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the artist cycle

Stage 1: have an idea, get overly excited about how amazing it’s going to look

Stage 2: start to put said idea on paper, get overly optimistic about how it will turn out

Stage 3: have all of your hopes and dreams for the idea crushed as you realize it’s right outside the reach of your skills but you keep going

Stage 4: finish piece, post everywhere because you’re so happy it’s done, feel amazing

Stage 5: go back to look at posts, notice something wrong with work but it’s already posted, facepalm

Stage 6: slowly but surely begin to hate said piece until it consumes your soul

Stage 7: new idea is born from hatred for other piece, and it’s going to look amazing

and repeat

[SF9 Mafia Series]


first off, i am just absolutely floored by the amount of love my mafia!sf9 au has gotten, along with the inseong and hwiyoung works in the same au, i literally wrote the whole au on this “screw it!” whim but boy am i glad i did.

now i did have a sort of story/series in the works centered around mafia!sf9 and the whole Red Dragons vs Seven Star vs another gang yet to be revealed (ohoho) but im still kinda on the fence about actually writing it? im talking with admin b about it, because admittedly we’re both very nervous and hesitant with our writings but i want your guys opinion as well!

SO is a mafia!sf9 fic something you all would like to see happen?

+ admin L


Happy 20th Birthday Yuzuru Hanyu!
Congratulations on reaching another milestone! I hope you have the happiest birthday ever and may your future be filled with happiness, love and many many more triumphs. I hope you remember to love and look after yourself. Thank you for inspiring me to become better and to always work hard and for introducing me to a sport which is so beautiful.
Congratulations for all the things you’ve done while you were 19 and I look forward to what you will do as a 20 year old!

Knowing Stevie for 30+ years, I believe I can give you some insight into how I experience her as a friend and what she is like to just ‘be" with. First let me say that Stevie is one of the most loyal, generous and kind people I have ever known, and on top of that she is as funny and witty as anyone I know.
I say this next bit with some trepidation as I don’t wish to sound odd, but working artists are different than people who don’t live and work in the arts; yet at the same time they are the same as every body else in life. They are sometimes grumpy, tired, bored and boring. Other times they are fun, happy, uplifting and positive. I guess what I am trying to say is that we are ALL basically the same. Souls traveling through this life trying to do the best we can and striving to improve to be become better kinder souls while we walk around in these meat suits, hopefully long enough to experience all the stages of life while keeping our fingers crossed that along the way we give love to others and are loved by others, and we get a smidge wiser along the way.
But back to the question…(sorry but I awoke at 2:30 a.m. and am rambling obviously) When Stevie is creating or performing she is a gift from God to be around. And when she is hanging out on a day off, she is like any other friend you have known for decades. Sometimes I think Stevie is one of the most normal friends I have ever had. She is a genuinely beautiful and kind soul.
—  Brad Jeffries, January, 2016.
I got really bored at 2:30 AM

So the anniversary event is Tuesday, I wanted to figure out how many legendary/epic/common items I could buy with my 22,000 coins, so I did some math and this is what I found out (these are all the combinations I can use my coins for)(this is also assuming that all items are triple the regular price)
7 legendaries, 1 epic, 3 commons
6 legendaries, 5 epics, 3 commons
5 legendaries, 9 epics, 3 commons
4 legendaries, 13 epics, 3 commons
3 legendaries, 17 epics, 3 commons
2 legendaries, 21 epics, 3 commons
1 legendary, 25 epics, 3 commons
It’s safe to say I’ll be able to afford anything and everything that I would want. Not to mention there’s a few extra hundred in addition to my 22k coins but I’m not certain of the number right now.
I thought this was interesting.

A New Lease on Love//OPEN

It wasn’t that Courfeyrac didn’t love him.

No, he adored him, in fact, and that was the problem. He was afraid to love him, only to have the same thing happen again, to be hurt again. He’d been dating Andre for almost a year, and nobody had known, nobody had known what went on, the harsh words, the fury, all behind whispers of “I love you”, and “I’ll never do it again”, and finally he couldn’t bear it any more, he’d crumbled and told everyone, unable to get out of it himself. His friends were horrified, when they saw the bruises, the sudden realization fo all those “accidents” Courfeyrac had covered up, when he told them all that had transpired in a trembling voice. It’d been months, since then, almost a year, and things had been better, he was still holding back on his usual shows of affection, still had nightmares on occasion and couldn’t bear being startled or touched unexpectedly. But he was getting better, and it was all thanks to him.

But now the worst thing had happened, and he realized it the moment he looked into his eyes one day while they were getting coffee. He was in love, and that terrified him, even though it was his friend, even though he should trust him, that fear was still there, and all of the sudden he felt like he couldn’t breathe.

“Oh, god, I…I think I’m in love with you.” he whispered.