes years to cultivate. There is no hesitation or doubt that the other has their back.

In the scene at the end Alex is completely taken by surprise and her immediate reaction is to cross her arms, a gesture of comfort and protection.

And Maggie, we’ve never seen her this vulnerable, not even when she was talking about her ex breaking up with her. Here eyes are so full, like they could overflow at any minute, a lot of feeling and pinch of panic.

‘I care about you…a lot.’ 

She smiles, but it’s nervous, like she’s trying to help herself through it. She looks down and away, to gather herself every so often. 

When she’s done, Alex can’t look at her while making up her mind, like it would be too hard to decide anything if she did. She looks away, steps around her, buys time. When she does look back it’s still sad, guarded and vulnerable, a peak over the shoulder, not yet ready to open herself to Maggie again, but willing to give something.

And Maggie’s face. Oh to be this happy.

All this to say, Chyler’s and Floriana’s acting is incredible, they act with their whole bodies which makes their scenes especially meaningful. I look forward to getting slayed by these ladies on a weekly basis.

Bonus: Alex Danvers fight panty dropper mode.

(special thanks to @lapizsilkwood​ for the gifs)

Just Another Murder Mystery: Part 13

Alternate Ending:

Laina: But… I’m not a detective. 

Meg: *long suffering sigh* I was being facetious. 

Meg: Who could resist?

Laina: …. Wait whut?

Meg: *continues rambling* I was kind of surprised actually…

Meg: All that preparation for nothing!

*proceeds to villain monologue*


*and ever* 

*and ever* 


Meg: *flails* ……. And that’s how it happened.

Meg: Easily. 

Meg: *reaches for something* 

Laina: *tenses* 

Because every great villain needs a good mustache.


Meg: *drops to the floor* *is dead-ed* 

Laina: *smirks* 

Laina: *stares down at Meg’s lifeless body* 

Laina: Thanks for doing all the dirty work for me darlin’. 

*door bursts open*


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How is your growing fma merch coming along? And (if you dont mind saying) what have you acquired this far?

I like to think it’s coming along nicely! I’ve actually got two more rubber cell phone strap keychains  coming in the mail but I think this is everything (not counting duplicates)?

#i feel like a mom driving my two children in a mini van trying to keep up with their thoughts#as I fondly remember the cute grocery store patron who gently had her hand linger as we grabbed for the same sack of potatoes#and I contemplate leaving my failing marriage from my garbage husband and I’d take you two with me#because surely that woman would understand and would want to help enrich your lives

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I listen to my children in the back seat arguing… Honestly, I’m not sure I even know what it is going on, but swiftly, and with a single sentence, I answer their question and settle it. They’re disgruntled, but also pleased. I ask them, feeling a sense of whimsy, “Would you like to get some ice cream?”

Squeals of delight call out into the air at the thought of such a treat.

“But why are we getting ice cream, mommy?”

I look in the rear view mirror. Their faces reflecting the joy I once had in my heart that now runs cold. “I just want you to feel happy,” I tell them, honestly.

They do not know. I pray they never will.


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“Pete! Did you finish that chem assignment? Because I am literally stumped and could really use your…” You trailed off as you looked up from the messily written notebook page to see Peter standing in the middle of his room in what was either some really good cosplay or what explained why he had been acting so weirdly the past couple of months.

“Uh…school play?” he tried, giving you a very unconvincing smile.

“You’re…Spider-Man. My best friend in the entire universe is an arachnid. This is so exciting! And the suit! Beth was just telling me yesterday that she thought Spidey got an upgrade. Ooh, let me guess - Stark, right? Oh shit! You know -”

He pulled you fully inside his room and shut the door, wincing as you continued to ramble on about how awesome it was before he felt a sharp pain in the back of his head.

“What was that for?”

“For not telling me, duh. And for doing it in the first place! So that ‘Steve’ guy who beat you up was actually Captain America… Seriously, though, Peter, tell me these things next time. Because I know that there’s going to be a next time.”

“Your lack of trust for me is endearing, (Y/N), it truly is,” he said, sending a smirk your way.

“Don’t get sarcastic on me, Parker. Just help me with chemistry and then you take me for a swing because that has to be an awesome feeling.”

He chuckled, plopping down on his bed, “yeah, it is.”

