Two days until Dan & Phil are home and stop posting things in the middle of the night for me!! WOOP WOOP! I can’t wait to have a normal sleep schedule again.

Sappy post alert! I’m feeling feels today. Feel free to ignore but I just have to gush real quick.

The world is a shitty place, and life is a royal fucking pain in my ass sometimes, but the one thing I have that’s consistent is my partners in crime.

They’re there for me every damn day without fail. They make me laugh, they make me feel loved and valued, and above all else I know I can tell them anything and they’ll never judge me (and I’m fucking weird, guys).

As we get close (super, crazy close) to finishing WTNC, I’ve truly come to realise just how lucky I am. This game is our hearts and souls, our sweat and blood, and probably more than a few tears.

And, I’ll say it, it’s fucking GOOD.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve played the various versions, of how many little tweaks we’ve made here and there, of extra details we’ve added just because we can. Because we want it to be perfect, and there’s really no excuse if it isn’t.

We’ve had a stupid and consistent amount of horrible messages and anonymous hate (that isn’t necessarily that anonymous, either), but I’ve come to realise that I really couldn’t give two shits about that.

People will always hate you, and such hate is often derived from jealousy, which is arguably the most ugly of all feelings. People lash out when they don’t get their own way, and that’s sad.

Basically, what this now-an-essay is trying to say, is that I’m infinitely grateful for my friends, their creativity, their willingness to listen to me ramble incoherently (like I am right now) on a day to day basis, and now this super crazy thing we decided to do that is real and NEARLY HERE!

Made with love, not out of spite, and not to achieve anything other than hopefully making people smile and giving them a quick moment to escape reality.

I’ll shush now, but I love everyone who has shown us support and enthusiasm, and created an abundance of beautiful content for our silly game that’s not even out yet.

stuff i’m gonna read

-Pretense of Subjugation by bourbonbucky

-NEW chapter update of The Crown Prince and the Beast by triedunture

-Young and Beautiful by spacehussy

-Knocking is Polite by wouldyouknowmore

-Everything I haven’t read by salakavala probably (they all look good, one is a pining/unrequited love!!! fic series and the other is a jotun loki!!!!! series and there’s a yum 7k oneshot too)

-still need to comment on chapter 4 of the price because i read it at work and could not type out an essay on my phone

-there’s this fic called Doing Just Fine by strongcoffee that looks!!!! really good and smutty by the fic description and tags. into it

then i need to get on drawing some pics for big bang, my <3 fav author has sent me descriptions of 4 more scenes she would like to see and i want to draw all of them

Sorry @ all the evelyn ppl because tbh the reason I was salty towards her in the beginning  is the fact that compared to syndrome (on this site at least) she seems WAYYY more popular and im SALTY bc wheres the syndrome fans at….. 

but at the same time. I get syndrome is more evil than evelyn… but some ppl on here act like syndrome is satan and evelyn compared to him is a saint, despite the fact they both did very evil things and im like