ram upgrades

Kiddie games for Forevers

Jumping/click games:

Nom cat

- feed cats yummy gish and avoid flying bombs! Kinda like fruit ninja but with cats!!

Big Bear

- You play as a bear who wants to go get some yummy fish - but ohno! Some bigger bears want to fight you! You’re not gonna let them win are you? ( It also has a funny feature where you can take a picture of your friend or enemy and the picture will appear on the face of the boss bear at the end of every level!)

Ice cream jump

- A yummy scoop of ice cream with a silly face jumps through various levels and stages. How far can you get?

Jumping Fox

- A tiny fox is jumping ever so quickly through the trees! Watch out that you don’t miss a step!

Collecting/Puzzle/ games

Hamster life

- collect different types of hamsters and dress them up, name them, and expand your collection. It also includes a matching game which is how you make money for upgrades!

Cat life

- If hamsters aren’t your thing here is a game similar to hamster life but with cats instead!

My Tiny Bear

-  create a cute little bear character which you can feed and evolve into at least 20 different bears.

Pululu Cute Pet

- an adorable game where you take care of a little pet who also appears on the side of your screen! (A personal fav of mine as the character has a cute appearance and voice but beware as this will eat up your RAM and upgrading your pet only works if you link your account to your facebook) // this game also comes with several mini games that also function as lock savers for your phone however it requires that you also download the appropriate home design app

My Little Pony

- A very cute game based off the cartoon! You play through all kinds of different puzzles to advance through stages.

Littlest pet shop

- Collect your favorite pets and watch them come to life! This game is especially cute because you can actually scan some of the physical pets you can buy at stores which is just adorable!

Jelly Pet cute

- collect cute little pets! It’s a little like neko atsume in the sense that it’s not really much of a game but something you have to wait for. You have to wait minutes, hours, days for some of the pets to hatch but they’re pretty cute


- Similar to Jelly Pet Cute but with Alpacas instead  


- a puzzle game reminiscent of a a very old bunny game that involved you building a town that i cant remember the name of for the life of me. A litte bit like 2048 from what I can tell.

Sweet Garden

- collect and raise different kinds of plants and play minigames to provide music, water and interesting environments for your plant! Your plant can also appear on your android phone as a widget.

Bigger games/Simulation games:


- cute little word game where you collect bears. It’s kinda like a mix between scrabble and 2048!

Happy Chicken Game

- you run a tiny chicken kitchen and farm. As you level up you can open up a bigger store with more themed decorations, customizable farms and dishes.  

Happy Mall

- you run a little mall where you can choose to have various types of stores

Diner Dash

- There are various diner dash spin off games which are nostalgic from the original diner dash but I personally think you need a lot of patience to play it as you get to the higher levels bc it’s almost impossible to win some levels without buying the help packs for real money. But it’s fine when you’re just starting out!

Penguin Diner 2

- It’s a rip off of Diner Dash but it’s a little bit easier. Also penguins!

Disney Magical Dice

- It’s a monopoly-esque boardgame involving disney characters!

Written by TeddyBear ♡
Edited by Pea


Swapping Motherboards. 

PowerMac 5215  Board for a PowerMac 5400 board. 

The 5215 had some poor board design choices that hampered performance. Issues that were later resolved with the 5400 along with over 2times more powerful processor and higher ram limit. 

Upgrading or repairing some of these older macs is really quite easy as many of the components were very modular (even if they were also rather proprietary)

Hey, I’m back, new Tron fanfic prompt.

Yknow whats fun? Time travel AU’s.

So, our man Rinzler is hanging out in the Grid, doing his thing, his thing probably being something morally wrong because Clu told him to, or maybe downtime, whatever doesnt matter. When somehow, he ends up in the Encom Grid, in 1982, pretty much right as Flynn shows up.

Obviously, Rinzlers confused as hell, and starts trying to figure out whats going on, and also get orders because Clu isn’t there does not compute. And he finds Flynn. And Rinzler’s been programmed to be aggressive as hell towards Kevin Flynn… but an older Kevin Flynn. The guy he meets looks like Clu, but in blue instead of gold. So Rinzler gives a silent fuck it, and decides to follow Flynn around, because he’s the closest Rinzler’s gonna get to Clu, and something about him makes Rinzler trust him. Also, those two programs running around with him seem very familiar, and Rinzler does not want to kill them, which is weird, because normally he’s down to murder everyone.

