Does this very rare coin portray Phrixos or Odysseus?

This electrum stater was struck in the city of Kyzikos, Mysia circa 450-400 BC (map). It shows a male figure wearing a pilos and a chlamys. He’s kneeling while in the act sacrificing a ram. A tunny fish is below him and a quadripartite incuse square is on the reverse.

The identity of the figure on the obverse of this coin has been widely debated. It has been suggested that it could be Phrixos, in the act of sacrificing the ram with the golden fleece. However, on the basis of the pilos, Odysseus, shown sacrificing the animal provided by Circe before his descent into Hades, has also been suggested.

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I assumed, given how assiduously Harold was doing his PT exercises in RAM, that digging Dillinger’s grave in a fit of guilt was the thing that wrecked his recovery once and for all.

Yeah, and that’s what really gets me about the whole Dillinger situation and makes me really hate him. 

Because Harold was actually taking care of himself after his accident. We saw him exercising and given that he was wearing track pants at the time, we can infer that it was something he did regularly. He seemed to be actually working towards making a steady recovery. And then that fucking bastard Dillinger happened, and his progress all went to hell. 

He was shown temporarily exercising in Mission Creep though, when John prodded him about it!