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homestuck trolls from the point of view of someone who only read like 2 acts

Okay, so. I had a lot of friends who were suuuper into Homestuck when it’s hype was at it’s largest. I had relative knowledge of it, and I saw a lot of fan content, but never really read up to the part with the trolls. So. I thought it’d be fun to lay out all the information I have about each - through what little interaction I’ve had with it, like. Ages ago.

Aradia - We are off to a bad start cause I know literally nothing about her. She’s the one with the ram-horns, yeah? She never seemed like one of the problematic ones, but then again, I know… so very little about her.

Tavros - His horns were so big. How’d he fit through doors. At least in fanon, he seemed soft-spoken and sweet. In a wheelchair? Wasn’t that Vriska’s fault, or am I mistaken. Wasn’t it like some sort of joke that he liked mcnuggets too or was that some weird thing I stumbled upon.

Sollux - Two of everything, hacker dude..? Something having to do with… bees, I think? That’s all I got?

Karkat - DAVEKAT. he curses a lot and talks in all caps. Crabs! Sythes! Anger. Broadway Karkat was… a thing that existed. K… Karkalicious? He’s the one I saw the most but like. I don’t know a lot abt him!

Nepeta - SHE NYA. idk she seemed cute and unproblematic. she had like, a double cat face thing??? :33?? baby girl. protect.

Kanaya - wasn’t she the chainsaw vampire lesbian. that’s all i’ve got sorry. who was she shipped with again? rose??? im. not sure

Terezi - she blind, i think??? and she had a weird typing quirk (i mean they all did but hers was the weirdest imo) also Nice Shades but that’s all I know. d…dragons?? was that a thing with her?

Vriska - okay so she’s the Scorpio sign and I’m a Scorpio so I feel like I should like her but everyone tells me she’s problematic. spider lady, killed people, idk i like her design and style though. 8-balls?? was that something having to do with her??? Vriskourse. taako says she did nothing wrong

Equius - Sweaty Horse. next

Gamzee - oh no. Oh no. tAlKeD lIkE tHiS. miracles and faygo. i think he was a stoner. pies,,?? clowning around !!! he go hOnk :0) and there was like the whole shooshpap thing, right. people were oddly obsessed with him and wasn’t he another one of the Problematic Ones.

Eridan - he was my favorite in terms of design okay i didnt know he was problematic!!! double ww. seadwweller. underwater harry potter lookin ass. did he have like a superiority complex or something, idk?? i like sea stuff and i like purple so i liked him Okay

Feferi - i know Nothing except that she also was a sea gurl and she had a big trident. that’s all i’ve got.

thus concludes


what if we made gijinkas of the twelve zodiac signs? and like anthropomorphized them? like aries could have rams horns maybe and cancer could be kinda crabby and i physically cant finish this post

Out of desperation to have a child, the King and Queen of a very religious kingdom secretly use a ritual to summon a demon to make it so they can finally have an heir to the throne. The demon agrees, on the condition that the child will belong to him as well as the King and Queen. They agree without hesitation and the deal is struck. The Queen finds herself pregnant very shortly after, and the people are elated to learn of the impending birth of the new heir.

Several months later, the child is born…and the midwife is stunned to see the six-clawed hands, the tiny ram-like horns, the pitch black eyes, the tail…the unmistakable traits of a demon.

Write about the life of this half-demon prince or princess.