ramble: jealous

They Make You Jealous By...

Aries: Having so much passion all the time

Taurus: Having the backbone to stand up for your own opinions

Gemini: Having so many people like you even after they discover your flaws because you are so charming

Cancer: Being able to show your emotions and still protect yourself from getting hurt

Leo: Having such a magnetic personality and attracting so many kinds of different people

Virgo: Seeming so perfect at everything you attempt

Libra: Being able to seem happy all the time, even when you’re boiling underneath the surface

Scorpio: Having so much control, or being able to seem like it

Sagittarius: Being so resilient

Capricorn: Being able to focus on and achieve everything you set your mind to

Aquarius: Being so indifferent to others’ opinions

Pisces: Being able to open up so quickly and form relationships without letting fear of getting hurt hinder you