And on the flip side, obviously Tron, Ram and Flynn aren’t trusting this creepy silent weirdo in the slightest, especially considering his circuits are very much ‘fuck the Users’ red, but he’s very different. Mostly because he’s the only one around in a Legacy gridsuit, so he stands out a lot from literally everyone else, but while he can’t really talk, he seems to enjoy slaughtering the MCP’s forces, and is following Flynn around like a lost kitten, so okay, they’re letting the murderbot tag along. And Tron is keeping a very, very close eye on him, because he doesn’t know why but something about Rinzler makes him incredibly uneasy. The guy wont even remove his face concealing helmet.

So the 1982 movie happens, but with Rinzler awkwardly following along, and fighting with them. Which means that Ram survives the movie, because for some reason even the idea of this random program getting hurt upsets Rinzler, and he’s going with his gut on this.

And then of course things inevitably come to a head, Rinzler’s helmet comes off, and obviously everyone immediately recognizes him as Tron’s badly scarred twin, and he’s forced to explain what he knows. Which isn’t very much because not even he’d put together the pieces of him and Tron being identical, he doesn’t see his own face enough to be familiar with it. Somehow Flynn looks at their code and is able to tell that Rinzler is a very heavily overwritten Tron, and yknow Rinzler knows Clu does this thing called repurposing, and its four people piecing together a very horrifying story.

And then Rinzler gets sent back.

So timeline split. On one end, Flynn, Tron and Ram take down the MCP, and go on to create the new Grid, but this time very carefully, and with the constant looming threat of Rinzler’s future as a worst case scenario. Clu 2 is never created at all, just to be safe. Ram gets some upgrades and becomes System Admin, and he does amazingly. Flynn recruits Alan, Lora, Roy and Jordan to help him with the Grid. Happy ending.

And back with Rinzler, he’s back in the bad timeline, and its like he never even left, but now he knows he used to be Tron. He knows what Clu’s done to him. He’s fucking pissed. Because you really don’t want your personal enforcer to remember just how much he hates you. So Rinzler goes about personally dismantling Clu’s entire regime, starting with passing information to the Resistance (anonymously of course), and finally working his way up to tracking down Flynn, and telling him everything. Every. Last. Thing.

Which just so happens to be right around Legacy, so that includes warning him about how another User might be showing up soon. Cue Sam Flynn.

And we get Legacy, featuring Rinzler, who is one pissed off double agent.

Jikook: Insight

Title: Insight

Summary: /On-going/ Jikook/ In which Jeon Jungkook was introduced to the world of shipping and fan analysis.

“Jimin-hyung, do you think I stare at you too much?”

Author: Beya

Notes: This was supposed to be a one-shot but I think we all want that slow burn fanfiction where we see the characters understand themselves as the events unfold. I’ve been looking for a story that would tackle JK’s reaction should he discover the world of fan analysis (i.e. real clips of him instead of made-up stories over the internet). Did I mention I’m new to the fandom? Anyway, I wasn’t able to find one so I came up with my own lol

Would encourage you to watch Nochuchimchim/ Yutensol90’s YT videos (Reason why I ship Jikook series). It inspired me to write this fic. The fan videos mentioned in this story are all hers.  

Chapter 1 under cut

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Art and Artyness

Just a heads up as to why I haven’t been posting art lately and a second heads up that I won’t be posting art for like.. at least a week or so. 

I sorta maybe was dumb and sorta maybe kinda semi-broke part of my computer and while it’s fixed and I’m hoping to actually put in the proper replacement part soon, it’s made my tablet software fussy and I have been struggling to fix the driver software for a while now ;_;

I realized if more Laptop gijinkas were made this could totally be a browser game like Tourabu or Kancolle lmao.

Collect CPU and materials! Assemble laptops! Have them perform tasks! Upgrade their RAM or storage! Disassemble them!

MacBooks are certainly the rare laptops to get. And other high-end products. Come on, a laptop browser game would be cool if it weren’t for the copyright nightmare.

anonymous asked:

Do you believe intelligence is genetic, meaning one is born with an intellectual capacity that can never be changed, or do you think that one can have a limitless capacity of intelligence depending on at what level one chooses and how hard they work?

I like to think of genetics as the “intelligence starter pack”.

Genetic structure (DNA) influences the entire development of an embryo, including how the brain is eventually formed. So, naturally, there is a strictly biological and neurologically functional component of intelligence that must be first considered at the level of your anatomy and physiology. Your neural wiring provides a sort of template for your intellectual capacity. How many neurons you have. How densely packed they are. How many synapses are between them. The organization of different types of neurons. This concept is similar to how more RAM or other upgrades help computers perform faster computations.

But it doesn’t end there.

Your environment has a significant effect on how your genes are expressed. This is called epigenetics (the modification of gene expression). There are ways to train your brain, and a lot of research on that subject is either pretty new or in need of much development. So scientists don’t have some secret formula yet to tell us the best way to become more intelligent, from a strictly scientifically proven standpoint. But learning and challenging your brain in different ways are a couple ways to do it. (Basically, typical academic training and then some.)

When it comes to IQ (one of the most quantitative ways to measure intelligence, though not a perfect system), people of varying IQs can still find success in specialized fields such as medicine, law, and other rigorous academic types of study. A medical student might have an IQ of 120 or 160 and still manage to complete the degree. I can’t cite a specific study (mostly because I haven’t looked), but basic statistics suggests it ought to be happening (and, anecdotally, I know people of varying confirmed IQs who have at least gotten into medical school if not finished it). The difference in how those individuals completed the degree is a different discussion entirely. But the point is that, so long as you possess an IQ above a certain minimum threshold, it becomes irrelevant. You can work enough to improve and function at a higher level if you meet that threshold.

To provide an analogy, the minimum threshold for a bird to be able to fly might be lightweight bones, feathers of a certain shape, etc. Us humans do not have the minimum threshold requirements to be able to fly. We just don’t. There’s a physical limit on what allows an animal to fly, one that we can’t attain without a particular anatomical structure (which we naturally just don’t have). So we can’t fly, but most birds can. And different birds are able to fly with different levels of ability.

So, for example, someone with clinically diagnosed mental retardation (defined as an IQ below 70) probably isn’t going to become a doctor. Because that profession requires a certain threshold IQ to be able to function at an intellectual level high enough to where hard work and training can mean the difference between successfully accomplishing a degree or not. There’s some unquantifiable ratio of inherent IQ to hard work that has to be obeyed. Or else everyone would be able to work really hard and become a doctor (harsh reality, but it’s true; not everyone gets into medical school or graduates if they do make it… and the reasons for those things are, again, subjects for other posts).

That’s not to say that same sub-70 IQ person can’t improve their intelligence level. They just started with a different template that makes it more difficult. Though there likely is a limit to just how much you can actually improve your intelligence through training. We may never be able to discern what that actually is quantitatively (partially because intelligence is not concrete and, frankly, it’s a human construct made by human brains to describe themselves), but physically, there ought to be a limit. Likely at the level of neuron density, structure, and/or physiology.

So I would not say that intelligence is truly “limitless”. As a physicist, I can’t bare to make such a claim. But what I will say is that intelligence is not static. It can be changed (improved or degraded). And the bounds of that change are something even the best cognitive neuroscientists don’t know (and possibly never will).

A Review of Modern Artist Hardware -or- Don’t buy a Wacom Cintiq

Warning: Long Post

Ok, so let me explain first: The art industry/hobby is diverse and no one piece of hardware or software will work for everyone. This is meant for middle market artist who want to level up their digital art experience, or even break into digital art. I want to give my thoughts on a few devices out there, their pros and cons, and why I choose the device I did after a long journey. Plus I don’t see a lot of people talking about the device I use and I think it’s a shame not many people know of this option.

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The iPDS (Intel Personal Development System), released in 1982, is a rare and powerful luggable computer. Powered with an 8085 (and later an 8088) CPU with 64KB RAM (upgradable to a max of 128KB RAM), this CP/M-based machine was NOT used for personal computing! This is a Development System for building systems using the 8085 or 8088 microprocessors, or the 8051 line of microcontrollers.

There are built-in connections on the unit for hooking up various development devices, like an EPROM burner for making new ROM chips, or a powerful ICE (In-Circuit Emulator) adapter that would allow you to use the system in place of a microprocessor or microcontroller. With this, you could directly control the processor and monitor it.

The system, however, was not cheap. The base system with no development hardware was $4500! Relatedly, this is why the system was designed to be portable: it’s so expensive, you could really only loan it instead of having one at each engineer’s workbench. There is a prototype of a 16-bit version, using the 8086 microprocessor, but it was never manufactured.

Confession:  Just finished the Jaws of Hakkon DLC with my usual party, Bull, Dorian, and Solas. I love the look of the Ice Dragon hide, so incorporated it into everyone’s armor, except Solas’. Halfway through the Arbor Wilds, it hits me that we all have matching leather except Solas. I didn’t plan it that way, but it’s like Solas isn’t part of the BFFs club.
I also realized that I had inadvertently dressed Bull and Dorian in the exact same colors and materials. Dorian was already in blue and silver, with Lazurite, Silk Brocade, Royale Sea Silk, and August Ram leather, which I upgraded to Ice Dragon for that bluer blue. I though Bull would like some dragon hide too, so I retinted his outfit with stuff that complemented that ice blue…which turned out to be the same stuff that Dorian was already wearing. Because apparently my subconscious thinks that couples should dress alike.

Happy New Year!! Back to drawing now, first sketch of 2015. Practicing faces again. 

I tried upgrading my RAM on my computer but ever since I did my Photoshop has been crashing :( it’s frustrating as hell while painting. I’ve been trying to fix the problem by putting the old RAM in but it’s still crashing. I’ll try look at it again tomorrow, otherwise I’m switching to my laptop for work. 

*groans into oblivion*

thishappylittlephil  asked:

Phil wants to play sims (how appropriate) and his computer crashes to he calls Dan, the cute tech guy to come and fix it

Your trivia prize: (AU)

“Who is it?” Phil called as he raced down the front hall. 

“Uh… Dan, ahem, from Cute Tech Guys Inc. Someone named Phil called about a frozen mac?”

Phil threw open the door only to be surprised at how accurate that company’s name was. Stood before him was a cute guy, at least his height with a well manicured brown fringe and to-die-for-dimples. “Oh! Please come in.”

“Thanks,” Dan, the cute tech guy, coughed and stepped into Phil’s flat, lugging his toolbox beside him. “So what’s wrong with it again?”

“Well, I was trying to play the Sims…” Dan gave him a look. Phil continued, “It’s for my job. I get paid to play video games, okay?”

Dan laughed. “No judgment here, mate. I have my job and you have yours.”

“Follow me,” Phil rolled his eyes. Dan may be cute but Phil wasn’t sure if Dan believed him. He probably thought Phil was a weirdo who lives alone and just plays video games all the time because he didn’t get out much. “I was trying to play the game after an update and my computer has crashed. My entire life’s on it.”

Dan saw the frozen beach ball of Mac death. He tried to move the mouse. He pressing a few select keys. Nothing worked. 

“What are you doing?” Phil asked curiously.


“What?” Phil asked in a panic. 


“Dan, please tell me what’s going on or I’m–,”

“You’re AmazingPhil from YouTube.”

Phil, surprised, asked, “Is that going to make you fix my computer faster?”

“No– Sorry, I just… You never show your face that much but I recognize your voice,” Dan explained. “Yeah, you ran out of memory. I have an external drive with me. Your computer should be running fast once I get that up and running. It’ll be an extra charge though.”

“So it’s going to fine?”

“Yeah. I suggest you upgrade your RAM. Someone like you is bound to need more space than the average person. Like you said, your entire life’s on it.”

Phil nodded. Dan didn’t seem so bad and the way his voice gets deeper when he knows what he’s talking about is kinda cute. 

“So you watch my videos?”

Dan nodded, trying to hide a faint blush on his cheeks. “I do. You and–your friend–Freddie make me laugh so much.”

“Oh yeah?”

“You don’t really make videos together anymore,” Dan added, unwrapping the external HD from its case. 

“We broke up so he’s not around much anymore.”

“I didn’t know you were dating,” Dan said quietly.

Phil shrugged. “Well we’re not anymore.”


When Dan was done with everything, he cleaned up the mess made by various packaging… with Phil’s help. 

Dan tapped a few times on a tablet and showed Phil his bill for his services. Once he was all paid up, Dan step towards the door only to turn back. 

“I know this is weird but I always had a little crush on you and up until know I didn’t know you were into guys so I’m going to take a shot and just come out and say it–”

“You wanna go out for coffee sometime, Dan?” Phil asked first. He could see the cute tech guy was flustered as hell. 

Dan nodded quickly. “You know, I was going to ask you the same thing. Funny how that happened…”