This video of Nintendo showing off Luigi’s mansion for the first time is so pure like you have:

  • Luigi being the lead title for a console and everyone getting so pumped and excited
  • Everyone laughing w/ joy once they see Luigi for the first time
  • People getting hyped for 2000′s graphics (ooh mirrors! light reflections and Luigi’s cold breath!)
  • E.Gadd.jpeg followed by the music turning ominous lmao?? 
  • That laughter growing ever bigger when everyone sees him use the poltergust for the first time and shrieking ‘Ghostbusters! It’s Ghostbusters!!’
  • Myamoto ending the presentation by saying that Luigi was backstage and was calling out for him so he should probs get going 

Letsplayer, who’s facecam is taking up half the screen and is screaming over everything: HI WHAT’S UP EVERRRYBODY AND LAST TIME I WAS-

Me, boredly clicking through the video: Where’s Luigi. I can’t see or hear him over your obnoxious face. The videos title said Luigi’s Mansion so where the fuck is my boi Luigi.  I wanna listen to him not you.

That feel when you help someone out because they “accidentally” whitewashed a character and you don’t want them to get shit for it so you warn them and they thank you because they “didn’t notice”.
Then you find out that person also reblogs aphobic posts.