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Aged 26, Durmstrang alum. Daughter of Charlie Weasley and Raluca Dumitrescu. Halfblood. Dragonologist for the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Somehow snagged herself one Ewan Wood.

Simona was born in the countryside of Romania near a Dragon Reserve to two dragon-crazy parents: Charlie Weasley and Raluca Dumitrescu, both Dragonologists and Dragon Keepers. She grew up in the great outdoors, and things only got more fun when her little brother Adrian was born when she was 4 years old. Once Simona turned 11, however, it was off to school - Durmstrang, to be exact. It was a tough school, but Simona’s thirst for adventure helped her thrive, and in her seventh and final year she was appointed Head Girl. Once she graduated, it seemed only natural to train as a Dragonologist. Simon travelled throughout her training, until it came to an end and she landed a position with the British Ministry of Magic. A fine job, really, except for that one burn she had to get treated at St. Mungo’s… and what a treat that was, because it was where she met Ewan Wood. Now, at age 26, Simona is a successful Dragonologist that may or may not be falling in love.