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When you ship a rare ship so much but know that there is no way it could get any cute canon moments but then suddenly the creator magically listens to your cries and your rare pair suddenly becomes one if the most canon ones and you never expected it and are so happy it hurts and you just sit there like in the middle of main fandom shippers like:

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are u sure marco? his hands are all sweaty now



Some Messy Summer Looks B) for a beautiful girl.
I Mostly just wanted to draw her with some Nice Hairstyles. Cute buns that defy logic, an nice and loose past her shoulders, ya know how it goes.
Plus, Cute Shorts and tops.
(Trans Marco, so don’t tag as gend/erben/d)

“Mornin’ sleepy head.”
“Y'want coffee?”
“mmm this i’ fiinne”

Happy Birthday Lars!! May the year ahead be an awesome adventure for you filled with lots of laughter and wonder <3


Alex Høgh Andersen and Marco Ilsø  ►  Fredag
alexhoeghandersen Despite everything.. It’s all happy days!
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  • jean: *coughs*
  • marco: heres some medicine and (how many is this??) like... 50 blankets be sure to rest well and drink plenty of fluids i made this tea that should soothe your throat but in case youre not in the mood for that i have ginger ale plus i made you some soup (because who doesnt like to have soup while theyre sick?? no one) also i made an appointment at 10am tomorrow with your doctor we need to make sure this is just a cold and not something huge like strep throat or pneumonia and im going to monitor your tempurature every hour or so just in case it spikes and we have to go earlier
  • --
  • marco: jean i have a fever...
  • jean: oh fuCK,,, ,fuckfuckfuck,,m, *sticks a bandaid on marco's forehead* ther e we go 👍👍👍👍👍👍 *literally throws an entire can of alphabet soup at a pot* shIT