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i like manga reigen's coloring because it feels more natural but anime reigen's somehow better fits his personality

Honestly both colors fit their respective personalities.

Manga!Reigen is a loooot more toned down. The bombastic antics (that he’s known for in the anime) are reserved for when he’s trying to put on a show, frustrated, or super afraid. Even his Reigen Roast ™ is tame in comparison. He looks more ugly-frustrated with the group’s inability to understand, rather than actively looking to drag them like his anime counter part.

When he’s not doing those motions, the rest of time Manga!Reig is just kind of an apathetic, depressed, regular pathetic, and average kinda guy. Which! fits one of the major themes of mob psycho 100 anyways: Congrats! You’re one of the masses just like everyone else! The brown hair and black tie fit better for this interpretation. Duller colors bring out his more mundane, pensive, wistful side.

Anime!Reigen brings out waaaaaaaaaay more of his showmanship, and this is also a fun angle! For a media based largely in visual movement, this was a great decision. Gold hair for valuing intellect (since hair is above ur brain), gray suit bc he’s morally gray bdum tss, and pink tie to show that he’s got some heart in the midst of it all. These are all very great color choices that showcase other facets of Reigen’s character.

And the anime gives him equal moments to look cool, and to look like a damn fool.

This color design is honestly more memorable and marketable as well. Plus the character designer said they gave him a pink tie since it makes him look more “shady” and I can get behind that.

Congrats this is the end of the rant! Both are good! If some of you were expecting a ‘that’s why this version is better’ conclusion I aint sorry though. They’re just two designs that emphasize different sides of the same character. 

This means for my stuff where I draw somber/weighted things, Manga!Reigen’s colors fit better. But for things that are more energetic and fun, Anime!Reig’s colors are more suited.


this is a totally straight anime

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Hi, hm, I sent an ask a while ago, but I think tumblr ate it, so I'm sending it again. 😅 Sooo, a while ago you said something about the FFF AU that got me thinking... You said that their world is ruled by Google, right? ...did you mean Google as in the company or as in the ego? 😅

I thought I answered this but I was wrong that was a different question

Yes, the company Google rules the world, but they’re not as cool of a company as they are in this universe. And google owns youtube. (and in this universe, the entire entertainment industry)

So, people already let Google home and Echo into their house. But hey, a powerful company like that could instead issue out a massive army of personal robots for answering questions and doing whatever you ask. What a glorious invention! Everyone must have a Google IRL in their home! 

Everyone must have a Google IRL in their home at all times.

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Thank you for pointing that out abt Mina's and Kiri's relationship??? I was worried I was the only one seeing that- everyone seemed to think she(and deku) inspired him, but theyre both doing quite the opposite... kiri heard what deku did and put himself down even more, and the two only time we saw mina there he got really sad too(unintentional- she is a great person but was not the best for him to see at that moment, tho she is still a gr8t hero). Thats where he got the mindset that (1/?)

Unorganized Babbling and Speculations Related to Kirishima

I think I’m the only person who thinks Kirishima and Ashido aren’t friends. I only think this because they have very few interactions in the manga and none of their interactions are anything special. Neither one seems particularly close to other and neither one seems particularly tense around the other.

Kirishima’s envy of Ashido back in middle school did discourage him from being a hero, and his negative feelings towards her did nothing but hurt him. You can really see it based on his expressions when and after he looked at her. 

That’s not to say Ashido is toxic to Kirishima. If Kirishima had a conversation with her and started to feel like he’s on the same level as her, then maybe she’d bring out less negative emotions. Talking to her would also help him deal with his inferior feelings. That being said, I don’t think simply talking to her or even befriending her is a quick fix to his inferior feelings because those feelings are ingrained in Kirishima’s mind. Befriending her could also easily make things worse. Kirishima could see what an amazing person she is and then truly feel like he’s not in the same league as someone like Ashido. Or maybe the more he’s around her the more worthless he feels about himself. 

That being said, I think Kirishima mostly got over his negative feelings for Ashido or he’s hiding his inferior feelings really well so that he can peacefully coexist with her. Nowhere in the manga does Kirishima seem tense, sad, angry, or frustrated towards Ashido. 

If Ashido didn’t go to Kirishima’s middle school, then Kirishima and Ashido would probably have one of the least interesting classmate relationships in the manga. That’s not a bad thing though considering Kirishima’s self-depreciation during middle school when Ashido was involved. Now, he appears comfortable around her and working with her, but they don’t seem close, which suggests they’re not friends. 

