ramadan war

In memory of children in war zones. I pray that one day they will wake up to the sound of singing birds, music and to the sound of other children playing outside instead of bombs, panic and fear. 🙏🏼💞 🕊

Eid mubarak to y'all! Enjoy this blessed day in good company and with lots of foood, and remember the oppressed-one in your duas wherever they are and pray for a better world. ❤️🙌🏼😇🎉

O’ Allaah allow me to forgive others every night before I sleep.

Allow me to forgive them despite the wrong they do to me.

Allow me to forgive them despite the oppression and injustice they inflict upon me.

Let me have the last smile as tears stream down my cheek, taking any hatred or anger with them.

Let me be wiser for it and better because of it.

Give me that freedom Yaa Rabb.

An IDF Sho’t (Centurion) follows behind a recce Jeep as the Israelis advance on the Suez Canal during the Yom Kippur War. On the night of the 15th, the IDF breached the canal and advanced into Egypt. The Egyptians were now themselves caught off balance, and the IDF quickly solidified its bridgehead on the west bank of the Suez.



Leonard Nimoy was indeed Jewish but despite the Cohenic origins of the Ta'al there is no concrete evidence, or even blatant mimicry, that Vulcans as a species were based off Jewish people. I find that a strange concept to say the least, given that they’re aliens and meant to be entirely foreign to Earth. 

We’re also not talking about the vaguely racist undertones of the Jawa or Jar Jar (or a million others) from Star Wars. (Also: Uhura is Swahili and as such possibly Islam why not bring that up?) 

I’m assuming there was a good portion of crew members on the ship that don’t celebrate Christmas. Despite this there was a ship wide Christmas party in “Dagger of the Mind” held in the science lab. 

I completely understand how annoying it is to see nothing but Christmas stuff for months on end. As a person who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, neither religiously nor socially, I find it gets on my nerves quite often. I originally had no intention to post anything (original) specifically for Christmas, and when I did edit the photo I tried to work a Menorah and a lantern (for Ramadan) in there but couldn’t figure out how to make them fit (it’s already a haphazard edit to begin with and it was getting ridiculous.) 

Despite this, I made sure to avoid religious symbols alltogether. I gave Uhura nothing but ornament earrings and Spock has mistletoe in his hair, which was pagan symbol long before it was appropriated by christians and continues to be used in solstice ceremonies to this day. 

 All together: I’m sorry if I caused offense but I don’t think Nimoy would have cared given that he sported this lovely sweater with a santa hat on it:

And just as an attempt to remedy any hurt feelings I might have caused I will add these:

A knocked out Egyptian T-55 and Israeli M48 Magach. The Yom Kippur War saw extensive armor battles, and heavy losses on both sides. Half of the IDFs 2,000 tanks were knocked out, although about 600 of them were salvageable and eventually returned to service. The Arab powers employed over twice as many tanks in their attacks, and suffered over 2,000 losses against the superior IDF crews.


Just a reminder:
Thousands of Palestinian families in Gaza remain homeless and displaced because the Israeli Air Force, by its own estimate, dropped 800 tons of bombs on Gaza during Israel’s savage assault last Ramadan. Also, more than 1,500 children will spend this Ramadan without their parents because Israel massacred them last summer.
Please remember them in your heartfelt duaa and prayers this Ramadan. Remember them throughout the day, when you’re preparing a meal, when you break your fasts, when you’re washing your plates, when you’re lifting your hands in duaa. Remember them.
May the plights of all the oppressed and marginalized worldwide never be relegated to our afterthoughts. May they be granted healing and peace. May they remain steadfast and be granted victory over their oppressors and the state-sponsored terrorism they endure daily. Ameen.
اللهم انصر كل مظلوم على عدوه

In anticipation of the inevitable resumption of hostilities, the Israelis invested some $300 million in the construction of a series of strongpoints along the Suez Canal, known as the Bar-Lev Line after the Chief of Staff at that time.

It proved to be not worth the cost, as the Egyptians broke through in the first day of hostilities during the Yom Kippur War.


Your daily reminder:

That last year during Ramadan the war Israel launched on Gaza left 2137 dead and 11100 injured, and that’s just talking numbers, and the struggle continues, their struggle continues, and the war is really never over.