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@gayradwhitedad is NOT in the discord server.
I will repeat.
Gayradwhitedad is NOT in the server and DOES NOT own the server. I own it, its my server. There is also another bmc discord that is owned by another.

Please stop bothering such a lovely person with questions of the discord. Do not ask them for the link.
If you want any sort of link to the bmc discord please come to me in PM so I can give it to you.

I would also like to state that ‘Forthepatch’ was started by Gayradwhitedad with the fact that they were the first person to draw said patch on Michael. For fucks sake, don’t be dickwads and give them and the discord both a bad reputation.

Thank you for listening.
I can’t believe its come to me saying this.

The biggest problem with being poor for a long time is deciding what to do when you finally have a little extra money.

Do I buy that electric toothbrush I’ve been eyeing for a year?

Do I get new glasses to replace the ones I’ve been wearing for 3+ years?

Do I save it for when my car inevitably breaks down again?

Or do I really splurge and finally commission that artist I love??

And you just hold onto it because you can’t decide where to put those precious funds until another emergency situation uses them up anyway and you’re back to square one :D

It’s 7 PM. I’m pretty tired but not so tired that I’m at “MUST GO TO SLEEP RIGHT NOW” levels. ramblingandpie is doing bed time. I don’t have to wake up until 7:15 tomorrow morning.


Except now I have total choice paralysis.

Fuck it S1 Ep 1 SPN here I come.

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1)In s1 of the flash,it was heavily implied by wellsobard's facial expressions,emotional reactions to some things,body language and other things he said that he has deep-seated reasons for hating barry(like the no sign of the man you will one day become for whom I hold nothing but hate) and then previous versions of Eobard(sheltered by the speed force after Eddie's death) sort of imply that his hatred is based on initial admiration of the flash and then jealousy which turned to resentment when

2) he figured out he would never be as good as the flash and that’s why he became the reverse and started going back in time to fight the flash, in a backwards and backwards way when he would first meet the flash, barry already hates him for what he’s done to him. Which reason would you prefer we get, Barry doing something significant enough to warrant the hate to eobard feels when he first meets the flash (probably in reaction to what reverse has already done) or the jealousy/resentment angle?

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No really, I don’t see why it can’t be both? I think it is both?

Young!Eo admired the Flash. Maybe he met the Flash, sometime Barry needed to travel to the future, and came to idolize him. I’d love it if Barry incidentally saved his life somehow, and then shook his hand and caught his name and just froze but little Eo didn’t really notice/know why.

So young!Eo develops this hero worship and admiration, hardcore. Grows up wanting to be like the Flash. Gets himself some powers because the dude is a genius. Tries to be like the Flash. But maybe… gets too brutal. Gets too cruel. Kills. Decides he knows what’s best for people and goes beyond anything Barry’s ever done in taking law and justice into his own hands.

And maybe Barry runs forward again, and meets young-adult!Eo who is calling himself The Flash after his idol, and Barry is horrified and what Eo is doing in “his name”, so to speak, and stops him. And there is… hatred there. He sees it now. So he gets Eo sent off the prison and he’s downright mean to the boy who idolized him. The boy he once saved. Maybe he doesn’t even remember saving young!Eo, maybe this Barry hasn’t done that yet. Eo thinks he’s forgotten him.

All of it ruins the shiny glamour and veneer and nigh-crush that Eo had on him. 

And this is a Barry in his 30′s, mind you, one who’s fought older!Eo quite a few times. One who doesn’t have it in him anymore to extend a hand to this Eo because he knows what he’ll become. Barry doesn’t have that in him, not for Eo, not after all he’s done. But young-adult!Eo doesn’t know that, can’t understand it, so all he sees is the hatred from the Flash. The harshness. The cruelty.

So Eo is in prison and he’s been rejected by the person he idolized. He’s lost his reputation, his livelihood, his friends and family probably. All exposed because of ‘The Flash’. Who isn’t a hero, he decides. He’s a menace. Eo was trying to save the world. People are “too stupid” to lead themselves. They need him – he’s a genius and a speedster and he’s–

He’s a little unhinged. But he hates Barry, now, for ruining his life, his empire, for rejecting him. So he decides to do something about it. Time travel is probably known about and illegal, by Eo’s time, but that’s not stopping him.

The Flash has been all over time, he understands. That makes it hard to pinpoint his original time-space. The historical records suggest the Flash showed up first at the start of the 21st century but really, who’s to say if that’s really the Flash’s actual time or just the furthest back he travelled, and decided to stay?

Let’s go with the comics and say Eo undershoots it, the first time. Barry’s already dead. The Flash he meets an older!Wally who doesn’t trust him but doesn’t outright reject him, in part because Eo pretends to be someone else. It’s going okay until Eo kills someone. And then he’s rejected by Wally too, and hunted. 

And he runs to a different time, and there – wouldn’t you know it, he runs into the Flash, the first Flash, and battles him there. He’s angry, after all. He loses, again. And then again, in a different time. And another time. The Flash runs forward, and he’s younger than Eo’s ever seen him – they’re the same age now. But the next time, the next time Eo runs back because he has business in the 21st century, technology to steal for some grand design, technology no one has made in a hundred years now because it’s too dangerous and the schematics are too hard to steal. And here, in Mercury labs, he meets the youngest Flash he’s seen yet, a Flash who is, in his perspective, so so foolish. He learns the Flash’s face! And name! Because this child – this young, 20-something Flash, had the brilliant notion that Eobard already knew it.

How perfect.

He has something now, a one-up. He learns everything he can about Barry Allen. He’ll be ready, next time they fight, with his weaknesses and fears, knowing which loved ones to threaten.

And of course it happens. He has the tech, he’s up to something great and terrible in his own time, and the Flash runs forward and stops him. And that’s the last straw, for Eobard. He’s older, wiser, and faster– and he’s had enough of Barry Allen for one lifetime.

So he runs back, far far back in time. And he goes to take out the child that Barry Allen is. The child who’s the same age as Eo was when he first met the Flash. He’s a fan of poetic justice, after all.

And then everything changes.

Hmm, i’ve lost count of the number of times i’ve rewatched the trailer of GOT season 7, but, somehow, while I talked with @flyingbra, i ended up sketching Hiccup on my sketchbook sitting on a Throne with his mask and black armor on and Toothless curled around him and I also wrote “Mother Of Dragons” on top…
This is it.. I’ve completely lost my marbles…

in a hundred lifetimes, i’d choose you