It’s possible Kirishima and Ashido simply don’t click for whatever reason, and it’s also possible Ashido brings up some bad memories for Kirishima so he’snot particularly keen on being around her. 

Kirishima’s relationship with Bakugou is particularly interesting because Kirishima is quick to jump in and try to be on the same level as Bakugou even though Bakugou is on top of the class. Kirishima most likely feels inferior to Bakugou. However, that doesn’t discourage Kirishima. Kirishima pushes himself to be on the same level as Bakugou, It’s the opposite of what Kirishima was like when he compared himself to Ashido. When he compared himself to Ashido, he thought about giving up on U.A. When he compared himself to Bakugou, he used that as motivation. 

Unfortunately, when Kirishima compares his Quirk to Bakugou in chapter 133, it also makes him think he doesn’t have a great special move, which means Kirishima still gets discourage by people, like Bakugou, who have flashier Quirks. 

If Kirishima has the same inferior feelings towards Bakugou that he did with Ashido, then he does a really good job of hiding it and acting like he’s on the same level as Bakugou. Kirishima does hide his insecurities, so unless we have a Kirishima inner monologue, it’s very difficult to understand how he truly feels. It’s a similar case with Ashido. Does Kirishima still have negative feelings towards Ashido? Or is he hiding it? He doesn’t seem particularly close to Ashido either way. With Bakugou, Kirishima has been by his side since the beginning the manga and has always tried fighting alongside him. That’s not to say Kirishima thinks he’s worthy of fighting alongside Bakugou, but that does show Kirishima pushes himself to try to fight alongside Bakugou. If Kirishima were to be paired up Ashido and forced to fight alongside her, he’d probably be a good sport and work well with her regardless of his feelings towards her. Kirishima’s low self-esteem doesn’t push him to back down. Between middle school and high school he somehow gained the mindset to take on a challenge even if he thinks he’s not good enough for it. 

It’s difficult to explain, but it seems like Kirishima’s inferiority complex is still strong like it was in middle school, but he has done a much better job of handling it. He still feels useless, but he’s willing to jump into danger and save Fatgum rather than stand in fear in the face of danger like he did in middle school. Kirishima’s thoughts are still the same, but his actions are different. 

Sorry, this ask doesn’t have a particular topic. It’s just me babbling. I already said my thoughts about Kirishima and Ashido’s relationship in a previous post, so I’m kind of speculating some stuff. This is one of my least organized answers. Sorry, I’m trying to organize my thoughts and speculate some stuff. 

why don’t we talk more about the “magnus is quite magical……..he’s-uh-he’s very good at magic” scene???? like wtf even was that

a stoic ass character just deadass melted into a puddle of anxiety and nerves and gushed at the news that the nearest high warlock would be called to consult at the institute (aka: “m-magnus bane?? to come here??? to the institute????”)

y'all deadass alec had a dead body in front of him and was examining it like it was just a pile of files at his desk but as soon as magnus was mentioned, his whole resolve dissolved into nothing and he was trying to keep his shit together and trying to act like he HAD his shit together when really he just became a babbling rambling mess who couldn’t shut up about magnus and how magical he is

it doesn’t stop there tho bc then, probably like not even an hour later, alec chooses to spar in the training room without a shirt on, KNOWING that magnus was going to be there and he was likely going to run into him. (oh and don’t even try to cover his ass by saying “this just how he trains!!! to not get sweat on his shirt!!!!” or some shit like that bc i now have enough receipts of alec training with a shirt on to royally debunk such statements and shut that shit down)

but anyways lmao what really fucking gets me is that he don’t even put a shirt on when he does happen to run into magnus (or magnus runs into him rather). his knowing ass just puts on a light jacket that has a zipper BUT HE DON’T EVEN ZIP THAT SHIT UP HOW WILD IS THAT.

you can’t possibly tell me all that is a fucking coincidence lmao

to sum shit up, in the simplest terms and most convenient definitions, i’ll say this again:

wtf even was this whole episode

Doing the Math, if Dirk is the same age as Todd (33) and Black Wing started in 1988, Dirk leaving 16 years before the show starts, then Dirk was in there from about the time he was 5 to when he was 17. His entire childhood was ripped from him, replaced with empty promises. Like, in Rogue Wall Enthusiasts, Riggins tries to tell him that he isn’t a real detective which incredibly upsets Dirk because being a detective is the only life that he got to choose

Here’s some sads!

You didn’t ask for it, but I’m giving it to you! Alright? Buckle up!

