ralphs bay


Haul from my last trip for Christmas gifts. Most of these are for friends and family. My friend also got stuff but don’t have pictures just the total

red, white and bear Luffas ~ $18 (6x3)
4 holiday gift sets ~ $40 (10x4) (gave one to a friend already. Not in picture)
2 large body wash pumps ~ $50 (25x2)
Cranberry tin set ~ $25

Ralph Lauren purse ~ $298 😍
Lacoste watch ~ $125
Ted Baker watch ~ $105
Fossil coin purse ~ $42
Scarf ~ $45

A bunch of stuff a friend got
2 ring sets ~ $20 (10x2)

earrings ~ $84.99
Necklace ~ $49.99

sketch book ~ $14.99
5 art pens ~ $34.95
Pens kit ~ $12.99
Pen kit primson colour ~ $29.99
Rose candle ~ $4
Ink pad ~ $12

underwear ~ $78
Whisk mini ~ $9
Soap ~ $10
Pumpkin spice ~ $20
Salt and pepper shaker ~ $32
Heart jewelry box ~ $22
Hand soap ~ $10

blending crease brush ~ $20
Lip liner ~ $16

My total before tax! $1248.89
After tax $1,411.25!!

Friends total ~ $ 286.89! Before tax!
After tax. $324.18 :)

Total over all ~ $ 1,535.78! Before tax
After tax! $1,735.49!

I’m so happy I got an amazing purse!! :)

Sunset Reflections At Ralph’s Bay

Located outside Hobart in Tasmania’s South East, Ralph’s Bay offers stunning sunsets and a plethora of bird-spotting opportunities. The area is part of the South Arm Important Bird Area, due to its significance to the conservation of several endangered species, including Pied Oystercatchers and Spotted Handfish.

For those staying in the area, The Boatshed offers views across the Bay to Mount Wellington and Hobart.

Go Behind The Scenery here.

Photo Credit: Published by angie_baby72 on Instagram

Rainbow Pebble Shores of Ralphs Bay 

Tucked away in the Ralphs Bay area, you’ll find a peaceful boating and fishing town called Lauderdale. This area, just 12km outside Hobart, is home to some seriously spectacular beaches which make it a perfect destination if relaxation is on your agenda! It’s hard to imagine a better way to close out the day, than a calming sunset stroll along the shoreline. This photo by Kathryn Leahy beautifully captures the colourful pebbles strewn across the water’s edge with the perfect pastel reflections of dusk gleaming across Ralphs Bay. 

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Photo Credit: Published on Instagram by Kathryn Leahy.