  • Someone: so what haves you learned about autism from having an autistic sibling
  • My sister: well as it turns out there are two types of autistics
  • Someone: *nods, thinking high and low functioning*
  • My sister: some autistics are tacos and others are reptiles(continues rambling about autistics resemblance to tacos and lizards)
  • Someone: *is uncomfortable*
  • Me: *is proud of my sister*
Pokémon Sun & Moon Theory

-The Aether Institution is using Team Skull as a puppet to disrupt society and harm Pokémon, allowing for them to swoop in and ‘save’ and 'protect’ the poor Pokémon

-They then experiment on the Pokémon, attempting to create an ultimate Pokémon to rival mythical Pokémon. (Maybe inspired by the man-made mythical Magearna?) So far, we know that they have created Type: Null* and UB-01*

-Lusamine, the eldest sibling of Gladion and Lillie, instructs Gladion to shadow Guzma* in Team Skull as an enforcer, keeping him in line and for Lillie to shadow Kukui and the main characters, observing their next moves and generally the trial captain association, as the trial captains and the trial guides are the organisation that pose the most threat to them, all 8 of them being proficient battlers. (Think about Gen 5 gym leaders Vs. Plasma)

-*Lusamine gifted Type: Null to her younger brother Gladion

-*Lillie dislikes Pokémon battles and seeing Pokémon hurt like she had witnessed at the Aether Institution. She does as her sister tells her because of their familial ties. At the institution, Lillie befriended UB-01, perhaps before it became an Ultra Beast or after, causing it to take on an appearance with a likeness to Lillie.

-*Guzma and Plumeria genuinely believe in their cause. They want to cause disruption to the organisation of the trial captains and guides because they believe their system is biased. Guzma failed the trial and so did Kukui, and he has a resentment to the main character for completing the island challenge/pity to see them attempt it. For this reason, Gladion’s mission is to keep him in line with what the Aether Institution want.

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"Baby, come sit on my lap"

“Alright, so Luke wanted a Budweiser,” you handed him one of the bottles clutched in your hands, “Michael, a gin and tonic…” you passed a red solo cup through the room and continued to ramble of the drinks of all the boys and their significant others before sighing satisfactorily. That is, before you realized everyone had taken up all the spaces on the couches and chairs surrounding the game table and there wasn’t a single spot for you.

Baby, come sit on my lap, we can be a team,” Calum suggested, interrupting your thoughts. Giggling, you made your way over to your boyfriend and plopped yourself on his awaiting thighs, the taut muscle below you surprisingly comfortable to settle into. “We’re gonna fucking dominate this game, babe.”

A beautiful laugh fell from your lips as his arms circled around your waist and pulled your back flush to his chest. “Cal, it’s just Clue.”

“Yeah, but we’re the only two people working together, so we have twice the brain power which means we’re definitely gonna win.”

“Okay, hon, whatever you say,” you teased, collecting the cards Michael had passed to you and shoved the piece of paper with every character, weapon, and room on it along with a pencil against Calum’s hands.

Heyyyy,” he pouted as the pencil pierced his skin.

You rolled your eyes. “Come on, babe, we’ve gotta mark this stuff down before we start playing.”

“Whatever,” Calum mumbled, before using your back as a flat surface and put an ‘x’ through every box that matched the cards you held up to him.

Throughout the game, you and Calum truly had no idea what the fuck was happening. Mrs. White, your character, had gone back and forth from the conservatory to the lounge through the secret passage way about a million times, never visiting any other rooms (which frankly pissed Michael of, him whining “Seriously, you can’t even win that way, you have to go other places!”) or guessing anything else besides Mr. Green with the lead pipe, in whatever room you happened to be in that turn, prompting Michael to nearly turn purple in frustration considering you’d showed him both of those cards from your own hand at some point or another during the game. 

“You guys aren’t even playing the game!” Michael grumbled for probably the fifteenth time, causing you and Calum to burst into yet another round of laughter. It’d been like that; every single little thing setting you and your boyfriend off. When one of you started, the other one instantly followed considering both of you could feel the vibrations of the other’s laugh and it tickled to much to not laugh. 

“Chill, Mike,” Ashton reprimanded before fondly gazing over at the two of you staring at each other and giggling at something Calum had whispered into your ear. “Let them be adorable.”