In a recent comic by @comyet about the origins of the fantastic character Ink, it’s shown he can’t actual feel emotions, due to not having a SOUL. He can artificially stimulate emotions using colors from a yet unknown source. Or maybe the source is known, and I just don’t get it. I know it has to do with the creator or somethings? I don’t know. ANYWAYS! Everytime he runs out of the colors, his emotions fade. And when his emotions fade, so does his personality.

At first, I thought he was kind of like Fresh, since Fresh can’t feel emotions either. But I realized Fresh has a personality, even if it’s born purely out of survival in order to ‘fit in’. (We all know how well he does. If not, then check him out, he belongs to @loverofpiggies.)

In order to keep his personality from fading, he bottled them up. The colors, that is. So all he has to do is take some and voilà, he has emotions, and a personality. Now here’s where the sads I warned you about kick in.

Let’s say, Ink can’t get access to a fresh supply of his emotion colors. So all he has are his bottles. His bottles last him a while, since all he needs to take are a little bit and he’s set for awhile. But, let’s say he got into a fight. With Error (who also belongs to @loverofpiggies) or somebody. And his sash holding the bottles get cut, so in panic, Ink grabs it in order to not lose it. Error notices how important the sash with the bottles are to Ink, so he uses his strings to take it. And he disappears off into the anti-void or wherever he goes, taking the sash with him. Error doesn’t realize the importance of the bottles, only that they were important to Ink. He thinks it’s like Ink’s brush. It won’t kill Ink, but it will certainly drag on him. Error thinks it’s a relatively harmless prank.

Now Ink, he’s frantic when Error disappears with his bottles. But, he calms down, thinking Error will have to show up at some point to destroy an AU. And when he does, Ink will show up like always and then be able to get his bottles back. Except, Error doesn’t show up again. He’s taken a break of sorts. No activity on his end. And usually, Ink would be happy about that, since it would mean Error’s not destroying AUs. But Ink needs Error to make an appearance. He needs his bottles back. But, still no Error.

Slowly, Ink notices his emotions fading. It’s not obvious at first, but the colors of his outfit gives it away. The colors are more drab than usual. Ink finds it harder and harder to conjure up an emotion. He no longer pukes up ink, simply because he can no longer get that excited. Even his eyes don’t change as much. It’s like he’s fading away. Ink isolates himself, trying to make his emotions last as long as possible. Because once that’s gone… for all intents and purposes… he’ll be dead.

Eventually, someone finds him. Be it Dream, or Sans, or whatever being can access where he is. Maybe even Error. His friends would be devastated, seeing Ink like that. He no longer has any colors. And he shows no emotions at seeing them, not even sadness. He recognizes them, but it’s like he doesn’t care. If Error found him, he probably wouldn’t completely understand what’s going on. He would mock Ink, boast over him. But when Ink doesn’t even show any emotion towards him, or any hints of his usually boisterous personality, Error would get mad. He would scream, yell at Ink to do something. Because anything is better than nothing. But Ink doesn’t do anything.

Maybe, possibly, in anger, Error would brandish Ink’s sash. Maybe he was already wearing it as a trophy. And Ink shows the first signs of life in looong while. Error quickly realizes what Ink wants, and tosses it to him, hoping that does something. And Ink takes the bottles, and takes a drink from all of them. Maybe all at once. And it’s like a freaking rainbow. All the colors coming bursting back. Ink probably pukes ink, his emotions overwhelming him.

Ink thanks Error, probably in his annoying little shit way (I love him), purposely antagonizing Error. But… it’s also sincere. And Error acts all flustered and tsundere probably, but is secretly glad Ink is back. But he probably just flops Ink off and goes back to the anti-void.

Gary dance appreciation.

One thing I like about the bsd light novels, is you get to see a larger view of the world the story is set in, and learn more about individual characters in doing so. For example, from the stuff I’ve read in Gaiden [I’m looking for more translations at the moment], Ango does a lot behind the scenes that they haven’t touched on in the anime/manga yet, because the story arc usually only follows the mafia or the ADA, or the Guild in rare some cases, and not the government’s actions. 

People in the series owe Ango favors, high up people for that matter, and that’s all I’ve learned so far. [I know one of them, but I’ll leave that out for now.]

Fukuzawa and Kunikida play Go together after work, Atsushi talks about never having had a sleep over with friends before, Dazai sometimes goes on missions separate from the main group, Kenji is from a village with mostly elderly people who are all pretty damned strong like himself… 

Additionally, getting to read details from a different character’s perspective is interesting as well. In Dazai Osamu’s Entrance Exam, most of the story is from Kunikida’s perspective, and you get more of an idea of who he is just from how he describes things.

