ram dad

The signs as Heathers characters
  • Aries: Heather Duke
  • Taurus: Kurt Kelly
  • Gemini: Ram’s dad
  • Cancer: Heather McNamara
  • Virgo: Veronica Sawyer
  • Libra: Kurt’s dad
  • Scorpio: Jason Dean
  • Sagittarius: Ram Sweeney
  • Capricorn & Leo: Heather Chandler
  • Aquarius: Ms. Fleming
  • Pisces: Martha Dunnstock

Imagine instead of Kurt and Rams dads singing about how they love their dead gay sons, me singing about how i love my dead gay sons Johnny Cade and Dallas Winston.

I love Ram’s dad sm. Like at first I thought he was gonna be the stereotypical dad of an athlete who doesn’t really see their kid as a person but just as a means to live their pathetic life through them, but when ram was struggling he didnt push him to be better, or to quit playing around, he knew his kid was going through stuff and just wanted to talk.
Better yet he listened and let him cry it was just so important to me

"Ever tried going through airport security in a turban?"

I love that this line is in there, that they make explicit (without hammering the point in) that one of the reasons Ram doesn’t adhere to his religious traditions is the racism he would face. That his father does face.

We’ve been shown over this and previous episodes what kind, caring people Ram and Varun are. Yet at an airport, they’d be seen as scary brown people - and in Varun’s case, scary brown person in a turban.

And maybe this can show a few more complacent viewers just how fucked up that is.

(Worst case scenario, those viewers will go, “Yeah, but that’s sikhs, the muslims are still scary.” But I hope they’ll think further than that.)

And then there’s the whole wonderful scene that follows where he talks about religion and doing a good deed, one human to another, and while the timing could be better I still love it so much.