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Status Update

Lawyered (Chris Evans/OFC): Chapter 23 has been submitted to @chrisevans-sexualfrustrations​! (Take your time, ladies.)

Of Whiskey and Tequila (Leonard McCoy/OFC): Chapter 25 is 7/8 complete and will likely be finished today!

Hell in High Heels: Chapter 5 is ½ done!

Note: Sneak peeks of all three will be posted throughout today! Stay tuned!

duncedgoofball replied to your post “Sneak Peek: Lawyered (Chapter 23)”

If the full chapter is going to be like this, I can safely say that I’m going to love chapter 23 no matter it’s length :-)

You are super sweet and I’m glad you like it! Sometimes, I have to remind myself of quality over quantity. (I also offer the old adage of the motion of the ocean vs. the length of the ship– which seems more appropriate all things considered for this chapter! XD)

During Harry’s hearing at the ministry, why did no one bring up the fact that the muggle who Harry performed the charm in front of knew Harry was a wizard before Harry did? 

Not only that, but Harry’s done magic/magical type things in front of Dudley before. This muggle, who Harry lived with for 14 years, who knows Harry goes to magic school every year, who was there when he got his Hogwarts letter, and who got a pig tail the first time he met a wizard that wasn’t Harry, who saw the Weasleys come to his house via both flying car and fireplace, and whose tongue grew 4 feet because of the Weasley twins, was probably aware of the existence of wizards! That’s the whole purpose of the the Decree for the Reasonable Restriction for Underage Sorcery, right? To keep muggles from finding out about wizards? IT’S A LITTLE LATE FOR THAT WITH THIS PARTICULAR MUGGLE!!

Obviously Fudge wasn’t gonna bring this up since he was dead set on expelling Harry, but Dumbledore, Harry, Mrs. Figg, or anyone on the Wizengamot with a brain could’ve mentioned this detail. Out of everyone who lives in/visits headquarters, aurors, Order members, Weasleys, Hermione, I’m surprised no one thought of this! It’s a solid argument in my mind. The wizarding world needs lawyers.


Being a lawyer had better be AWESOME