Ah, I think I also like the light novels because most of the time I end up reading them with my friend, and that means we both have something to do/talk about… It’s nice.

I’m sitting in the student union building, and I am really probably not in any condition to write a coherent thought at the moment for many, many reasons but I just want to say - I have to? need to? I don’t know, but I want to –

I have been consumed with thoughts of Baccano! and the Naritaverse at large over the last few days. I say consumed. I likely mean it, too – I write this post for I have been consumed with thoughts of Baccano!, of its world, its characters, its concepts, everything. 

I write this because I have never, ever, been so invested in a fictional series before as I am now. As I have been for the last several years. It has been years since I first was introduced to Baccano! (via the anime, of course, as so many of us were), and I am still here. 

I am still here.

Over the past several days, I have been consumed with thoughts of Ryohgo Narita’s world - love for his world, warm and vague and diffusant. Well, I am always generally filled with love for his stories, but these last few days I’ve been drifting, scattered, buzzing on the edge of conscious sobriety - scattered thoughts of Baccano! and Vamp! and Etsusa Bridge, and so on, so forth, etcetera, to be continued. 

I did say I am probably not in any condition to form a coherent, sharply conscious thought at the beginning. Do keep that in mind. 

I say this: I have never been so invested in a fictional work as I have with Narita’s works.  

Most of us started with the anime. I did, too. It was one of my first anime, in all likelihood. Perhaps in my first ten - certainly in my first twenty. 

And so, I watched the anime, young, teenaged, drawn in by its premise which seeme right up my alley. 

I watched it, and I wanted more.

So - so, I ventured forth, sought out the light novels - the fan translations, of course, for this was long before Yen Press even hinted at a license - and I read them. I read them, and I wanted more

I reread them. I visited the wiki. I visited fanfiction.net, then AO3 - I know I did, I must have done. I rewatched the anime. Later, I’d rewatch it again. And again. Subs, this time, or some time, at least. 

I wanted more.

I joined tumblr - joined it as a language/linguistic blog, one that I have neglected for months but still exists - and while I was reblogging posts on language learning, on Greek, on French, my eye was on the the fandom side of tumblr. 

Of the Baccano! fandom. 

And eventually, I created this blog, agallimaufryofoddments. 

I can’t tell you how much it meant to me - realizing that there was a tiny but vibrant and active community of Baccano! fans on tumblr - that there was a community at all. 

There were people posting fanart, fanfiction, analyses posts, aesthetic posts - there were people who loved this series and invested their time into it - that was astonishing to me. 

And over the last few days, I have been scattered, drifting. Vaguely overwhelmed with how much I care.

Once upon a time, I watched the 2007 anime adaptation.

Everything began from there. 

I read the light novels, read fanfiction, visited TV Tropes. Rewatched the anime. Eventually I’d join Tumblr, and realize that a fandom existed at all.

Eventually I’d become an administrator of the wiki.  Eventually I’d start to write fanfiction of my own. Analyses and speculation of my own. Eventually I’d start to transcribe the audio commentary. Eventually I not only emotionally invested, I monetarily invested. 

And God, what a wonderful lot the community is.  How diverse it is, for a fandom so small. How wonderfully diverse. 

I have never come across a fandom so small, and so, so, talented. The range of interests and specialities across such a small fandom is breathtaking.

There are those like @toushindai, devotees to the 1700s, to Huey, to Monica. To Elmer. To Rosetta, and Jacques-Rosé, to Majeedah. 

Those like @houjicha and @grandpanacea, who champion Firo Prochainezo, he who is “main character-ish.”

What about @lua-russo, celebrator of Lua Klein and Ladd Russo, Goose Perkins and Spike. Or of @birdschach, who celebrates not only them but NIck, lovable and underappreciated?

@vilatile is the one to turn to for Christopher, for Rail, and the Lamia.  Looking for an Ennis fan? @eyes-like-a-gentle-knight has got you covered. @sarcasticdebate too, though don’t forget - she equally promotes Rachel above others. Meanwhile, @thegoldenhigh is forever a spokesperson for Maiza, and @insertimaginativenamehere for Elmer. 

@maitressepatria - Luchino, Niki, Fermet feature the most in her fics and thoughts, and aren’t we lucky.  @pippenpaddlopsicopolisthethird for Jacuzzi, I should think. 

