The first image is my Secret Santa gift for Nixie of the Katbox. I am really  happy with how this one ended up looking. X3

The second two are from the stream session i just finished. Jane (The Green Queen), this iimage is based on a picture i love that another artist did, I just wanted to make my take on it. The third one is an improvised picture of Alex.


New stream batch! Since i was feeling better after the meds i just doodled for fun.

1- Fio, a little something for a good friend of mine.

2- Xochitl! =D

3- A little Velia i did, colored with no lineart for practice.

4-7 -  Raccoon girls: Marianne, Avigail, rule 63 Ron and Tracy from my friend Mira.

8- Just a reminder that Marianne is the equivalent of a canadian in The Eye of Ramalach.

Well… that hurts. Happy 2015 everyone?

On a very different subject i do have to give some bad  news from my part. Back in the middle of december my newspaper was the target of a rather hostile takeover by the inversionists. They had the 51% of the actions so there was little we could do, the problem is that their action was sudden and unexpected by anyone.

Basically, they wanted to use our brand and readers to push their own political agenda (welcome to mexican politics). So they are doing their own thing now (with really poorly written articles i must add) and they left a barebones infraestructure of what was before, a great team.

They cut down whole departments, including sales, distribution, multimedia, design, development and animation. So… i am now currently unemployed.

I have decided to try to live off as a freelancer for a couple of months and see how well i do living of commissions and the comic pages. If i see i am not cut for that kind of life… i’ll return to job hunting. The sad part is that i was ready to start applying for a new Visa for the US since i was planning to visit and meet some of my friends. Being unemployed means that the odds of it being denied to me are higher… which is not  something i appreciate.

So if you follow any of my online galleries and have seen a huge surge of art and activity from my part, you now got my answer as to why.

On the bright side, i am using this time to finish stuff i owe to people and to create content  (like wallpapers) to my Patrons so at least i am being way more productive.

So anyways, 2015 if a whole new year and i got no idea what it will be bringing to my life. I might get a good surprise this year.

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Lol at the silly title reference!  

Well i got bad news to start… My plans to go to the US for the first time in years and go to the Comicon to meet some friends are more than likely not going to happent his year. Loosing my job back at december makes it it really hard for me to actually get a Visa. Even if i am currently working as a freelancer being able to be granted a visa is difficult since i “don’t really have a job” so yeah. 

 Other than that, i had some votes on my Patreon for the rest of the wallpapers i owe. The result for the wallpaper of November was surprising to say the least. Still glad to see that even secondary characters are liked. ^^  

Also.. well i wam waiting for my New 3DS and my copy of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate to arrive. Any Monster Hunter players in here? Love that series… thought i am sad at lagiacrus, qurupeco and gigginox not making the cut for this one. On the other hand… Chameleos the purple poisonous dragon that lets you make a mage set. If you have seen my avatar i have used for years now… Avencri is a purple poisonous dragon that happens to be a mage. Chameleos is my soul pet! XD  Thanks for reading guys! =D

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More of the stickers i was selling at the comic conventions some years ago.

1- Jane, The Green Queen… she is a hare..gazelle…jackalope? The is one of the two protagonists of “Chronicles of Crisald” which is the story that happens 50 years before The Eye of Ramalach. Jane is still hanging around during TEoR and will play a major role.

2- Catlen the lion. The other protagonist of Chronicles of Crisald and the main focus for most of the stories. All time companion for Jane and one of her  most trustworthy companoins.

3- Spiny the hedgehog. One of the  5 generals of Jane’s kingdom, peer to Catlen and one of the main 3 characters during the last story of Chronicles of Crisald. One of the most noble characters during that period.

4- Douglas the border collie. A young mage that specializes in earth magic. Coworker with Catlen and a friend of Jane. Very trusthworthy but has low self esteem and can be easily pushed around. People tend to not think much of him but he is a really amazing asset to have if you  keep his morale up.

5- Xochitl the jaguar. Catlen’s wife and the heir to a weapon developing company that stays neutral in conflict sin order to maximiize profits. She has a foul  mouth and a taste for alcohol but is very goal oriented and a great support as long as you keep your own end of your deals.

6- Vencrina the poison dragoness. Cold queen and mercenary for hire. She is a gun not and a snipe rifle aficionado. She is one of the 3 people running “Wonders 3” during The Eye of Ramalach.


The last bunch of the sticker set i made years ago to sell at comic conventions i was visiting with Jeso. This time it is characters from the secondary party that forms during “Chronicles of Crisald”. I mentioned before, but “The Eye of Ramalach” takes place several decades after it.

Finic the fennec vixen (lol… crappy name i gave her in 97 and have not changed… it’s cute though). A mage that uses light elemental spells and focuses on conjuring magic. Acts way more mature than her age would make you think and acts as Xochitl’s little sister (Xo only has brothers).

Cela the crocodile. Finic’s best friend. She uses water elemental spells and focuses on summoning plants and support. Cela is aloof, rich and incredibly laid back. She is prone to use her sex appela to avoid doing physical labor and prefers to concentrate on her hobbies or sampling different kinds of teas. Has fun following her twin brother’s antics just to see what happens as a game.

Bari the croodile. Cela’s twin brother, uses water elemental magic and summons animals to aid in battle. A really poor mage, he makes up for his crappy magic by having a very imposing physical condition. He has a one sided rivalry with Finic, things he is bigger than he actually is and is always trying to take leader roles. He is also a bit jealous and is rather belligirent towards Cela’s many suitors. He grows out of it… a bit… after a long time… maybe…

Alice the dromaeosaurus (she also has a bit of gecko in her bloodline). Daughter of a hit man that grew totally away from that life style. She loves physical activities and showing off. She is also very competitive and will challenge everyone she considers fit to different activities. She may think she is better than she actually is but at leas she is a good sport when she is shown otherwise.

Ardilia the red squirrel. Really smart and curious, she scavenges for parts of mechanical devices scattered around after several encounters of one of the villanous factions during the story. A scrapper and tinkerer, she makes toys and little automatons of what she can get her hands on. She is no coder though… so at times the original programing of the things she picks up can get a little rowdy.


So Mab recendly did this awesome little doodle of the most important characer in The eye of Ramalach. Ben’s pink towel!

I am preparing  a 50 page origin story for that towel!

She also did this other doodle of Mayte… but who cares about Mayte when we got pink towels? XD

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