Noragami Ch. 72

Am I the only one who’s not feeling good about this chapter? I mean, yay, they survived miraculously, but they don’t look happy? I’ll continue my rambling under the cut bc spoiler alarm

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Imagine Newt being interviewed by the Daily Prophet. He’s supposed to talk about his work with magical creatures, but instead he spends the whole time rambling about you.

“She’s brilliant, ya know! I love (Y/N) with all my heart! She helps me with everything and I don’t know how I’d do all this without her,” Newt continued to ramble as he flashed a toothy grin at the interviewer. The Daily Prophet had come to your small British apartment in the heart of London to interview your boyfriend. He was still working on his book about fantastic beasts and magical creatures, and many people had been dying to get their hands on a copy. You had helped him as well, but he had done most the work, and you were more of an accomplice. But Newt hadn’t mentioned a thing about said book. Instead, he was going on and on, rambling about how amazing of a person you are. 

“Um, Mr. Scamander, you haven’t said a word about the book. Maybe you should….” the interviewer started before Newt interrupted him.

“Oh yeah, it’s great, everybody should buy it, or don’t, your loss, but let’s get back to (Y/N) ok?”

  • Chuuya: Why does everyone think I am fond of Dazai? I hate him!
  • Atsushi: Is that so?
  • Chuuya: Obviously! I hate the way my heart skips a beat when he smiles. I hate the way I want the time to stop when we're together. I hate it when he is paying attention to anyone other than me. I hate him so much for the butterflies in my stomach when he is nearby-.. [continuous rambling with rage]
  • Atsushi: Should I be happy to finally find someone more clueless than me?
  • Izaya: Why does everyone think I am fond of Shizu-chan? I hate him!
  • Mikado: Is that so?
  • Izaya: Obviously! I hate the way my heart skips a beat when he smiles. I hate the way I want the time to stop when we're together. I hate it when he is paying attention to anyone other than me. I hate him so much for the butterflies in my stomach when he is nearby-.. [continuous rambling with rage]
  • Mikado: Should I be happy to finally find someone more clueless than me?

Steve Rogers, poor, asthmatic and sickly, with two cents to his name and nothing but his best friend to keep him safe and sane, was only allowed to pack one suitcase for the war he knew all to well he wouldn’t be coming back from.

Knowing this, Steve Rogers decided to pack Bucky’s old leather jacket, two sketchbooks with his pencils in a tin case, a pack of playing cards for when all the other soldiers were too busy roughhousing something fierce and a total of four books, three of which detailed war strategy and techniques.

The Machinery of War, Heroes on the Western Front and Front Field Tactics.

Steve Rogers spent the last of his rent money buying those books brand new and studied them every free moment he got. And hidden under those titles, was the one book he’d had for most of his life. One he’d spent countless nights poring over when the hacking of his lungs wouldn’t let him sleep.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Because Steve Rogers needed the comfort of an old story after Hodge had thrown yet another insult, or punch his way. Because the bittersweet memory of his mother’s voice flowed through every word, pure comfort sown into the worn canvas of its cover and the ink on every page.

Because when Steve Rogers finds himself stuck in an impossible future, where everything is better, but simultaneously worse. The only thing he understands is Nick Fury’s passing comment on “flying monkeys” and suddenly he thinks, “Maybe it won’t be so bad after all.”

Typical day at Malfoy Manor
  • Draco: Mother, Father, I need to tell you something...
  • Lucius: what did I tell you Narcissa, 5th year he would finally profess his undying love for Potter, what did I tell you
  • Draco: what...
  • Narcissa: Fine, fine, I just thought it would take him a bit more time to realise how in love with Potter he is
  • Draco: wait, what! No I do-
  • Lucius: i just knew it was finally going to happen, I mean he's been obsessing over him since they met.
  • Draco: what are you talking about?! I just needed to tell you that I got an E in DADA and I hate Potter anyway, stupid potter, saint potter, everyone things he's so smart *continues to ramble on stupid potter*
  • Narcissa: looks like you haven't won yet
  • Draco: And did I tell you the other day in class, he flicked his stupid hair out of his stupid eyes and-
  • Lucius: if he keeps going on like this, he'll never realise, honestly This is the 12th time I've heard this speech and that's only this weekend
  • Draco: urg and the way he walks into the great hall like he owns the place, swishing his hips and-
  • Narcissa: he'll admit it someday
  • Draco: Now, do you understand how much I hate Potter, saint Potter, scarhead Potter...
  • Lucius and Narcissa: here we go again