The RamBikes Stand, VCU’s new bike lounge, provides resources and collaborative environment for cyclists of all kinds, as well as those looking to get started.

One of the pinnacles of VCU’s RamBikes program is its staff of bike ambassadors. Bike ambassadors are the face of cycling at VCU, being part instructor, part mechanic, part advocate, and all-around enthusiast. They will be leading safety and maintenance clinics for the VCU community; maintaining RamBikes program and loan bikes, networking students with the myriad cycling groups, events, and activities at VCU and in Richmond, and sharing their advice and experience.

The lounge was a logical next step for VCU, a Bicycle Friendly University.


To promote safe biking (and following the legal requirement of using lights at night [a front light and rear reflector are required, a rear light is required on streets with 35+ mph speed limits], we gave out over 100 sets of bike lights at Floyd Ave and Morris St. on Halloween. Some of the lights were granted to us by theVirginia Bicycling Federation and some were our own. This event was a partnership with Sports Backers' Bike Walk RVA program who distributed lights at Floyd and Belmont at the same time, totaling over 150 sets distributed!

There were so many cyclists, it didn’t even take two hours!

VCU Police Bike Lock Exchange

Tuesday, Sep. 24, 2013 from 9 a.m. to noon at the Compass

Those who bring an old, broken or insufficient bike lock, particularly cable locks, can trade it in for a high-quality U-lock provided by VCU Police and the Division of Student Affairs.

Locks will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis and those receiving locks will also have to register their bike with VCUPD to assist in recovery in the event the bike is reported stolen. 

For more information on registering your bike with the VCUPD: