ram inn

The Ancient Ram Inn

Location; Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucester, England.

Status; Open and active Inn

Dates Active; 1145 - Present

Type of Haunting - Demonic

Built in 1145, the Ancient Ram Inn is believed to be the most haunted house in the entire British Isles, and perhaps the most haunted house in the world. The tales of child sacrifices, devil worship, and evil spirits are believed to be behind the terrifying happenings in this building. The Inn was built on the intersection of 2 ley lines, what many people believe is a conductor for spiritual activity. In addition, an ancient Pagan burial ground is said to have resided in the property over 5,000 years ago.

During its time as a bed and breakfast, people would often flee in the middle of the night, often seeing full bodied apparitions in their rooms, the feeling of being touched/pulled, disembodied voices, and the just the general feeling of evil.

John, the current owner and resident of the Ram Inn, has reported that on his first night in the house in 1968, he felt a presence grab his arm, before being dragged out of bed and across the room! John has since found evidence of devil worship and ritual sacrifice. He found two child skeletons underneath the staircase, as well as broken daggers. He continues to experience the hauntings and the attacks to this day.

The Signs as Haunted Places.
  • Aries: Bobby Mackey's Music World, USA.
  • Taurus: Chateau de Chateaubriant, France
  • Gemini: Pendle Hill, England.
  • Cancer: Banff Springs Hotel, Canada.
  • Leo: The Lizzie Borden House, USA.
  • Virgo: Ancient Ram Inn, England.
  • Libra: Island of the Dolls, Mexico.
  • Scorpio: Poveglia Island, Italy.
  • Sagittarius: Paris Catacombs, France.
  • Capricorn: Culloden Moor, Scotland.
  • Aquarius: Loftus Hall, Ireland.
  • Pisces: Suicide Forest, Japan.
Post-DM Headcanons

-Yugi becomes a motivational speaker along with his duel career
-Joey becomes a social service worker.
-Tristan becomes a police officer.
-At Anzu’s first show on Broadway, Kaiba flies the gang to NY and they’re her biggest fans.
-Ryou becomes a ghost hunter. He goes to places like the Ancient Ram Inn and Fort George. Ghosts come right in his face, and he just raises his eyebrows.
-Marik becomes a teacher.
- Ishizu becomes an advocate for human rights, the Rights of the Child, and tries to keep Ancient culture alive, and mimimalize First-World countries taking whatever they want.
-Rishid opens a bakery.
-Mai stays in the dueling industry, and does modeling and acting alongside.
-On the topic of Queen Mai, she and Joey get married. They have 2 kids.
-Shizuka and Tristan get married.
-Anzu and Yugi get married. They have a son they name Atem.
-Kaiba never marries, but he does gain a very strong friendship with the Nerd Herd.
-Marik and Ryou get married. Ryou always Skypes him when he’s on the road.
-Duke starts a music career and becomes “the next big thing”
-Yugi and Kaiba are very interested in a kid named Jaden Yuki with a very strange, dark energy about him….

The Ancient Ram Inn

Located in Gloucestershire UK, this inn is believed to be the most haunted house in the entire British Isles or maybe even the world.

Since it was built in 1145 on a pagan burial ground. Child sacrifices, devil worshiping and other demonic events have all occurred. 

People who’ve stayed here have been known to flee in the middle of the night due to seeing full body apparitions in their rooms, whilst others reported being touched and even pulled/pushed by these forces. 

One of my favourite haunted house stories since watching Ghost Adventures I will be visiting this Inn some time later this year hopefully to find something of my own.


Originally constructed as a temporary residence for slaves and workers building St. Mary’s Church, the Ancient Ram Inn in Gloucestershire, England is said to be one of the world’s most haunted locations.

The numerous hauntings stem from the inn being built on top of a nearly 5000-year-old Pagan burial ground.

In 1968,John Humphries purchased the Ancient Ram Inn to save it from demolition and has lived in it ever since. Upon moving in, Humphries discovered gruesome signs of devil worship and sacrifice, including the skeletal remains of children with broken daggers within them.

The Bishop’s Room, the inn’s most notorious room, is known for it’s overwhelming paranormal activity. Eight people have reportedly had to undergo exorcisms after staying overnight. On another occasion, a psychic medium was thrown out of the doorway and across the room.