What about Felix Walken/Claire Stanfield? You’ve got @chancellorxofxtrash and @memethighs for major Felix advocates, among other favorites of theres (and among other Felix proponents, I’m sure)

And of course, who else could one associate with Dallas Genoard but @the-youngest-gandor-brother, who is certainly the most vocal supporter of Dallas that I know of. The Gandors, too, are his bailiwick. And if we are to speak of Dallas and the Gandors, we must of course think of @avvos as well. 

Even the Runoratas have a representative - in the form of @hrh-gwen - lover of Sham and the Runoratas, fond of Renee and more besides. 

@lizalaforet - take a guess.  Innit great, though? 

Isn’t it brilliant? 

There are more I haven’t mentioned above - more members of the active fandom, I know, but rest assured, I’ve been planning a relevant post to that for at least two months now, so - so, if you don’t see your url above, rest assured - I am thinking of you, and you will be mentioned in said future post. 

I just had to share my thoughts and feelings now, before I burst. I had to. I had to.  I adore how diverse the active Baccano! fandom is in terms of their interests, adore how the fan content produced as of late - fanfiction, fanart, aesthetic posts, analyses posts, speculation posts, etc-motherfucking-cetera is so varied in content, reflective of the diversity in fans’ specialities. 

I have no idea if anything I’ve written up till now is remotely coherent. It’s likely all rambling, as I tend to do. Babbling is probably the more apt term.  I said at the beginning that I’m likely not in any condition to write anything coherent, and I’ll stand by it. My heart has been racing all day, and I’ve been present but not present, and I have been a functional and emotional mess for the past several weeks, but I really, really, really had so many recent strong feelings towards Baccano! and the time I’ve put into it and the time the fandom has put into it and the diversity of fandom interests and the pot has bubbled over at last.

I’ll likely regret writing this post in the morning for its incoherency and overlong rambling, and in all truthfulness I have not been in the best of headspaces over the last several weeks, motivationally speaking, emotionally speaking, functionally speaking. But I say this: 

I am still here.

And I’ve meant every word of what I’ve said thus far. I have never invested as much into a series as I have Baccano! and the Naritaverse, and I certainly have never seen a small fandom as diverse and drenched in talent as I have with the fan community here. 

Perhaps I’ll grow out of Baccano! someday. (If I live that long for a someday). But for now - at this very moment, it seems impossible. At this very moment, at least, I must acknowledge the impact it’s had on my life. That it’s had an impact on it at all.  That you’ve all had an impact on it. Because you have, all you wonderful people with wonderful ideas and creativity flowing out of you in spades.

You have. 

Thank you.

its almost 3am so heres some of my rambling about aroace peter bc i need an aroace character that isnt shown as cold and emotionless:

ok while peter is the oldest and probably most sought after pevensie, what if he just. wasnt into that. like he makes friends and cherishes them but romance?? nah he’d rather be on the outside offering support.

it isnt that he doesnt feel love at all, its just that he doesnt feel romantic love. his heaets big and overflowing w platonic love and hes happy w that. and romance is just… exhuasting. he’d rather have a group nap w friends and family.

peter is the golden boy of the family, the strong and charismatic one, the oldest and the one w the most responsiblility. every expects him to get married and have kids but he doesnt want that. when youre a king in narnia, its easy to say no and go about your lifw, but in england. its hard. it hurts. he doesnt want ro be forced into a relationship and doesnt want to hurt the person hes stuck w bc he doesnt love them like that. but you cant really get away from it in england.

i want peter to be open and bright and feel so many things so strongly and be aroace at the same time. i want him to be strong and supportive, but without a significant other. just friends he trusts and loves and his family. i want peter to be happy as an aroace person, bc i want to believe that i can be happy too.

The exhaustion is setting in, my eyes burn and sting. Yet I cannot sleep. Too many thoughts. So much going on. I feel like I am on sensory overload. My head, gah, it hurts immensely. Throbbing, pounding, quaking intensely. Sick. Sick. Sick. So sick. Days. It’s been days since I’ve slept. Really slept where I have rested. I feel. Oh, how I feel every little thing. My mind. Turn it off, even if for just a moment.
—  Insomnia and the Episodes that Follow- intimatemermaid

[Please do not repost]

I’m going to my sister’s tomorrow later today, so I set up a queue that’ll last at least until Sunday, though I have no idea when I’ll be home, because these visits can be anywhere from three-five days depending on when/if my sister decides to take me home. 

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, and stay safe!