Inspired by a random thought I had in the Facebook TGWTG 4 Year group, where Kyle made a post that his name is not now and has never been Ralph. He said it’s hurting his brand name.

thoughts jumped back and forth, and I’m pretty sure that his suit is a Ralph Lauren. So I formed a new, completely random headcanon.

You see, Ralph Oancitizen was his streetname back in the DC hoods. They called him Ralph, because like Lo Lifes, he chased that Ralph Lauren gear. But at some point, he decided he wanted more from his life, so he cleaned up his act, got a job and enrolled to college to study theatre, and later film. He has left his street life behind him, all but for his old love for Ralph Lauren clothes, and the urge to rap every now and then.

The jacket is based on a real Ralph Lauren rugby Varsity jacket (with a flag patch thrown in for looks. And yes, that’s an almost correct American flag. 50 Stars). The cap is a Washington nationals cap.