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The Other Day I Went To Get Ice Cream- A Tragedy

The other day I went to get Ice cream, or more specifically Crème Ice, from Ralph’s Italian Ices. I was thinking about it all day and I’m not ashamed to admit that I was pretty excited about it.

 When I got to the window, I ordered a spumoni with sprinkles in a waffle cone. This next part is gonna blow your mind. The young lady at the counter informed me that not only is she not gonna give me a waffle cone, but I also wasn’t getting any sprinkles. Why?

“Sprinkles only go on hard ice cream” and “You can’t put a crème ice in a cone”

Hmmm that’s funny…I’ve been to plenty of other Ralph's Italian Ices where they happily obliged to my “Spumoni with sprinkles in a waffle cone,” order.

I didn’t understand this. I didn’t understand this at all.

I was tempted to respond with “I am PAYING for ice cream and the right to enjoy it any way I wish. I will eat those goddamn sprinkles right out of the tub, don’t try me, you pompous, power-abusing turd” but I don’t like confrontation so refrained.

Instead, I quietly handed over my $3 and ate my cup of sadness.

All jokes aside, this injustice infuriated me way more than it should. Being that I also work in the service industry, I was taught that no matter how ludicrous a guest’s request is, if you CAN do it, then you do it. Besides, I don’t think sprinkles on crème ice is that absurd.

In case you’re just tuning in, I just took time out of my day because I am really disappointed that I couldn’t get sprinkles on my ice cream.

You bet your ass, the Ceo of Ralph’s going to hear about this.