Rambari, Nepal

Rambari is the village in Nepal, where my good friends and cooks from Studio Mumbai originally come from. Since i was in Nepal, i had to go and visit their place. Luckily, Durba and Tikaram happened to be there as well, since they were on holidays. Perfect. So i made my way with the Old Monk along the valley on a very bad road. I mean, really bad road. But i already had some experience from India.. therefore i thought i could handle it. And it worked. At the beginning. But we’ll come to that later. First i’ll show you some first impressions of that lovely village. It’s two hours away from Tansen in a valley on a south facing slope.

Durba and Tikaram showed me around the village and the paddy fields.

And were posing for some pictures

classy. So we went through the village, where i was invited to almost every house for lunch, dinner, some chai or in this ones case, pomelo.

awesome. We went to see some more houses in Tikarams neighbourhood

And most of them had buffaloes

and a wooden log outside the window. Bees. Wild ones. No leashes.. i checked.

Then we went to Tikarams House, where i stayed for two nights. Lovely!

And this is his family (the two ladies on the right)

His lovely mother

And his boys. Well. Two of them. Left and the second on the right.

And this is Durbas Villa

and opposite, his stable and his lovely mom.

She prepared food for us

while also her goats were eating

We went to see the new temple, they’re building at the moment, and i tried experienced the life of a walking bush. Quite hard.

And this one is Anantas Mansion

With his stable

And his Mom, his wife and Janak, the little cute little guy in his new yellow pullover. Such a cool little guy.

So i left some things with them before i left. What an awesome village! Cu again Rambari!

I went back to Tansen

From where i headed straight back to Kathmandu. And this was the view on that road


well.. kinda unlucky.. kinda.