Even more OTP AUs
  • Your aunt knows you like people like me so tries to set us up on a date and it worked catastrophically well AU
  • You met this cute person at the post office and helped them send their package AU
  • Your sibling was my wingman but all I picked up was you AU
  • I found your 3ds and while searching for you to give it back I kept your animal crossing town alive AU
  • I complimented you on these delicious onion rings and you tried to flirt with me by licking them sensually, that’s so gross AU
  • I was your significant other in a past life and know all about your secret freckles AU
  • I broke something really important and you fixed it AU 
  • I am scared of your pet animal but you’re really nice about it and keep giving me really reassuring pamphlets with your number on them AU 
  • I was house sitting for your cousin and oh god there are so many raccoons in the attic and you’re the emergency number, help me AU
  • You were chosen by this ancient sword and I’m the keeper of the sword so I guess that means we’re working together now AU 

I hope the reason we haven’t seen franziska or maya all this time is that fran has been flying all over the world with maya to increasingly expensive restaurants in the hopes that she’ll eventually understand that franziska like-likes her and fran won’t have to do anything so obvious as putting the engagement ring into the champagne glass 

kayliemalinza  asked:

top five werewolf facts

YEAH buckle up here let me spout some mythical wolfshit

  • Some werewolf myths point to them being guardians rather than murderers - there are a couple of myths that seem to be celtic in origin, one of which is a married couple that become wolves to protect sheep flocks for - I believe - ten years together, before giving up the role. Another is a beast shaped like a werewolf, named the Wulver, that likes to fish and will leave some of its catch on the windowsills of those in need if left unbothered. Similarly, the Faoladh protects children and stands guard over the wounded. 
  • The most common reasons for becoming cursed and turning into a werewolf in myth are as follows:
    • Transgressions against a deity figure
    • Transgressing social taboos regarding the dead 
    • Killing a youth or child
  • Werewolves are only harmed by silver (contact in some stories, deliberate attacks in others) and injury by silver will cause them to heal at only a human rate, so cover them in gold, bronze, steel and kevlar.
  • Werewolves in modern movies tend to be lone hunters, but Dog Soldiers (2002) is one of the few that actually portray a pack working together. The SFX are a little odd but it certainly builds suspense! 
  • Several people in legends and what appear to be anecdotal stories have been called wolves or taken on the role of a dog as penance for killing a valued hunting hound, some literally and some figuratively.  
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“Why did you decide that wearing fluffy goat scrapings was ever a good idea,” he says, and gently elbows her side, using his other hand to pull it over his nose and bury himself in that peppermint-and-men’s cologne scent that sticks in it.
She puts a dramatic hand to her heart.
“The agony of fashion,” she deadpans, “I am yet a slave to it.”

One day you will present her with a ring, and you decided that six days after you met again in a coffee shop in Southern California. You are pretty sure she will know exactly why you have a ring, but she will still ask you the eternal question, which is What.

“Your parents,” the old man mutters, gesturing to all of her, rough hand-me-down cloak and fine clothes beneath, notched training sword and well-made bow, an unequal sum that doesn’t make sense, “Where are they?”

consider height difference cyclic reincarnations where the immortal one seems to get shorter over time because they didn’t get any taller but their soulmate did with each incarnation and they have to bend further every time because back in the day five feet was a respectable height.