way in which the zigerions fucked up

okay so call me a stickler for detail but

“we got the president of the united states in here”



granted they’re terrible at what they do, but c’mon, you got Mortys dick right, you can at least use google

September 4

On this date in 1971, Paul McCartney’s “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey” reached number one on the Billboard 100 US singles chart. It was not only McCartney’s first # 1 single, it was the first for any of the ex-Beatles.

McCartney, his first album, for some reason never had single support, and “Another Day,” Macca’s first 45, only reached # 5.

The song in question–stitched together from unused song fragments that had been written by McCartney around the time of Abbey Road–was the lead single from Ram, released about six months previous.

Persons of note here having birthdays on the 4th include Martin Chambers of The Pretenders (1951), George Hurley of The Minutemen (1958), Kim Thayil of Soundgarden (1960), Igor Cavalera of Sepultura (1970), and the proprietor of this tumblr, who finds himself amazed that he has now reached the age of 50.