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Faith - AI // Ramadan Series

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Word Count: 1557

In which Ashton bonds with your mother. 

Michael // Calum // Luke 

I just wanted to take a second to reach out to all my Muslim followers in particular with this series. And since I’ve posted the initial piece with Michael, I’ve gotten such an overwhelming positive response from you guys. I started this because I was looking for something I could identify with. 

That being said, I only have my own experiences to go on. I want this series to be an exposure to the culture and religion and community that I grew up around in. But culture and religion and community aren’t monolithic experiences. They’re all different. If there’s something you want to see in this series that I haven’t hit, please feel free to drop me a message or an ask. Tell me about your experiences, tell me about something you and your family do during Ramadan. I don’t want this series to just be my series. I want it to be ours.

Anyway, here goes nothing.

A peal of loud laughter startles you awake. You’re disoriented and it takes a second for you to realize you’re back in your childhood home, tucked beneath a thick, fuzzy blanket you’d pulled from the hall closet. A quick glance to the bedside table and you groan, ready to roll over and shove your head back beneath your pillow; 3:47 AM glares at you from the screen of your phone.

You’re almost back asleep, mind gone hazy and eyelids just sliding shut, when another laugh echoes through the quiet house. Growing up in an enormous, loud, extremely vocal and opinionated family has conditioned you to sleep through almost anything. But the second laugh, you realize, doesn’t belong to your mother. Nope. It belong to the six-foot-something, sandy haired Australian you’d left sleeping on the couch last night.

“Why the hell is he awake?” you grumble, tossing the blanket off your bare legs and settling your feet onto the bare floor. You take a second to tug a pair of leggings up your legs and slip into the hoodie you’d abandoned on the floor last night, leaving the hood up from where it catches on your haphazard bun.

The sight of Ashton, fully awake, sitting at the bar with his arms crossed in front surprises you. What doesn’t, though, is your mother. She’s always been an early riser, always up at the break of dawn for Fajr before she’s out the door, and Ramadan is no exception. She’s up and dressed, her hijab pinned neatly around her face and already kneading dough against the countertops.  No doubt she’s awake to make food for suhoor but you still pause at the landing to the stairs, confused.

She’s smiling across the counter at your boyfriend before gesturing at the dough beneath her hands. Ashton looks surprised for a moment, hazel eyes gone wide before he pretends to look around in confusion, like he can’t believe she’s talking to him. 

You’re close enough that you can hear their conversation when “I don’t want to ruin it!” slips past Ashton’s lips.

“Come here, I’ll show you.” She reaches over, tugs on the hem of his sleeve and pulls him around the counter. Ashton slides up beside her, towering over your tiny mother like the true Australian giant that he is.

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Taqabbal Allah Minna Wa Minkum

Ramadan has gone so let us not transform ourselves back to how we used to be before it began. May Allah ﷻ keep us strong.

It was truly great having you with us during our widely known Ramadan series. Why don’t you let our hardworking team behind this series know how the quotes affected and helped you in your daily life or simply what was your favourite quote on design@lionofallah.com

Ramadan Series

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, and is observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad according to Islamic belief. This annual observance is regarded as one of the Five Pillars of Islam. The month lasts 29–30 days based on the visual sightings of the crescent moon, according to numerous biographical accounts compiled in the hadiths.” (x)(x)


Ashton Irwin


Word Count: 1557

Summary: In which Ashton wakes up for suhoor and bonds with your mother.

Calum Hood


Word Count: 1504

Summary: In which Calum attends taraweeh prayer with your family.

Luke Hemmings


Word Count: 2639

Summary: In which Luke learns about Eid al-Adha as he celebrates with your family. 

Michael Clifford


Word Count: 1276

Summary: In which Michael tries to understand the inner workings of your religion. 

Trying - MC // Ramadan Series

Originally posted by popecalum

Hi guys! I mentioned earlier this month that I would potentially write a series of pieces centered around the boy dating someone who observed the month of Ramadan. There’s a lot of blurbs and pieces floating around out there of the boys celebrating other religious holidays with your family, and I figured some inclusion would be a nice thing. 

Word Count: 1276

In which Michael tries to understand.

Ashton // Calum // Luke

You laugh at the utterly confused look on Michael’s face; eyebrows furrowed and lips pouted to the side. Until this point, you’d thought he was following your explanation pretty well. Guess not. “So you guys don’t eat at all?”

From the other room, you can hear the quiet snorts and giggles that come from the rest of your family, followed by the quiet reprimand from your mother. They’re finding his confusion as cute and as amusing as you do. You’re smothering yours pretty well though, but you can tell Michael’s kind of embarrassed he’s just not grasping the concept you’ve been trying to explain.

It’s not his fault though. Michael hadn’t been exposed–really exposed– to the inner workings of Islam until he met you. And even if you weren’t the picture perfect subscriber to the religion anymore, there were still some aspects ingrained in you, some traditions, some practices you’d always follow. It was a big part of your childhood.

In his defense, he is trying very hard to understand. And the furrow of his brow is pretty damn cute. “You’re going to have to explain it to me one more time.”

You turn fully to face him, pulling one leg up onto the seat of the chair and tucking it underneath you. With your free hand, you reach out to pat his thigh and give him a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry about it babe, it can be confusing if you didn’t grow up with it. It’s fine if you don’t understand.”

“But I want to understand. This is a part of you, so it matters to me.” Michael insists, looking utterly frustrated with himself now. He runs a hand through his mess of hair, “I’ve been reading about Ramadan since it started and I think I get it but, I also just….don’t get it?”

A part of you wants to coo at him, the sentiment warming your heart. Michael’s dedication to understand just reinforces how serious he is about this relationship. It’s something no one has ever bothered to do before. Your mom crosses back into the kitchen, heading towards the fridge to begin making a meal for Iftar. She sends the pair of you a soft smile, adjusting the knot that holds her headscarf in place.

“Alright,” you start, shifting again to get comfortable on the hard kitchen chair. You can tell your mom is simultaneously eavesdropping while trying to look like she isn’t. “What do you understand? What don’t you understand?” You figure it’ll be easier to on the both of you if you don’t have to reiterate the things he’s already managed to understand.

Michael holds up his hand, all the fingers folded towards the palm like he’s about to tick them off a list. His raises his index finger, “First, you guys-Muslims-don’t eat for an entire month?” It’s almost right, but he phrases it like a question so you assume he’s asking for clarification.

You nod. “Almost, babe. Ramadan lasts an entire month. But obviously we can’t go a straight month without eating or drinking. It’s a day-to-day thing, from sunrise to sunset.”

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Pre-Ramadhaan Reminder

Glad Tidings of Ramadhaan 
•The days of Mercy 
•The days of Forgiveness
•The days of Salvation

Speaker: Abu Isma’eel Mustafa George 

Date: Friday June 27th, 2014

Time: 2:30 pm EST| 7:30 pm GMT| 9:30 pm AST

Location: WIZIQ Virtual classroom/S-U-U-K

Direct Link to enroll: http://www.wiziq.com/online-class/1977997-glad-tidings-of-ramadhaan-abu-isma-eel-mustafa-george

Baarak Allaahu Feekum