Good Karma - Come Back Around

I honestly did not mind how tonight’s festivities went. Started pretty slow, ended in spontaneous events. Pregamed, uptown, bar hopped. The twist was being latched by a drunken white chick, like literally drunk: no wallet, no ID, no phone, no money, no sense of direction/location/addresses or names drunk. Abandoned by her shit friends and she got pretty annoying at first, but she slowly grew on a couple of us who ended up taking care of her. We felt bad at first having her try to take a cab, yet with no sense of where to go and no money. Noticed her in a mob of indians, so we took her away from them and ended up driving her home. Pretty damn eventful night short. Something you don’t do every time or ever when you go uptown and with drunk people. Though in all ends, good karma. 

she also kept calling me babe and all of us beautiful and the nicest people.

You’re welcome Sarah H.